Zara’s Nikah 22 August 2020: On Zara’s Nikah Zee world update Saturday 22 August 2020, Zara says to Abida that we still have time, you shouldnt have lied in board, we have time till 4PM, you know I will have to resign from board because of this,

you will not get anything by lying, Abida says I am doing this to save my daughter, I dont have a choice, I cant say the truth, Zara says you are taking wrong’s side by not standing against it, it will not protect your daughter, tell truth in board and make your daughter learn that she has to stand up against cruelty. Abida’s daughter Adab says Qasim gave divorce to her, Zara says what? Abida says yes, Zara asks her to show the papers.

Miraj says to Nilofar that Zara cant resign from board, I have to make Kabir and Zara so he leaves then I will take revenge from Zara, Nilofar says Zara have to leave board now so you have taken your revenge, leave this city. Miraj says no, I have to take revenge from Zara, I have to make her beg me, I have to make her my servant so she pleads me. Nilofar says I dont care, I have to go to Dubai to meet Ruksaar so give me money, Miraj says I wont give it. Nilofar says think about it, I have proofs against you so give diamonds to me otherwise you can go to jail.

Zara sees Abida and Qasim’s divorce papers and says now it will be easier to prove that you were forced to this marriage, Abida says no, they will not spare me, I am worried about my daughter. Zara hugs her daughter and says I wont let anything happen to her, will you come to give statement in sharia board? Abida cries and nods. Zara calls Reema and says come meet me, its about someone’s life.

Miraj asks Nilofar what proof she has against him? She asks for diamonds. Miraj gives her diamonds. Nilofar shows him video of Qasim and Wasim fighting over money which Wasim promised Qasim upon marrying Abida. Miraj takes out his knife and stabs Nilofar in stomach, she is stunned. Miraj says if you try to blackmail me then I will cut you to pieces, your blood stained my hands. He goes to wash his hands, Nilofar falls on ground and cries in pain. Miraj returns and sees Nilofar missing, he looks around and tries to find her.

Irfan says to Salma that Kabir told me that Zara is resigning from board. Salma says thank God, Zara is focusing on her happiness, Kabir will not divorce her and they will live happily. Irfan says if you cage a bird then he becomes sad and I feel like same is happening with Zara, she will not be happy. Salma says why are you thinking like that? Her thoughts are like a time bomb, she has to focus on her marriage. Irfan says if she resigns from board then it will be a bad thing for this nation’s women.

Reema comes to Zara, Zara says you have to bring Abida and Adab to board, make sure no one sees them, I have to resign from board at 4PM so bring them there. Reema says board will not listen to their statement alone because they gave other statement before, Zara says if I find Wasim and Qasim’s statement somewhere then it will bring justice to Abida. Zara gets call from Nilofar, Nilofar huffs and says I have a proof that will bring justice to Abida, its against Wasim and Qasim, come and meet me, I am sending address, I dont have much time, Zara says I am coming.

Kabir comes to board meeting, Khalid says to Kabir that will Zara come to resign? you know sharia board is a difficult place to leave, people dont resign easily. Kabir looks on.

Miraj is searching for Nilofar in mall parking, he says if you dont come out then I will not spare you. Nilofar hides behind cars. Zara comes there and says Nilofar? She calls Nilofar. Miraj hears her phone ringing. Miraj sees Zara there and says I will kill them both today. Nilofar is stunned to see him bring out knife. Miraj comes behind Zara and is about to tab her from behind but Nilofar sits in car and drives, she hits Miraj with her car. She opens door for Zara, Zara sits in car. Nilofar drives away. Zara sees her bleeding and is shocked, she asks what is all this? Nilofar stops car. Zara says I will take you hospital. Nilofar says no, you want to bring justice to Abida? Qasim did this marriage for money, Wasim cheated Qasim as he never wanted to remarry Abida, go and bring justice to Abida and her daughter, she lies in her lap and dies. Zara is stunned.

Zara calls Wasim and says now you are going to go to jail for forcing Abida, Wasim says you have no proof against me. Zara says you did a mistake by not giving full money to Qasim so I gave him remaining amount so now Qasim will give statement against you, get ready to get punished. She ends call. Wasim comes to Qasim and shouts how dare you give statement against me in board? Qasim says what are you saying? you didnt give me whole amount for halala as you promised and now alleging me against this? who is giving statement against you? Wasim says you? Qasim says what? they both look ahead to see Zara recording their video. They both run behind her. Zara sits on her bike and starts driving, they follow her and try to grab her.

In board meeting, all are waiting for Zara. Kabir is tensed and looks at time.

Zara stops her bike and sees that they are away, she sees time and drives away.

Khalid says to Irfan that seems like Zara doesnt want to resign, lets end this meeting. Irfan says my daughter follows her words, lets wait. Zara comes there stumbling, she says sorry for being late, she says I want to say something before resigning. Khalid says we dont have tradition of farewell speech, Zara says you people celebrate many traditions that are not part of religion, I am still a member of board and can say what I want to, I have a proof that can prove that Wasim and Qasim forced Abida to do nikah halala. Kabir says again that topic? today’s topic is different, we have already taken decision on that topic, Zara says sharia board took wrong decision, I have proofs and my nature doesnt allow me let injustice happen with any woman. Irfan asks her to show her proofs. Zara says I kept saying that Abida was forced to do nikah halala, Wasim gave money to Qasim to do nikah halala, I have a video to show you. She plays video on Tv in which Wasim is fighting with Qasim and says I gave you 25K to do nikah halala and now you want to give statement against me? All are stunned to see it. Zara brings Abida and Adab in board and says injustice happened with these women, she shows proofs and says it says that she was forced to do halala. All look at papers. Zara says I am sure that you people know that nikah which is done with intention of divorce in mind is not valid, nikah halala was made for benefit of women so men like Wasim dont divorce wives but it was abused by men to do injustice with women. Zara says nikah halala is banned in many countries, will we keep letting people do what they want who have made religion as a money earning field, its my request that board says against halala and impose a ban against nikah halala. Irfan asks Kabir as vice head if he has anything to say? Kabir looks on.

Scene 1
Irfan asks Kabir to give his suggestion on this halala matter. Kabir says some people abused this tradition but if we follow some people’s mistake and ban our tradition then its bad, I am against nikah halala ban. Irfan says seeing all proofs, we reject Qasim and Abida’s nikah and order to have legal case against Qasim and Wasim. All look on. Zara takes out her resignation letter and looks at Kabir. Zara says thank you all for listening to me, you gave justice to woman, what was my duty, I have fulfilled it. She presents her resignation to Irfan and says I request to approve it. Irfan sadly takes it. Kabir looks on.

Zara and Kabir comes out of board, all women are chanting in favor of Zara. Media says to Zara that you finally won the case, are your husband happy now? will this affect your relationship with him? Zara hasitly leaves from there. Kabir looks down.

Shahbaz have media conference and says there are some rumors roaming around, Zara gave resignation as she realized her mistake and her husband Kabir is right and Abida’s case was only expense case. Reporter says if Zara was wrong then how she proved that it was nikah halala case. Other reporter says she brought justice to Abida. Shahbaz says she couldnt? My son proved himself right. Reporter says Zara proved herself right, Kabir lost this case, and now he will force his wife to resign? Shahbaz says but Kabir won the case. Shahbaz gets call and says why are you telling this now? Zara comes there. All women come behind her and are chanting in her favor, they ask her to take resgination back. Reporter asks Kabir if he will accept his mistake? your wife made you lose, are you still against halala ban? Kabir says you people are wrong to ask questions in my house and Zara will not take her resgination back at any cost. Zara ask them to all go. Reporter says to Zara that you have guts, do you agree with your husband’s behavior? Kabir ask them all to leave. Zara tries to talk to Kabir but he leaves. Zara is tensed.

Wasim comes to Miraj and says I searched for Nilofar everywhere but couldnt find her. Miraj grabs him and asks if he searched for her or not? I have to find her at any cost, if Zara finds her then she can take her to police against me, I dont even know if she is alive or not. Wasim asks if Zara saw him anywhere? Miraj recalls how Nilofar hit with car. He says I will go underground for sometime as its dangerous but you have to be here and will inform me about every small thing here, he nods.

Shahbaz meets Hashmi, they see TV. Women are talking about Zara taking her resgination. One man says that Kabir should control his wife, these wives should be left. Hashmi says people are getting chances to taunt you. Shahbaz says this is all done by Irfan and Zara, Irfan doesnt want his daughter to resign so he is distracting people from this issue, he will never accept Zara’s resignation, he is taking revenge from us, its time to sideline Irfan, if it was someone else on head position like Kabir then this wouldnt have happened. Hashmi says we have to stop this storm before anything happens.

Kabir comes to her room. Zara says I gave resignation for you. Kabir says but you insulted me ifnront of all because you are great. Zara says if you took my side then this wouldnt have happened. Kabir says wow you act like that you dont do mistakes. Zara says I didnt know that this case would become so big. Kabir says you dont even know what people are thinking about me. Zara says you want me to change to my thoughts for people? Kabir says we are working for people so you have to consider them. Zara says you want me to stay silent and not bring justice to Abida? Kabir says I am not saying that, you wont be able to listen but you wont realize that you are Zara, you dont consider your relations, your family, their respect.. atleast think about me. Zara says you are wrong. Kabir says would you have taken this case if you knew the outcome? Zara says I can resign from board but I cant back away from morals. Kabir says it has become your ego issue, I am tired of hearing all this, your morals.. tell me its me or your morals? Zara shouts that my morals are my life, if I leave them then I wont have any identity. Kabir is hurt. Zara says listen to me. Kabir says enough.. I got my answer. He sadly sits on bed. Zara sits in his feet and says you have given me one divorce, why dont you take decision and end this matter. Kabir says I am a little crazy, I cant do anything before time, I can do it on right time. He caresses her head.

Scene 2
All sit for dinner. Ayesha asks where is Nilofar? Zeenat says I called her but she is not picking up. Ayesha is taking dinner for Kabir and Zara. Shahbaz asks to call Kabir. Kabir and Zara comes there. Kabir says you know I dont sit on dining table for food. Shahbaz says I know but I want to have food with you today, its not like we cant have food together at all. Kabir says you are right, he sits down. Ayesha asks Zara to sit and have food with them. Zara says I am not hungry. Ayesha says you can taste a little. Zara is about to sit down but Shahbaz says send Zara’s food in her room, all look on. Ayesha says why? she can atleast have food.. Shahbaz glares at her. Zara sadly smiles and leaves from there. Kabir looks on.

Shahbaz meets Khalid and says you didnt tell me Zara opened the case? Khalid says nobody knew, I think Irfan knew about that because he didnt stop meeting even after 4PM as he wanted to clear her image. Shahbaz says how many people doubt Irfan’s intention? bring them together and force Irfan to accept Zara’s resignation. Khalid says why dont you make Kabir divorce her so all this will end. Shahbaz says no this way Zara will become poor in everyone’s eye, I want her destruction from her hands. Khalid nods.

Zara is sleeping on bed. Kabir caresses her face and says you have high fever, he brings wet pads and puts them on her forehead. Zara wakes up and looks at him. Kabir says you have fever so I using wet pads, Ayesha used to do it for me, eat something otherwise you will be more weak, I will give you medicine after eating. He offers her soup. Zara smiles. He doesnt make her eat, she takes plate from him sadly. Zara thanks him. Kabir says I was fulfilling my duty as a husband, all people have some duties and they should fulfill them. Zara sadly ask what their relation is? Kabir looks away and says husband and wife.


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