Zara’s Nikah 5th September 2020: On Zara’s Nikah Saturday 5th September 2020, Zara comes to Hamdan’s house, Hamdan’s sister says that Ruksaar is a killer and we dont want to have any relation with her, she leaves.

Zara asks Hamdan’s other sister that if it was an accident and Ruksaar is not the killer then will you stand with us? other sister leaves too.

Doctor checks Zeenat, he says her BP is high, if it doesnt go down then we will have to admit her, he gives medicine and leaves.


Inspector brings Farhan to station, he slaps him and says we found your audio clip in Kabir’s phone, dont lie. Kabir smirks. Farhan says I dont have a connection with Hamdan’s death but if Ruksaar dies then I will get complet business ownership, he is taken away. Inspector says I think Farhan is not lying, Kabir says if we open case saying that Hamdan’s death was a mystery and Ruksaar was trapped then I can bring a very good lawyer, I will spend money, you just have to reopen case in court. Inspector says you first have to identify who you are to Ruksaar? you are not her blood related and not her husband, you are stranger for her, you could meet her because of Sheikh but if you want to fight case then you have to be blood related to criminal, you are na-mehram (not closely related) to her. Kabir says its true that I am not mehrum to her but an innocent can die, we have to save her, just tell me a way. Inspector says you have to find a way, you can become Ruksaar’s mehrum by marrying her, make her your wife and then you can fight her case. Kabir is stunned. Inspector says you said that you want to save Ruksaar’s life so this is the only way to save her, marry her and today only.

Kabir comes out of police station and is in daze, he walks in silence and dont know what to do.

Zara is ironing her dresses and looks at her wedding dress, she smiles recalling their passionate moments, ishq subhanallah plays as she recalls his love confession, Zara misses him. Kabir on otherside is crying. Zara opens her cupboard and imagines Kabir standing there, he asks if she missed him? she says a little. Zara says I miss you a lot, I know you are doing all this to save Ruksaar but comeback soon, Kabir says this is a test for our love but I feel like we might lose each other, what if we are not able to come out this trouble? Zara says no, we are together, we have to fight, promise me that you will always stand with me? Kabir says I am always with you. Zara hugs him and cries.. Kabir locks cupboard.. Zara’s imagine ends and she is crying alone in cupboard. Ayesha calls out to Zara.

Zara comes to Ayesha and sees Zeenat fainted. She calls doctor, doctor asks her to give her CPR. Zara presses on her heart, Zeenat becomes conscious.

Kabir is walking on road and recalls how Ruksaar pleaded him to save her, how Zeenat broke down and made him promise to save Ruksaar at any cost and wont let anything or any relation come inbetween. Then he recalls how he promised Zara that they will complete their marriage rituals after he saves Ruksaar, how she said that he wont let anything happen to Ruksaar and not do anything wrong too.

Doctor checks Zeenat, Zara and Ayesha are there. Zara turns off her phone. Doctor says next 24 hours are critical for her life.

Kabir thinks that why Zara’s phone is coming off? where is she? He calls Reema and says where is Zara? Reema says Zeenat was feeling off she Zara took her to hospital, Kabir says please ask Zara to call me urgently, he ends call. Inspector calls him and says you can save Ruksaar only by marrying her, you dont have much time.


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