Zara’s Nikah 28 August 2020, On Zara Nikah Zee world update Friday 28 August 2020, Salma hears the news and screams Zara! She breakdowns and cries, Irfan is in shock.

Kabir sits in his room and recalls his moments wit Zara, he recalls how he promised Zara to bring her back and make a future with her, how she requested him to hug her one last time and he couldnt, he hugs her clothes and cries. Humari adhuri kahani plays as he remembers all their moments, their honeymoon, their reunion, their late night talks, hugs, smiles.. He lies on bed and clutches her dupatta.. humari adhuri kahani.. He recalls her last words that she will keep loving him.

In morning, Kabir is still sitting on floor. Ayesha is sitting outside and asks him to open the door and say something. All family members are broken, even Shahbaz is in shock. Shahbaz makes Ayesha sit in lounge, Ayesha says I want to talk to him. Zeenat brings water for her and says dont worry, Kabir is not weak, he will control himself, God will make everything fine. Ayesha says if he says something then I will be fine, I will give charity in his name, she leaves. Amaan says I want to sleep. zeenat makes him sleep and says the one who has to go has left but took peace of this house with her, Kashan asks her to stop it.

Shahbaz comes to Kabir’s room and says you cant be weak, you are my son, you have dreams to fulfill. Kabir opens door and is dressed. Shahbaz hugs him and says my lion is ready to face the world again. Kabir says yes I am ready to find Zara’s killers and punish them, I was praying to God.

Inspector comes to house. Shahbaz asks if he knows anything about Zara’s accident? Kabir says it was not an accident, she was killed by Miraj. Inspector says but you took Ali’s name first. Kabir says I dont have any proof against Miraj but if you could catch Ali then we will have witness, inspector says we are searching Ali. Kabir says its been 24 hours and you couldnt find a common guy? Kabir says I want to do last rituals of Zara. Inspector says Zara’s parents have claimed for her body, Kabir says no you will handover her body to me. Shahbaz asks inspector to leave, he leaves. Shahbaz says its better that her parents take her body. Kabir says no. Shahbaz asks Ayesha to make him understand. Ayesha says he is right, her parents have right first, I understand your pain but your mother’s peace is with you. Kabir says if I dont reach Zara’s killer then I wont be in peace. Shahbaz says stop with all this. Kabir says dont stop me, I promised my Zara that I will prove her innocent in 7 days, 2 days are still remaining, he leaves from there. Shahbaz is tensed.

Kabir comes to morgue and sees a deadbody there. He takes off sheet and sees Zara’s face, she is lying there lifeless. He silently weeps.. humari adhuri kahani.. he kisses her forehead and looks at her one last time.

Zara’s peace prayers are going on, Kabir comes there. Irfan sadly looks at him. Salma is in tears.

Irfan talks to Kabir. Kabir says I am sorry, Zara was a unique gift for all of us, you gave me your most precious thing and I lost it, I promise you that I wont sit quite till I find her killers. Irfan says father’s biggest burden is seeing death of his child, this burden will be with me for life but God forbid, I dont want to see this burden on Shahbaz so dont put your life in danger. Kabir says without Zara, my life is nothing, when I die and meet Zara, I want to proudly tell her that I caught her killer and brought justice to her, I removed all fake stains from her name. Irfan cries and hugs him. Salma hears it all. Kabir leaves. Irfan prays for God to protect Kabir.

Scene 2
Zara is buried in grave. Kabir sees everything in daze. Irfan buries her with Kabir. Kabir feels Zara calling out to him. He looks around but doesnt find her. He then imagines her again. He goes to her in shock and touches her face. He says you are alive? Zara says yes, I told you that till you are feeling your heartbeats, till then I am alive and living there. Kabir says promise me you wont go? she promises and smiles.. it all turns out to be his dream. Kabir says Irfan she is alive, trust me, this is not Zara, real Zara is alive. Shahbaz asks him to control himself.

Kabir says to his team that we have 36 hours to find Zara, we have to find her. Imran says why dont you accept it that she is not in this world and we cant find her. Kabir says stop rubbish, she is alive, Zara is in in my heartbeats and its still beating. Reema says we know and not denying your love, I also feel Zara is with me but she is no more. Kabir says enough, tell me who will help me to find Zara? all remain silent. Kabir says okay, you all can go, I can do it alone. Imran says we are all with you, tell us what to do? Kabir says I have to stop divorce with her but first we have to find her, we have to find Ali then Miraj. Reema says how? Kabir says Ali was good friends with some team members, once we find Ali then we will find Miraj and then Zara.

In some very rustic godown, Zara is tied and hidden. Zara wakes up. Miraj says no, you cant be safe from me, nobody can save you because people must have buried you till now. She says what? Miraj says they found a body in car explode, I changed your body with someone else’s and when Kabir reached there, he believed that deadbody was of his wife and his dear wife died, let me show you a video of your death and see how low I can stoop. He shows her video Kabir and Irfan burying a body. Zara says you showed your cheapness but Kabir’s love will never believe it, he will know that I am alive, he will come and find me, God will help me. Miraj says even if he finds you, he would need atleast 36 hours to find you and your divorce will be done till then as deadline will pass. He laughs and leaves.

Zara is looking around godown and hears Kabir telepathically that she has to come out of godown. Zara breaks things away but cant see an leaving path. She gets an iron rod and use it to break walls, she comes out of one room but sees another bigger room. She hears some noise. Wasim comes there and stops her, she asks him to leave it. Wasim says what did I do to you? I was ready to take my wife back but you want justice for all and where are you now? see where you are, he laughs and says you are scared. Zara takes rod and beats him, she says I am not scared or coward, I raise my hands to teach lesson to people who do injustice. Wasim gets a call, Zara says leave me. Zara beats Wasim and says I will not spare you, Wasim says your game is finished, you like to pray for others and now its time to pray for yourself, we have matter to solve, remain locked here, he locks her and leaves. Zara says Kabir.. she hears Kabir that dont be broken, you cant lose hope, God is with you.


Kabir looks at Zara’s photo and says dont lose hope, I will find you, you are my strength, my love, dont worry, I will bring justice to you. Reema sees it and says to Imran that I cant see Kabir like this, if Zara didnt take Abida’s side then this wouldnt have happened. Imran says Zara raised voice against injustice and this happened with her. Imran says to Kabir that police are finding Ali, think that Zara is dead. Kabir says stop it, my heart is beating so she is alive. Reema says I have never seen this unconditional love. Kabir gets call and says okay. He says to Imran that they have found Ali, we have to catch him and find Zara as I have to prove her innocent and also take my divorce back, he is coming to hospital, his mother is admitted.

Miraj says to Wasim that they might find Ali in hospital but I have a plan, he tells him his plan.

Kabir and others come outside hospital, Kabir says we have to catch Ali but we have to be careful. Imran says that I have found his mother’s wardroom, this is out only chance to catch him. Kabir says lets go. They are all dressed as nurses and goes in hospital.

Zara thinks that I have to tell everything to Kabir but how? She breaks a wall with rod and is shocked to see Miraj standing on other end, he moves towards her, she moves back. Miraj says you were trying to run? you must be hungry, I have brought food for you, have it. Zara says leave me, Kabir will save me but you wont. Miraj says you didnt understand that Kabir is nothing for me, I can smash him easily. Zara says get lost from here, Miraj says I like this attitude, have some food to get some energy, have it. He offers her plate but she throws it away. Miraj grabs her and says you are forcing me to hurt you. Zara says leave my hand. She scratches his face. Miraj leaves her. zara says Kabir wont spare you, Miraj says I have prepared a trap for Kabir which he wont be able to get out of and he is coming in that trap himself.

Ali comes to hospital. Kabir’s men sees him and hints to Kabir. Kabir covers his face with mask. Kabir runs behind him.

Zara asks Miraj what trap? Miraj says I am not a fool to answer you, just know that you will watch Kabir’s death with your eyes and I will show that to you myself, I promise.

Kabir is going behind Ali. Ali sees him and tries to runaway. Ali goes in lift. Kabir opens it at last moment and goes inside too.

Miraj says to Zara that Kabir’s death would be a great thing to watch, stay here, I will bring more food, he leaves. Zara prays for Kabir.

Kabir grabs Ali and asks where is Zara? Ali says I am sorry.. that Miraj.. he killed her. Kabir says no she is alive. Kabir says dont do this, we are with you. Lift opens, someone shoots Ali from outside. Kabir asks Ali where is Zara? shooter Wasim comes in lift, he hits Kabir with his gun, Kabir faints, Wasim puts him on stature, puts sheet on him and takes him from there.
Imran and Reema are searching for Kabir in hospital. Wasim has mask on, he takes Kabir’s stature from infront of them, he leaves hospital with Kabir.
Imran finds blood near lift. He opens it and finds Ali’s deadbody inside. Reema and Imran are shocked.

Scene 2
Wasim brings Kabir to godown. Kabir is in daze. Miraj comes there and laughs evilly. He says welcome to your death. Kabir says where is Zara? tell me. Miraj says this is true love, your love is in danger but worried about Zara. Wasim beats him. Miraj says why did you beat him? I promised Zara that whatever will happen to him will happen infront of Zara, even his death. Kabir smiles knowing she is alive. Miraj asks to bring Zara, Wasim leaves.

Inspector takes Ali’s body. Inspector says to Imran that let police work, Imran says ask your department if they are working, Reema says we have only 19 hours to find Zara and Kabir. Inspector says Zara is dead. Imran says Kabir believes she is alive and we trust him. Inspector says she has been buried. Reema says their lives are in danger, Inspector says stop all this, let us work and if you try to interfere again then I will arrest you all, he leaves. Reema says he will not cooperate to find Kabir and Zara, dont know where Kabir left.

Kabir is tied to a grill. He hears Zara’s screams and shouts to leave her. He sees Wasim dragging her there. Zara sees him and is elated, Kabir says Zara! he tries to break his ties, Zara tries to run to him, Wasim tries to grab her but Zara pushes him away and runs to Kabir. Kabir breaks grill and runs to her. They both tightly hug each other and cry. Miraj comes there and stops Wasim. Kabir is elated to hug Zara. Zara cups his face and smiles. Miraj says Wasim start. Wasim beats Kabir. He locks Zara in a cage and locks her. Zara sees Kabir fighting with Miraj. Zara screams to leave him, Kabir breaks his ties and starts beating Miraj and Wasim. Zara smiles from cage. Miraj throws him in cage with Zara and locks him. Kabir hugs Zara and cries.

Imran and Reema comes home and says Kabir is missing. Shahbaz says how can he be missing? you people have put him on wrong path, he has gone mad to find something which doesnt exist, inspector is there too. Imran says Zara is alive. Shahbaz says are you mad? you saw her last rituals and when she was buried. Zeenat says father is right, this Zara left and took peace of this house too. Ayesha glares at her.

Kabir is trying to break the cage. Miraj says you said you will prove Zara innocent in 7 days but you dont have much time left, Kabir asks what you want? Miraj says I will tell you everything, let me tell you how I trapped Zara in Nilofar’s murder. I knew if Nilofar remains alive then she will tell about me so I went to hospital in burqa and killed her and then in party, I took Zara’s finger print and trapped her. Kabir says why did you trap Zara? whats your animosity? Miraj says I have an old animosity with you but leave that. Miraj says to Kabir that you have only 18 hours to prove Zara innocent and also stop your pending divorce but first you have to leave from here, save yourself if you can. Kabir smiles at Zara and kisses her forehead and says we will be safe and also prove her innocent. Miraj says you need to do something to come out of here, you have only 18 hours left so save her if you can, goodbye, he leaves with Wasim from there. Kabir hugs Zara and consoles her. Kabir looks around cage.


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