Zara’s Nikah 20 December 2020: Zara looks at Kabir but he looks away. She serves him tea. He takes it and puts it away. Zara sits beside him and puts tea in plate from cup. Kabir smiles and takes it. Zara leaves from there.

Kabir thinks I will pray for your happiness.
Shahbaz thanks Irfan for serving them and says call our daughter in law. Irfan says we have morals unlike you, people are lucky from where daughters leave. Ruksaar comes there. Irfan says you are like my daughter so I will give your hand to Kabir. Ruksaar says you really want to send me off as your daughter? He nods. Ruksaar says I lost my father in young age and never thought I would get father’s love again. Zeenat hugs her. Ruksaar kisses Irfan’s hand and says you have done favor on me by calling me your daughter, I cant lie, I lied to you all, my plan was something else, I said yes to go with Kabir because I needed time, I cant go with Kabir as I am not his wife. Kabir says you are playing again? You can play but I will take you from here, you are my wife and have to come with me. Irfan sits down. Ruksaar brings papers and says read them carefully. Kabir sees divorce papers that he signed before. Ruksaar says to Irfan that my relation with Kabir was on paper only, I have got witness too as priest. She shows divorce papers and says my nikah is nullified and I am telling truth, I just want Kabir and Zara to become one, Kabir I wont hurt Zara, I really want you and Zara to become one.. can I leave now? I want to go back to my small house. Kabir takes divorce papers and leaves.

Ruksaar comes to Kabir and says you will not ask how I got these papers made? Kabir says I made these papers, when I saw you after eid, I requested for this certificate but how you got it? Ruksaar says I got a call from priest if I agree with it then you came here to take me back but I knew it was because of Zara, I went to priest and pleaded him that we need this certificate as I want to reunite Zara and Kabir. Kabir says it means you are not playing any trick? Ruksaar says I promise. Kabir says maybe you have really changed, its difficult for me to accept it but if I get to know that you are about to hurt Zara or anyone else then it will be bad for you. He leaves.

Scene 2
Zara is crying. Azra says dont cry, what Kabir did with you, Ruksaar did it with you. Zara says Kabir is doing all this as a duty, he was ready to accept her when he hates her just because of duty.. then why didnt he think to come and see me when I was in coma? Azra asks her to not cry, I will cheer you up.

Kabir offers prayer in mosque and thank God for sending Ruksaar away from his life, he prays for Zara’s happiness.

Irfan comes to Ruksaar with Zara. Irfan says you can live with us till rain season ends. Zara says yes you are living here.

Kabir gets call from a priest. Kabir says lets meet in cafe.

Kabir comes to cafe. Irfan and Salma is there too. He hears them. Irfan says he didnt come till now? Salma says what if Zara doesnt agree? Irfan says Zara shouldnt know about this, thats why we are here. Salma says our troubles are increasing, till when we will keep hiding this from Zara? Irfan says our problems can increase but Zara shouldnt know about this, Kabir have given her so many wounds so let her heal. Salma says till when we will keep hiding this? Kabir thinks what they are hiding from Zara?

Zara is in jail and says to Azra that its good Rizwan got the bail, now we can find that boss, lawyer said nobody will know about Rizwan’s bail.
Rizwan gets ready and tells officer to keep telling Shahbaz that I am ill and in jail.
Rizwan comes to out of jail and meets Zara. He thanks her. Zara says we dont have much time, we will have to find boss, dont get seen by anyone. Rizwan says no worries. Zara leaves. Rizwan says nobody will trust me that boss is Shahbaz so I wont let truth come out like that, he took my mother so I will take his son, I will make him suffer.

Irfan meets his investor and says I want to sell my house. Buyer says its not right time, your house needs renovation. Irfan says I dont have time, please sell it, agent says okay and leaves. Irfan says to Salma that I dont have a choice, we lost all money because of Zara’s treatment, I had to sell my press too. Amina gave us money but we have to return it. Kabir hears it and shocked. Irfan says we will find a solution. They leave. Kabir sighs and says no.. Zara is my responsibility, how could I forget that.


Zara and Azra comes home. Nussu says I was playing a game with Ruksaar. Azra glares at her and says she is our enemy. Zara says dont say that. Azra says why you trust her? Zara says she changed. Azra says I cant forget what she did with you. She leaves. Zara says to Ruksaar that dont feel bad about Azra’s words, she will take time to trust you. Ruksaar says its okay, I will win trust soon.

Kabir gets cheque of 2 lacs for next book. Kabir says I am doing my duty, I will complete it soon. He recalls Irfan’s words.

Zara says to Azra that Ruksaar is our guest, behave with her please. Azra says I can do anything for you. Zara hugs her.

Scene 2
Kabir is worried. Shahbaz comes to him and asks why he called him? Kabir says I dont want to hurt you, I am bad, I thought I knew what is right or wrong, I was praying for Zara but Irfan was paying for Zara’s treatment.

Zara and Azra are in market. Kid comes and begs for food. Zara says what do you want to eat? She takes them for food.

Shahbaz says to Kabir that 80 lacs are not a small amount, you are a priest, your duty is to pray, you dont have to earn or think about money. Kabir sees Zara coming there with kids. He is tensed and looks away.

Zara brings kids to restaurant. Manager says we will have to keep kids out, we have decorum here. Zara says this is wrong. Kabir comes there and says you cant differentiate like this, if you dont give placement to them then I will complain. Manager says I am sorry. He goes to kids and give them seats. Zara says to Kabir that I could handle it but thanks, she leaves. Shahbaz says to Kabir that you promised to stay away from her but why you keep going back to her?
Zara says to Azra that I forgot my bag in a shop. She goes to shop, two men come to her and says we are hungry, please give us money. Kabir sees it too. Zara says to men that you both are fine and young, go and work. Man says we are busy in prayers so dont get time to work. Zara says God has asked us to work, you can be a priest but you have to do hardwork and earn, thats what God and Prophet says, she leaves. Kabir says to Shahbaz that Zara was right, I have to earn too, thats my duty, I will earn and pay for Zara’s treatment which is my biggest duty.


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