Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 1 July 2020 Zee world update


Zara’s Nikah 1 July 2020: On Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 1 July 2020, Irfan tells the head priest, Peer, he doesn’t know what’s going on there. Peer says he knows everything and he is coming to meet them.

Zara’s Nikah 1 July 2020: On Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 1 July 2020, Peer tells Irfan, nation got divided, Zara’s pictures came in newspaper and he let everything happen? Ifran says he tried a lot to talk to Shahbaz, but he didn’t listen. Peer says he’s doing all that because he wants to make Kabir Lucknow’s Kazi. Zara comes to meet Peer. Peer gives her blessings. Zara complains that her father emotionally blackmails her. Peer says he will take his class. Zara says she has complain for Kabir too. Peer asks her to call Shahbaz.

Shahbaz tells ladies that they have to do all preparations. He will just attend the function. Zara calls. Kabir picks up and is surprised. She asks him to give phone to Shahbaz. Peer asks Shahbaz to come to Zara’s house with Irfan. Shahbaz informs his family and says now Peer will choose date for engagement. Kabir looks on. Shahbaz says Peer is very important to them. They can’t go against what he says. They leave.

They arrive at Zara’s house. Kabir and Zara look at each other. Shahbaz greets Peer and introduces Kabir to him. Peer asks Zara to take Kabir outside. He wants to talk to their fathers alone. Kabir says he will go himself. They leave.

Peer shows his disappointment with both of them. He blames them for dividing nation in two. Shahbaz says Irfan can’t take harsh decision. Irfan says he is against the fight for no valid reason. Shahbaz replies that you don’t get all rights sitting home, sometimes you need to go out on street. Irfan says they could solve that by talking, he didn’t need to bring his family in that matter. Irfan informs that Shahbaz came with Kabir’s alliance with Zara to insult them.

Outside, Zara and Kabir are staring at each other.

Peer tells them that they won’t do anything without asking him. He will make all decisions now. Both agree. Peer asks to call Zara and Kabir. He has to solve their issues too.

Ruksar gets ready in her wedding dress. Zeenat says she looks like a princess. Ruksar was going to show it to others, but Zeenat says, not now. Others will see her later. Ruksar asks Kabir too? Zeenat says yes.

Peer tells Kabir that Zara has many complaints for him. Does he have complain for her as well? He says no, he just has issues with her thinking. Peer says they are educated people. Wouldn’t it be better if they do good for nation together instead fighting? They are confused. Peer asks them why they are sitting far. Sit closer like friends. Their fathers ask them to sit closer. Peer then asks they haven’t finalized their children alliance anywhere, right? Both say no. Kabir is shocked when Shahbaz says no. Peer says Allah gave solution. They will get Kabir and Zara married. Everyone is shocked. Both Kabir and Zara refuse and start arguing. Their fathers ask them to cool down. Peer asks whether they want to marry someone else. Zara says anyone, but Kabir. Kabir says he believes that right should be his parents. Peer says, right and their fathers have given that right to him and it’s his decision that they will get engaged after 7 days. Both Kabir and Zara object. Shahbaz stops Kabir. Peer doesn’t listen to Zara and says they may leave. Zara asks Irfan to understand.. Irfan tells her to go outside.

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Shahbaz apologizes for Kabir’s behavior. Ifran tells Peer that Zara is stubborn since childhood and he knows that. Peer tells him to change her refusal in her agreement then. They both should explain their children that this marriage is not only to bring both families closer, but also to make nation one that’s divided because of them. Peer further says he will go to pray for them and will be back after 6 days. He asks both to hug. Both hug. Shahbaz eyes Irfan’s Kazi dress.

Zara tells her mother that she doesn’t want to marry Kabir. Her mother says to agree for her father who has supported her every single time and she doesn’t see anything wrong in Kabir. Zara says he wants to take society backward with his thinking.

Kabir asks Shahbaz how could he lie to Peer that his alliance is not fixed. Shahbaz says he just had agreed and why doesn’t he see whole nation will benefit from his marriage with Zara.

Ruksar, Zeenat, Ayesha check Kabir-Ruksar’s wedding card. Kabir and Shahbaz return hom. Ayesha asks Peer didn’t come. Shahbaz says he went to pray, will come back later. Zeenat shows the card to Shahbaz and asks if any changes. Shahbaz crosses out Ruksar’s name and writes Zara’s name. He asks Ayesha to make changes. Ayesha is shocked to see that.

Shahbaz is leaving when Ayesha comes to him with cards and says what did you write on engagement card? you said you are playing this game, Kabir will marry Ruksar. Shahbaz says this is not my decision but order from head priest of country.

Alina says to Zeenat that father have done some changes in card. Zeenat says it must be some small change, Alina leaves. Zeenat says to Ruksar that Shahbaz doesnt want any mistake in your engagement card, Ruksar gets happy.

Ayesha says we have already prepared for engagement. Shahbaz says prepare for it, we will change cards. Ayesha says what will we tell to Zeenat and Ruksar? Shahbaz says we will tell them truth that its head priest’s order and we can never defy him. Ayesha says what about Kabir? he doesnt like Zara. Shahbaz says head priest said this marriage is important for nation, I know you will pacify Zeenat. Ayesha says I will ask Kabir’s decision first. Shahbaz says Kabir wont go against head priest’s order. Ayesha says I want to hear it from Kabir.

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Zara is tensed and recalls head priest’s order for Kabir engaging Zara and how her family approved it. Zara calls Kabir, he takes it. Zara says I want to meet you for our marriage. Kabir says I said no. Zara says we have to meet if we have to stop this wedding, I will send you address. Kabir says yes Zara I am coming to meet you, my friend Ayaz will come too, he ends call and turns to see Ayesha standing there. Kabir says I have to leave, he leaves. Ayesha thinks that Kabir is agreed to this wedding thats why he going to meet Zara.

Ayesha is going to her room when she sees Ruksar dressed as bride. Zeenat says look at your younger daughter in law, she is looking pretty. Ayesha is tensed. Zeenat makes Ruksar wear dupatta and says tell how pretty is Kabir’s bride? Ayesha hides engagement card and says very pretty. Ruksar holds her hand and says I am happy that you accepted a girl with no parents. Ayesha says I am always with you, God keep you happy, I have to go, she kisses her forehead and emotionally leaves from there leaving card which has Zara’s name on it there.

Ayesha comes to her room and cries, she says God I am in stress, help me please.

Scene 2
Zara and Reema comes to restaurant. Kabir and his friend Ayaz is there. Ayaz says let them talk, he leaves to other table with Reema. Kabir says why you called me here? zara says I dont want to marry you, we have to stop this wedding. Kabir says we together have to stop it? he laughs. Zara says if our parents can forget their animosity to let this marriage then why cant we be together to break this wedding? Kabir thinks about it. Zara turns to leave.. but Kabir says you are right, if they can mingle to make us say yes then we can join hands to break this. Zara shakes his hand and says we wont let this marriage happen, she smiles at him. Kabir says ofcourse and takes his hand back. Ayaz and Reema smiles at them. Kabir washes his hand. Zara is confused and says why you are washing hands? Kabir says you are namehram to me, only family is mehram. Zara says thank God I am not marrying you. Kabir says I am glad to not marry you too. Ayaz asks them to sit and says if you both married then Kabir didnt have to wash hands. Reema says you both are going to marry so behave with each other to end this. Zara says we have to do something that make our parents request head priest to not let this wedding happen. Kabir says I have a plan, he tells them some plan which is muted. Zara smiles.

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Scene 3
Salma comes to Irfan and says Zara is selfish, she doesnt think about our happiness. Zara comes there and says its not true, I worry about your happiness, do what you want, Irfan is stunned and says daughter? Zara holds his hand and says I am ready for this engagement. Salma says really? Zara makes them sit and says I thought about it and says elders take decisions for our benefit and this is head priest’s decision so he will bless us, right father? Irfan says yes, God will make everything, you are happy? Zara gets tensed and says yes I am happy. Salma gets happy and says call Kabir’s mom so we will take wedding date letter to them. Irfan nods and leaves. Salma bless Zara.

Ayesha is tensed and says to herself that Zeenat is silent, dont know if she read letter about Zara and Kabir’s wedding, I will tell them when they return from market. Shahbaz comes there and makes her eat sweets, he says Irfan’s wife Salma is coming to confirm wedding date for Zara and Kabir’s marriage. Ayesha gets tensed. Shahbaz asks did you tell Zeenat about this wedding? I dont want any drama in this wedding, clear it to her, he leaves. Ayesha calls Alina and asks if Zeenat and Ruksar cameback from market? she says no. Ayesha says some guests are coming so prepare for snacks. She prays for respect of house.

Irfan looks at wedding letter. Salma prepares for gifts. Irfan gives her wedding proposal letter. Salma says may this bring happiness, I want you to come too. Irfan says this is women affair, I will get chance later. Servant says I am ready too. Salma sees her wearing glittery clothes and says its not your wedding. Servant says we should give good impression to them. Zara comes there and says Reema is going with you too. Salma gets tensed and says its women thing, she doesnt have to come, she can be with you here. Zara says she is my only friend so she should be in all rituals. Irfan says Reema is like her sister so she has the rights to go to all rituals, Salma nods. Zara whispers to Reema that you know what you have to do, Reema says dont worry, I know the mission, she leaves with Salma.

Zara calls Kabir and says I did as you said, I told my parents that I am okay with this wedding, I have done my work. Kabir says soon you will get good news, this wedding will be stopped soon. Zara says thank you Kabir. He says we are doing this for our benefit, goodbye, he ends call and looks at engagement card which has Ruksar’s name cut and Zara written on it.

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