Zara’s Nikah April Teasers 2021 Zee world

Zara’s Nikah April Teasers 2021: Kabir locks Sartaj in a room, takes his place and marries Zara. While Zara and Kabir’s wedding delights Salma, Zara says that the wedding happened under duress and not with her consent.

Zee World Zara’s Nikah April 2021 Teasers

Thursday 1 April 2021

Episode 278

Zara decides to leave with her mentor. Kabir forcefully takes Zara into a room to talk with her. He tries to prevent her from leaving. Qazi motives with Zara and advises her to marry Kabir. Salma overhears their conversation and conveys the great news to Kabir.

Friday 2 April 2021

Episode 279

Kabir tells Imran he will get Zara to stop her songs after their wedding. Further, Kabir and Zara’s wedding rituals start. Rukhsar vows to make hatred for Zara in Kabir’s heart. Further, Kabir objects to a decision made by Qazi.

Saturday 3 April 2021

Episode 280

Zara arrives in the Sharia board with Qazi and battles Kabir by stating that the Quran does not forbid music. Zara reveals that she utilizes musical healing to help people in distress. Afterwards, Zara’s question renders Kabir speechless.

Sunday 4 April 2021

Episode 281

Zara challenges Kabir that she’ll treat Shahbaz with songs and establish herself right. Kabir warns Rukhsar to keep the truth about her pregnancy hidden from Zara. On visiting Zara, Shahbaz feels guilty over his activities and Zara sobs on visiting his condition.

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Monday 5 April 2021

Episode 282

Zara queries Kabir about his connection with Rukhsar. Zara provides music recovery to Shahbaz. Unexpectedly, Shahbaz’s health worsens. Rukhsar alleges that Shahbaz’s health deteriorated because of Zara’s music.

Tuesday 6 April 2021

Episode 283

Rukhsar admits to Zeenat about her actions which caused Shahbaz’s health to worsen. Zara promises to prove the allegation upon her wrong and learn the facts. Rukhsar and Zeenat instigate Kabir to oust Zara in the house. Kabir supports Zara and scolds the duo. Further, Zeenat prevents a furious Rukhsar from taking a dangerous step and makes a promise to her.

Wednesday 7 April 2021

Episode 284

Kabir worries about Zara learning about Rukhsar’s pregnancy. Dr. Shalini arrives to check on Rukhsar. Zeenat manipulates Zara against Kabir and devises a strategy. Afterwards, Zara matches Siraj’s brother, Sartaaj.

Thursday 8 April 2021

Episode 285

Kabir learns that Zara has been abducted. On learning Sartaj’s intentions, Zara warns him. Zara fails to escape from Sartaj’s clutches. Meanwhile, Kabir takes the police’s help. Sartaj compels Zara to marry him. Afterwards, a disguised Kabir and Imran arrive to rescue Zara.

Friday 9 April 2021

Episode 286

Zara gets happy upon seeing a disguised Kabir. The goons kidnap Qazi. Sartaj threatens to kill Zara and Qazi if anyone interferes in his or her Zara’s wedding. Kabir locks Sartaj in a space, takes his place and marries Zara.

Saturday 10 April 2021

Episode 287

Kabir assures Zara they would mutually resolve their battle over music. Further, he tells Zara the facts about Rukhsar’s pregnancy. Rukhsar threatens Kabir to prevent him from revealing the fact that Zara.

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Sunday 11 April 2021

Episode 288

A disguised Sartaj reaches Kabir’s home and calls Rukhsar. While Kabir provides a punishment to Rukhsar, Rukhsar takes a vow. Kabir and Zara’s wedding reception starts. Rukhsar’s strategy succeeds and everybody learns the truth about her pregnancy. In denial about Kabir being the baby’s father, Zara queries Kabir.


More of Zara’s Nikah April Teasers 2021 to be updated..

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