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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Zee World: Lady luck January 2020 teasers

Lady luck January 2020 teasers
Lady luck January 2020 teasers

More secrets and scandals rock the Prajapati household, were The fake Bhoomi wants to tell the truth. There’s a lookalike of Bhoomi and Vasundara secret is revealed January  Teasers 2020 on Lady luck!

Lady luck January 2020 teasers
Lady luck January 2020 teasers

Lady luck January 2020 teasers

Lady Luck Wednesday 1 January 2020
(Episode 49)

Pavitra tries to break the trust between Ansh and Bhoomi as she brings another person into their relationship. Bhoomi and Ansh stand together against Pavitra.

Lady Luck Thursday 2 January 2020
(Episode 50)

Vasundhara has been made to seem unfit and the rest of the family begin to worry about her mental state. Ansh is arrested for harassing a woman, will he be able to prove his innocence?

Lady Luck Friday 3 January 2020
(Episode 51)

Ansh goes all out to celebrate Bhoomi’s birthday. Pavitra continues to disrupt Vasundhara’s peace of mind, placing a feeling of distrust among the family members.

Lady Luck Saturday 4 January 2020
(Episode 52)

Bhoomi accepts Pavitra’s challenge to prove how she has been the culprit the whole time. Bhoomi bares witness to the person who has been tormenting Vasundhara.

Lady Luck Sunday 5 January 2020
(Episode 53)

Ansh and Bhoomi have teamed up to make sure that Vasundhara gets well soon. Bhoomi fights Pavitra in an attempt to make sure she begins to value Vasundhara as her mother.

Lady Luck Monday 6 January 2020
(Episode 54)

Vasundhara has decided to pass on the power of attorney to a family member while she gets well. Surbhi feels that she and Varun deserve better because of the idea’s planted by Pavitra and Kaveri.

Lady Luck Tuesday 7 January 2020
(Episode 55)

Bhoomi’s life is in danger. Vasundhara hands over the household and business authority to Bhoomi and Lata, this leaves Suman and Surbhi feeling upset and unappreciated.

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Lady Luck Wednesday 8 January 2020
(Episode 56)

Kaveri strikes with a vengeance and this time it’s a matter of life or death. Vasundhara’s secret is revealed in front of the entire family. Ties and Bonds may never be fixed again.

Lady Luck Thursday 9 January 2020
(Episode 57)

Vasundhara goes in search of the truth to reveal her intentions to the rest of the family, but her life is in grave danger. Kaveri wants Vasundhara dead before she reveals the whole story to Pavitra.

Lady Luck Friday 10 January 2020
(Episode 58)

Bhoomi fights for her life in hospital. Vasundhara’s name is cleared as Kanta reveals the whole truth to everyone. Pavitra is still adamant on killing Bhoomi and Vasundhara.

Lady Luck Saturday 11 January 2020
(Episode 59)

Pavitra is now the property owner of the Prajapati household and businesses, she is shaken when she sees the new guest that just arrived. The family is lost without Bhoomi.

Lady Luck Sunday 12 January 2020
(Episode 60)

Ansh and the rest of the family are not convinced that Bhoomi is alive, so they question the intruder who claims to be Bhoomi. Surbhi is no longer with Varun.

Lady Luck Monday 13 January 2020
(Episode 61)

Pavitra is at her wit’s end as she ill-treats the rest of the family. The Shukla’s confirm that Bhoomi is alive although her face and voice are no longer the same.

Lady Luck Tuesday 14 January 2020
(Episode 62)

Ansh tries to get intimate to see whether his wife has come back to him or not. A legal case has been filed for the property to be evenly distributed among the entire family.

Lady Luck Wednesday 15 January 2020
(Episode 63)

Fake Bhoomi threatens to put Pavitra in her place without a second thought. Pavitra looks for different ways to get fake Bhoomi kicked out of the Prajapati household.

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Lady Luck Thursday 16 January 2020
(Episode 64)

Varun fights to protect Pavitra’s integrity as his wife. Suman is a pawn in Pavitra’s little tricks. Pavitra has found pills that belong to fake Bhoomi, how will she use them against her?

Lady Luck Friday 17 January 2020
(Episode 65)

The family finally accepts Divya as Bhoomi. Pavitra has gone to dig up Divya’s past in a ploy to get her out of the Prajapati household.

Lady Luck Saturday 18 January 2020
(Episode 66)

Pavitra tried her tricks to keep Vasundhara away from court. Pavitra dangles her marriage with Varun in front of Surbhi.

Lady Luck Sunday 19 January 2020
(Episode 67)

Skeletons come out of the closet as Divya’s past follows her closely. Yuvraj comes back with his murderous intentions and no one is safe.

Lady Luck Monday 20 January 2020
(Episode 68)

Ansh’s life is in danger and he is not even aware of it. Pavitra has opened up a can of worms by letting Yuvraj into their lives.

Lady Luck Tuesday 21 January 2020
(Episode 69)

Ansh and Bhoomi will be getting re-married, this doesn’t sit well with Yuvraj. Pavitra has to keep watch of Yuvraj as he loses his temper easily, in a dangerous way.

Lady Luck Wednesday 22 January 2020
(Episode 70)

Vasundhara is happy as she celebrates Bhoomi and Ansh’s relationship once again. In her frail condition, Bhoomi gets to see her true love once again.

Lady Luck Thursday 23 January 2020
(Episode 71)

Yuvraj poses as a project finance partner in order to get into the Prajapati household. Divya begins to live in fear once again. Ansh is happy and has started working from the office again.

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Lady Luck Friday 24 January 2020
(Episode 72)

Bhoomi and Divya decide what should be done for the festival. Bhoomi tells Divya how she only wants happiness for her family. Yuvraj ruins the dress Vasundhara gave Divya to wear. Varun expresses his disgust in Surbhi and Pavitra’s actions.

Lady Luck Saturday 25 January 2020
(Episode 73)

Ansh ruins Pavitra and Yuvraj’s plan as he saves Divya from revealing her true identity. Divya and Ansh are about to celebrate their first festival together as a married couple.

Lady Luck Sunday 26 January 2020
(Episode 74)

Divya and Ansh get closer than ever before. Bhoomi manages to see Ansh in her weak state on the night of the festival. It is clear that Ansh misses Bhoomi dearly.

Lady Luck Monday 27 January 2020
(Episode 75)

As the Prajapati family begin preparations to celebrate Diwali, Pavitra continues in her cunning ways.

Lady Luck Tuesday 28 January 2020
(Episode 76)

Yuvraj threatens the safety of Bhoomi in order to get Divya back and to reveal her true identity to the Prajapati family.

Lady Luck Wednesday 29 January 2020
(Episode 77)

Pavitra can no longer deal with Yuvraj’s obsessive behaviour when she finds out that Bhoomi is dead because of him. Surbhi wants her life back with Varun.

Lady Luck Thursday 30 January 2020
(Episode 78)

Divya tries to tell Ansh her true identity. Yuvraj tails Divya at every turn. Pavitra gets a questionable interest from a filmmaker, that is all too sketchy.

Lady Luck Friday 31 January 2020
(Episode 79)

Divya has kept another one of Bhoomi’s secrets. Yuvraj wants to ruin the Prajapati’s just because of Divya. Ungard has something in mind for Pavitra and it’s just being a famous film star.

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