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(9th to 15th November 2020)
Monday 9 November 2020
Abhi expresses his love for Pragya to his grandmother. Tanu does her best to keep Sarla from being saved but Sarla manages to escape.
Tuesday 10 November 2020
Nikhil tries to lead Abhi and Pragya astray from the location where Sarla is. Pragya finds her mother but Nikhil runs her over to keep her quiet.
Wednesday 11 November 2020
Aliya returns to the house. Tanu switches Sarla’s injection with poison, will her plans succeed?
Thursday 12 November 2020
Tanu makes her second attempt to kill Sarla and things do not go as planned. The family receive terrible news about Sarla’s health.
Friday 13 November 2020
Tanu seeks Aliya’s help with her problems. Ronni comes up with a plan to hurt Tanu. Ronni’s actions lead Pragya to deciding to reveal the truth to Abhi.
Saturday 14 November 2020
Abhi asks Kulpreet to speak with Pragya about getting divorced. How will she deal with this?
Sunday 15 November 2020
Pragya lays a trap for Tanu. Pragya tries avoiding talking to Abhi about the divorce but things do not go well.



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