Zara’s Nikah 20 August 2020: On Zara’s Nikah Zee world update Thursday 20 August 2020, Kabir and Zara are working on Abdia and Waseem’s case. Kabir sees his juice half gone and says I didnt even taste it and its gone?

Zara looks away and says you must have drunk it. Kabir starts working again, Zara drinks remaining juice, he asks her to stop it. She says its so tasty, now tell me what we were working on. He laughs at her antics, she laughs too.

In morning, Kabir and Zara offers prayers. Shahbaz comes there. They greet him. Zara says come inside. Shahbaz says no I want to talk to Kabir. Zara says I will leave. He says no you stay here, he asks Kabir to come with him, Kabir leaves.

Shahbaz says to Kabir that you have made me happy in life, God protect you, whats your program today? Kabir says I have to think about halala case, its important for our nation, Wasim is under scrutiny, he is a bad person, I have to see if I can take his side, he needs punishment. Shahbaz shouts why are you doing this? for just one Wasim, you will go against whole nation? why you want to change old tradition? this halala was made for nation then why are you questioning it? you told me once that you can do anything for your nation and religion. Kabir recalls how he told Shahbaz that he can go against him for religion. Shahbaz says I felt bad that time but then I was happy to know that I have got a son who can do anything for religion and nation, even go against me, dont ever break my trust, I have faith that anything can happen but you will never go against religion, think about what I said, he leaves. Kabir gets lost in thoughts.

Miraj says to Nilofar that I wanted to teach Zara a lesson but you destroyed everything. Nilofar says if I knew then I wouldnt have gone to meet Wasim, whats your problem? Miraj says I have a plan to trap Kabir, I invested in Kabir’s project to destroy him, he will be punished for what he did. Nilofar says what punishment? Miraj says he cant even think about it, I dont care about money, but I will enjoy Zara and Kabir’s destruction. Nilofar says I dont understand. Miraj says they are busy solving halala case but they dont know that someone else is playing his chess game from behind, that can make them fight and will do his work too.

Zara recalls how she asked Kabir if he is ready to fight against Wasim. Kabir comes there. Alina sees Zara getting ready, she asks where she is going? Zara says today is Abida’s case hearing, its a big day for me, if everything goes well then there will be a new start for me, please pray for me. Alina says I always pray for you, hope you get what you want. Zara says I am leaving now. She turns to leave but is about to fall down, Kabir holds her in his arms. Zara smiles at him and raise her brows, she offers him bag, he takes it. Zara says I am feeling so good today, we will solve this case today, I thought I can win cases alone but I realized that you are my real power, this case have brought me more closer to you. Kabir smiles at her and says we should focus on case. They go and sit in car.

Kabir is driving to sharia board. Zara leans in towards him and says smile sometime. He looks away and smiles. Zara says I have a plan, if we get punishment for Wasim then we will have chaat together. Kabir says okay.

Zara and Kabir arrives in sharia board meeting. Kabir asks her to go inside, he will come later, she nods. He leaves. Zara looks on. Meeting starts, Irfan says we have organized this meeting to start Abida and Wasim’s case, Zara is fighting for Abida. Zara says everything is clear, once all members are here then I will tell why Wasim want to remarry her. One priest says that nikah is not bad, if he wants to marry her again then nothing bad. Zara says Wasim wants to marry her again because he cant afford his family’s expenses and he wants her to do halala. Priest says he might change his feelings after marriage again. Zara says then why should Abida go through halala? Wasim is not even paying expenses for his daughter, he is doing injustice. Kabir comes there. Priests say Zara is against Wasim and thinks halala is injustice. Kabir recalls Hashmi’s words and says Zara is right, Wasim wants to do halala and remarry Abida because he doesnt want to bear family’s expenses but I dont agree with her thoughts on nikah halala, Zara is stunned. Priest asks which side he is on? Kabir says Zara is out of line, Abida has not done halala so why are we talking about halala? he should talk about expenses. Zara says but situation is going towards halala. Irfan says it doesnt matter what situation is, Kabir is right, we shouldnt talk about halala, Wasim is not here so nobody is here to take his side’s case, we will pause this meeting here and when Wasim is here in next meeting then we will take decision, you all can leave. Kabir thanks him and leave. All look on. Irfan thinks about it.

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Hashmi’s man says to him that Kabir didnt talk about halala at all in meeting, he saved nation’s respect. Hashmi says that I have chosen Kabir because he is a nice person, he has ability to serve nation, he can take my role but the only problem is Zara being with him, she says such nice arguments that you cant deny. Miraj comes there. Hashmi sends everyone out. Hashmi says to Miraj that I dont want bloodshed. Miraj says dont worry, I know what I am doing, you want Kabir to focus on nation, I will make Kabir and Zara fight so much that the will take other two divorces and end their relation. Hashmi says okay you do the work separating Zara from Kabir, then Kabir will be fully ours to work for nation but remember to not hurt Zara as she is city priest’s daughter and it will create an uproar. Miraj says dont worry, I cant do it even if I want to.

Kabir asks Zara why she is angry? Zara says you said to be on my side, Wasim is bad, I have to save Abida from Wasim. Kabir says Abida will get expenses, its her right. Zara says its about nikah halala. Kabir says it didnt happen so why are we arguing over it? he calms down and says you say that Wasim is forcing her to do nikah halala, do you have any proof for that? Zara says you didnt let me talk, you changed the direction of meeting, Kabir says I didnt stop you, you become judge on every problem, you dont understand anything, we went to sharia board as members not as husband and wife, if you get distracted from topic then I will show you path, you dont think about topics but I do. Zara says I think from heard not mind like you, you are calling me irresponsible? Zara says to Kabir that Wasim will force Abida to do halala so he wouldnt have to pay expenses, he will blackmail her and we wont be there to save her. Kabir says why are you talking about topic which didnt happen? Zara says the way you are indirectly taking Wasim’s side, it shows where this is going. Kabir is stunned. Zara leaves from there.

Zara comes to Salma’s house, she hugs her and makes her sit down. Salma asks if everything is fine? Zara says tell me one thing, what is husband and wife’s duties? Salma says husband goes out of house, they work hard, fight with everyone to bring bread and butter home and wife take care of husband, she make home for them, she becomes a support for husband and provide them support in their troubles. Zara says you are right but world has changed, women can take care of themselves, husbands take responsibility but they dont respect their wives, women are standing up, today Abida took step against her husband and soon all women will stand against injustice. Salma says calm down, you think so much, I will bring dates for you, she leaves. Zara murmurs if Kabir took my side in sharia board then we would have been enjoying chaat together. She gets Abida’s call and says what? Wasim? forcing you? I am coming, she ends call. Zara calls Kabir and says Abida is in trouble, I have to go, Kabir says you are not going anywhere, Zara ends call and leaves.

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Zara is driving on her bike. Kabir is in house and says I dont know where she is going, I should go and ask Wasim. Miraj calls him and asks how is he? I wanted to suggest you to keep a control on your wife otherwise it can bring problems in your life. Kabir says what do you mean to say? Miraj laughs and ends call.
Miraj calls Nilofar and says Zara is going to Abida’s house, you have to send Kabir there, it will bring a gap between them and Kabir will give her second divorce, just send Kabir behind her.

Nilofar comes to Kabir and asks if he is fine? Kabir says I am worried about Zara, she has gone to meet some woman. Nilofar says Abida? I know her address, she tells him house address, Kabir says this is not a lie? she says no, he thanks her and leaves. Nilofar calls Miraj and says work is done, he says you have made me happy, he ends call.

Zara comes to Abida’s house and looks around, she doesnt find anyone in house. She sees some envelopes there and sees its marriage invitation of Abida and Qasim.

Abida is dressed as bride, Wasim says to her that you have to marry Qasim otherwise I will make your hell. His daughter asks him to leave her mother. Abida says dont do so much injustice, be scared of God. Daughter says father you are bad. He says stop it, I will not spare you. Miraj comes there and says you can marry Wasim after Qasim divorces you.

Kabir comes to Abida’s house and finds Zara there, he hugs her tightly. Zara shows him wedding card and says if you had listened to me then Abida wouldnt be facing this, Wasim is forcing her in another marriage. Kabir says let me handle this. Zara says I have to go there and stop it, I cant see injustice. Kabir shouts that why dont you ever listen to me? they wont like there, let me go there and handle it. Zara says why are you shouting? he says sorry and says I will handle this issue.

Wasim grabs Abida’s arm and asks her to marry Qasim otherwise it will not be good for her and he will hurt their daughter. Miraj says think about your daughter and marry him.

Zara asks Kabir to promise to stop Abida’s halala nikah. Kabir promises her and asks her to go home, Zara smiles and leaves.

Scene 2
Kabir drives to wedding venue. Abida sits on stage with Qasim to get married. Wasim smirks. She cries and says I agree to marriage, she signs on papers. Kabir comes in venue and asks if he nikah is done? Priest says yes. Kabir says I want to know if this bride was forced to do this marriage? all say no, she was not forced. Qasim says she was not forced, she agreed to this marriage, you can ask her. Kabir comes to Abida and says you can tell me if you were forced to do this marriage. Abida recalls Wasim’s words that he will hurt their daughter. Zara calls Kabir and asks what is going on there? did you reach there and stop Nikah? Kabir says Abida’s nikah halala happened. Zara is stunned and says nikah halala happened and you couldnt save her? it was not nikah but an injustice using religion, you couldnt do anything? we didnt get justice for a poor girl? I am ashamed of myself. Kabir ends call. Zara screams and cries.

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Kabir comes home, Shahbaz asks him to have food. Kabir asks where is Zara? Ayesha says she went to her father’s house, Ayesha asks him to have food, Kabir says I am not hungry. Zeenat says why are you angry? Alina says you look cute in anger, Ayesha asks whats the matter? Kabir leaves.

Zara meets Abida and says Wasim made you marry Qasim so he doesnt have to give expense to you, think about your daughter, I know you were forced to do this marriage, Abida says no I took this decision. Zara says why are you lying? Wasim will act like animals with you again, why are you backing out, just come to sharia board and give your statement, then nobody can do anything with you, your one statement can bring justice to many girls, my marriage is relying on this case, your one decision can destroy my marriage, would you want that? we are relying on you. Abida says you are right, I have to raise for not only myself but for women of my nation, I promise to come to sharia board tomorrow and give my statement. Zara sees Qasim coming and wears veil, she says to Abida that I will wait for you tomorrow, she greets Qasim and leaves.

Shahbaz says to Kabir that you said very nice words for nation in sharia board, Shahbaz says to Kabir that you have guts to become head priest but you duties in house too, like controlling your wife, women are respect of house and if they go out of limit then we have to control them and once this house’s respect is gone then we cant get it back, we will find solution of Abida’s case but you can find solution of Zara’s problems and you have to. Kabir nods.

Zara says to Irfan and Salma that Kabir told me that he would not let Abida have halala but he failed. Salma says dont say it like that for your husband, you wont find a good husband like Kabir. Zara says why people keep praising husbands and dont talk about women? think about Abida, I promised to get her justice and couldnt get it because of Kabir, she asks Irfan to help her and nullify Abida’s halala nikah. Salma says stop her, fate happened. Irfan says I cant do anything if thing is wrong but its under law. Zara says why are we not talking about halala? everyone knows that Wasim forced her for that, its wrong and people have started halala as a business, Wasim is doing injustice. Irfan says those agencies who are taking money to do halala that are wrong, we need proofs against them to take any action. Zara says I have talked to Abida, she will come to give her statement. Irfan says you are going against Kabir by doing this. Irfan says to Zara that God forbid even if Abida gives statement and even then you cant prove your case the what will you do? Zara says whats wrong is wrong and God will prove it, I have faith in him, she leaves.


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