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Zara’s Nikah 21 December 2020: Kabir prays to give him strength to get 80 lacs so he can do his duty. Zara offers prayers and prays to fulfill all prayers of Kabir. They both miss each other.

Shahbaz says to Kashan that ask me first before expanding business. Kashan says this is your business but its a good opportunity, give me a chance. Amaan hears it. Ayesha asks if he wants to do business like his father? Amaan says no I want to be a priest like Kabir and pray at home. Kabir comes there and says you are wrong, even if you are a priest, you have to work and earn. See I am getting ready for job interview. Ayesha thats great. Shahbaz angrily leaves.

Zara asks Azra to work for food. Azra says you make me work a lot. Salma says leave it, I will make diet food for Irfan. Irfan comes there and says I want parathas. Zara says I will make for him. Ruksaar comes there and asks if she can help? All look on. Salma says you are a guest so we will do all work. Ruksaar says let me do some work, I will feel bad otherwise. Zara asks her to cut veggies and says this is your house too. Azra angrily leaves.

Zara comes to Azra. Azra says you gave my work to Ruksaar? zara says you didnt want to do it, dont get angry all the time. Azra says I dont like that Ruksaar, I feel like she is always upto something. Zara says calm down, we have to go to sharia board. She leaves.

Zeenat brings tea for Shahbaz and asks why he is miffed at Kabir? Its good he wants to work. Shahbaz says I wanted him to become a priest and now he will suffer to get work? This happened because of your sister, dont know what she is upto. Zeenat says she really changed. Shahbaz says world can spin but you both cant change. Zeenat says I want happiness for my sister and if she wants to reunite Kabir and Zara then I dont have an issue so keep me away from your tricks otherwise I will tell truth to everyone, she leaves.

Irfan says to Zara that ask Moin to send case files if you are going to sharia board. Zra nods. They sees cement falling off from wall. Zara says you people didnt renovate it? Salma says I forgot it, we will call carpenter, Zara nods and leaves. Salma says how to tell Zara that we dont have money to renovate anything, till when can we hide it? Irfan says we have to hide it, we will sell this house and I can give you money from affidavit, Salma says that was for our last years. Irfan says think about present. Ruksaar hears all that. Salma says we can see how much we have in saving so we can get repairing done. Ruksaar thinks they need money and didnt let Zara know anything.

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Scene 2
Zara gets call from Alia who asks her to meet her, Zara says I am coming and ends call. Zara tells Azra that she is Kabir’s cousin, she needs me so lets go.

Kabir asks Ayesha to pray for his interview’s success. Kashan says we are all with you, you can do business with us. Kabir says I want to ean on my own, where is father? Zeenat says Shahbaz was miffed and left for sharia board.

Zara comes to cafe and meets Alia. Kabir comes there too. She hugs them. Zara says I thought you needed me only? She says I need you both. She tells them about her problem and says should I go to Manali? We all know you people took care of me and my father when my mother died. Kabir says you got good grades so you should definitely go. Zara says its inspirational that you have got this opportunity. Alia says I am just confused. Zara says we cage ourselves in our past so free yourself and work on your future. I am here for everything you need.

Zara and Azra comes to sharia board. Zara puts file on rack. Kabir comes there and puts it on rack too. They both lean on cooler to drink water but are shocked to see each other. Zara thinks if Shahbaz has forced him to become head priest again?

Zara and Kabir drinks water from cooler. They take each others file. Kabir gives her file to her and sees it Azra’s application. He thinks why she is here?

Zara says to Azra that why Kabir is here? Azra says it doesnt matter. Zara says Irfan doesnt like to see Kabir, I always wanted to see Kabir working for people but also work for himself, I saw today that he was thinking about working. Azra says wow, you notice him a lot. Zara says I am not thinking about going back to him.

Kabir comes to Shahbaz’s office and doesnt see him there. He puts his lunchbox there and leaves.
He comes to reception and tries to ask about Zara but Zara comes there. Kabir takes pen from reception and tries to see Zara’s papers. Zara tries to see his papers too. Kabir says you were looking in my papers, are you becoming part of sharia board again? I am not asking you that, I dont have a right. Zara says I dont want to know why you are here too. I am here to get Azra selected for job. Kabir says I dont want to know. Kabir says I cant tell you why I am here as I am a stranger. He thinks I miss banters like these.

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Ruksaar meets Zeenat and tells her some plan.

Kabir says to Shahbaz that I am going for a job. Shahbaz says you dont need it, you are nation’s hero. Kabir says I have to pay 80 lacs which is my duty. Shahbaz says then go. Kabir says bless me and then I will go. Shahbaz smiles and says my blessings are with you, may God help you out, Kabir leaves. Shahbaz shakes his head.

Zara says to Azra that Kabir is not here to become part of sharia board but why he is here?

Kabir meets manager in sharia board for job. Manager says I will ask my friend in NGO to give you a job. Kabir says I cant take money from people who are working for betterment of people. Manager says they get investment from investors so you can work for people and also earn. Kabir says okay and leaves. Zara comes to manager to get files for Irfan, she asks about Kabir. Manager says Kabir is looking for job. Zara thanks him and smiles. Azra says to Zara that you are too happy for him.

Scene 2
Alia sees her father’s death certificate missing and says to Kabir that dont know what is truth. Kabir says move on in life, you have to achieve a lot of things, your future is waiting. He hugs her, she smiles.

Zara is reading a book and imagines Kabir telling her that he will get a job.
Kabir is reading a book and imagines Zara saying that work hard and you will get a job, I just want you to be happy. Kabir smiles.. bemisal aye plays. They both each other.

Ruksaar comes to Salma’s room and sees her sleeping. She looks around but Azra catches her and calls everyone there. Zara asks what happened? Azra says I saw her silently coming here, she was stealing something.

Azra says Ruksaar was here to steal. Salma asks what were you doing? she tried to hurt Zara before. Zara asks why she is here? Ruksaar says I cant tell you that, I will leave from there. Zara stops her and says you arei n my house, tell me what are you hiding? Show me your hand. Ruksaar shows her knife and attacks her.. it all turns out to be Kabir’s dream. He wakes up and drinks water. Kabir sighs and mistakenly breaks glass.
Zara asks Ruksaar what she is hiding? Ruksaar says I cant tell you, I will Salma, she asks her to come with her. Azra says we cant trust you, you want to trap her? Zara says Ruksaar tell me here only. She tries to see whats in Ruksaar’s hand and sees its money. Salma is stunned. Azra says see, she was stealing money from here, you were welcomed here and you stole from here? Ruksaar says I.. Salma shakes her head. Ruksaar says I am a thief, I needed money and I took it, I am sorry, she leaves. Salma tells Zara and Azra that this is not our money, we dont have money to even run the house. Zara says remember, this might be your money only. Irfan says no its like 1 lac, we cant have that much money. Salma says it means she was putting money here, she wanted to help, she came to talk to me earlier. Flashback shows how Ruksaar came to Salma and says I can get you in contact with someone who can lend some money if you need, Salma says we dont need your help. Flashback ends. Salma tells Zara that Ruksaar might have heard me and Irfan. Zara says what talk? What are you hiding? Tell me. Salma says Zara we are short of money because of your treatment. She tells her everything. Zara is shocked.

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Scene 2
Ayesha comes to Kabir’s room and tries to clean glass mess and asks him to be careful. Kabir says you always worry for me. Ayesha says you will know when you will become a father. Kabir looks away. Ayesha asks is he worried about Ruksaar hurting Zara? Kabir says I just think you should talk to Zara.

Zara says to family that you didnt tell me we dont even have money to renovate house? I am part of this house too, am I not yours? Irfan says we didnt want to worry you, money can come and go, God is with us. Zara says we have to work too, I wont let you sell this house. Irfan says give money back to Ruksaar. Azra says we need this money. Zara says stop it.

Zara comes to Ruksaar and says I am sorry for doubting you, dont go. Tell me how you got this money? Flashback shows how Ruksaar got money from Zeenat and told her about Irfan’s condition. Zeenat says thats good but they will not take money from you. Ruksaar says so I will send them this money, you remember my diamond tops? I sold those, Zara gifted them to me so its her money only. Flashback ends. Ruksaar says to Zara that now you know this is good money and its yours so take them. Zara says no, I cant accept this money, this is our trouble so I will work hard and will change condition of house, thank you. She gives her money back and leaves.


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