Zara’s Nikah 6 April 2021 update: Zara thinks where is Kabir? Imran asks about the professor. The goon says he was talking too much so we got rid of him. The flashback shows how Kabir told Sartaj that they will bring him to his room to get the ink. Kabir and his men took him to the room and beat Sartaj.

The goon ties him and makes him unconscious. And Kabir wore Sehra and came out as a groom. The flashback ends. Kabir shows his face to Zara and she relaxes. Kabir messages the SP to attack the venue. Imran asks Zara if she accepts her nikah with Sartaj? Zara reads the nikah papers which says that will she accept her wedding with Kabir? Zara says I agree with this nikah nama and it’s qubool hai qubool ha qubool hai for me. Irfan cries. Imran asks Kabir if he accepts this nikah? Kabir says I accept my marriage with Zara Siddiqui. Sartaj wakes up in his room and comes out to the venue. Kabir takes off his sehra and glares at him. Sartaj is about to shoot him but the police arrive there and catch them all. Kabir starts beating Sartaj. Zara pulls Kabir back and asks him to calm down. Kabir falls down and Zara cries in his arms. Tum jo mil gaye. Zara says congrats.. They both smile at each other. They both hug each other.

Scene 2
Kabir and Zara come to Irfan’s house. Salma says this is my dream come true. Congrats on your wedding. Zara tells Kabir that I want to talk to you. Kabir is mesmerized to see her. They have a shawl over their heads and keep staring at each other.


Ruksaar laughs evilly. Zeenat says are you crying or laughing? Ruksaar says I wanted Zara to get out of my life but I also wanted her to marry Kabir so I can give her more pain. Now they are married and I will have to live with their closeness. It’s fun to feel this pain, I want to cry but I want to give pain to Zara and that is making laugh. Zeenat wipes her tears and says only Zara deserves these tears. Ruksaar says let’s go and congratulate them, then we can give them pain and laugh on her expense. I will tell her that I am Kabir’s first wife.

Salma asks Zara to make Shahbaz eat the sweets. Irfan says Zara is your daughter in law again. Shahbaz smiles lightly and tries to move. Zara holds his hand and says you don’t have to say sorry, God forgives anyone who repents his mistake. Irfan says we are happy to see you happy Shahbaz. Zara says but I had a nikah with Kabir and not the wedding. Salma says what are you saying? Zara says you did nikah to save me and Irfan. God says to do nikah with your happiness and not in some pressure. We still have music standing between us, this relationship.. Kabir stops her. Salma says why are you raising the questions? Don’t teach Kabir as he knows everything. She asks Irfan to talk to Zara. Irfan says I agree with Zara that nikah can’t be done in the pressure. Ruksaar and Zeenat come there. Ruksaar says nikah done in pressure can work too. Ruksaar hugs Zara and says I got to know that you had a nikah with Kabir like we had the nikah with Kabir. Zara looks on. Ruksaar says anyway congrats. Zeenat says Kabir saved Ruksaar by marrying her and he did the same with Zara, he didn’t want to marry her but he had to as he tore nikah nama earlier. Zara stares at Kabir questioningly. Kabir says Zeenat and Ruksaar you are right but there is a mistake, I did tear the nikah nama but my heart was bursting with Zara’s love and it will remain that way. Zara smiles.

Scene 1
Kabir tells Zara that I had to marry a girl to save her life but this nikah is not that, I don’t have a reason to break my relationship with you. We both have different thought processes when it comes to music but every husband and wife have that, we will solve it together. Salma and Irfan hug Kabir and Zara. Ruksaar glares at Shahbaz and he gets scared. Zara notices it and hints at Kabir. Kabir says let’s go. He starts leaving with Zara but Zahida stops them. Zahida tells Kabir that we have to get a gift from the groom as I am from Zara’s side. Imran says what do you want? Zahida says I don’t want money, I just want to send my Zara from this house. I want a barat for Zara, I want a valima for her so make memories. Salma says I like your thoughts the first time. I want that too. Zara says I also want my mothers to send me off. Imran says we will organize a valima ceremony. Zeenat says you are right, I am Kabir’s sister in law so we will do a big valima. Ruksaar says people will remember it for life.

Scene 2
Kabir is getting ready for the valima. Imran asks him to decorate the room? Kabir says I just want Zara here. God is freeing Zara from that evil Zahida and music.

Zahida and Salma make Zara get ready. Zara says I will make Kabir believe that people with different thought processes can live together.

Kabir hugs Imran and says you read my nikah and thank you for that. Imran says don’t make me emotional.

Zara gets ready.

Kabir is leaving the house as a groom. Ruksaar stops him and says you look nice, I just want to ask what’s my relationship with you now? Kabir says nothing. Ruksaar says I am your wife and you are going to be a father of my baby and you married again without my permission. Kabir says you are not my wife, I married you under helpless condition, I have already divorced you. I don’t have to ask anything from you. Ruksaar says we both know that you divorced me but will you be able to tell the world that this baby is not yours? That I am not your wife? So I want to tell you that I am your wife and this is your baby. Anyway, I don’t want you to sin so I am giving you permission to marry Zara. Kabir says I don’t need your permission, we don’t have a relationship. You know why I am keeping you in this house. Zeenat comes there and says let’s leave it today. She takes Ruksaar from there. Kabir gets a call from Zara. Zara says I am missing you so come fast. Kabir says yes. He leaves from there. Ruksaar thinks that Kabir will be guilty now. He won’t be happy.

Kabir comes to his room and recalls a flashback in which Ruksaar went to the hospital and wanted an abortion. Kabir went to stop her and said it’s a sin. Ruksaar said that if you want me to stop this abortion then tell the world that it’s your baby, become a father for this baby. Kabir recalls Zara’s words. He says I will tell truth to Zara and tells her how Ruksaar got pregnant. He leaves the house.

Scene 3
Kabir comes to Zara’s house and says I want to talk to you. He takes her in a room. Zara says they were playing music because.. Kabir says I want to tell you a truth and I can’t hide it from you. You asked me what my relationship with Ruksaar is and why I spent the night in her room. Ruksaar is pregnant. Zara is shocked and says she doesn’t have a husband then who is the father? Kabir looks down. Zara says look at me, who is the father? Answer me. Ruksaar comes there and says Kabir is father of my baby. Zara is shocked to hear that and moves away from Kabir. Kabir thinks Zara listen to me once. Ruksaar comes to Kabir and Zara, she says I am an eclipse between you and Kabir. I am his first wife and you are his second wife without the light because of my eclipse. Zara gets hurt and leaves from there. Ruksaar tells Zara that Kabir is my husband first and then yours. Zara moves glass shreds on the floor and doesn’t feel any pain. Kabir tries to stop her.


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