Zara’s Nikah 29th September 2020: On Zara’s Nikah Tuesday update 29 September 2020, In morning, Kabir is getting ready. Zara says I have pressed your clothes, he ignores her. Zara says you are miffed?

Kabir says what else can I do? Zara tries to help him wear clothes. Servant brings his pressed clothes. Zara asks what is this? Kabir says this is Ruksaar’s shadow like you said. Zara says you have to understand me. Kabir says no, just dont take Ruksaar’s name today and make me angry, he leaves. Zara says when we will be free of Ruksaar?

Zeenat is making Ruksaar eat and says you have to get fine soon. Kashan says you have to be patient, she will be fine soon. Zeenat says you remain patient with everyone, Shahbaz used Ruksaar’s illness to send Zara and Kabir, Zara can take advantage of Kabir being with her and make him divorce Ruksaar but you dont understand anything.

Zara says to herself that Kabir is vice president but why did they call me? there must be something important in conference. She sees Kabir coming in clothes which she pressed for him, she smiles and acts like she didnt see him. She says so you wore sherwani which I pressed? I knew you could never break my heart. Kabir says my sherwani’s button tore off so I had to wear that. Zara says liar. He asks if ate breakfast? you didnt have to wait for me. Zara says if I could then I wouldnt even breathe without you so leave alone breakfast, he smiles. Zara gives him flowers but he asks her to keep it and leaves. Zara laughs and says he cant be be angry with me, I will tease him.

Kashan says to Zeenat that I understand you are angry because of Ruksaar not getting fine but Shahbaz and others are doing everything to make her fine, you have to be patient, Ruksaar might get frustrated too, you have to be there for her. Zeenat hugs him and says sorry I said too much in anger.

Kabir is trying to serve himself breakfast but Zara keeps assisting him. Zara and Kabir brings breakfast for head priest. Priest says lets have it together. Kabir glances at Zara and eats. Priest asks if everything is fine? He says yes. Zara says no, he is miffed with me. Priest asks why? Kabir coughs. Zara says actually.. Kabir kicks her under table. Priest says tell me, if he did injustice then I will scold him. Zara says we were in room.. Kabir looks away. Zara says we were in room and I wanted to go to beach after conference but Kabir wants to go somewhere else so we fought. Priest says to Kabir that you have to keep your wife happy, its our duty, such husband should be scolded. Kabir says what if wife makes husband unhappy? Priest says then she would be scolded. Priest gets called and leaves. Zara says can I say something Kabir? He says no. Zara says today is conference, world will know about your project so can we promise that neither me nor you will take Ruksaar’s name today, Kabir says okay.


Scene 2
Conference starts, all are mingling. Kabir sees Zara talking to head priest and looks on.
In conference, Head priest says to guests that we congratulate Kabir that his project to make institution for youth has been approved by board. Kabir comes on stage and says you all know that I studied from a madarasa (religious school), what does life mean? To follow God’s rules but also serve our society, God has asked us to do that, my project is about connecting kids of madarasa to society so they can flourish and grow in society. Head priest says we say that there is always a woman behind man’s success, Kabir’s wife Zara is here so we will ask about her thoughts too. Zara comes on stage and says I am very glad that I got a husband like Kabir, he never forced his decisions on me, I pray for his growth, we should live life for others, Kabir’s dream is to help kids who get lost in world after coming out of madarasa, his dream is now going to be fulfilled, all clap. Zara says to Kabir that I am proud to be your wife. Kabir and Zara turns to leave but Head priest says we have included your school in our donation list and we have given 1 crore for your project. He asks Zara to give him the cheque. She gives him cheque. Kabir looks at cheque and says this is 1.5 crore cheque. Head Priest says cheque is correct, 50lacs in this cheque is for Zara’s project for which you agreed to sometime back. Zara smiles. Kabir is stunned and looks at Zara. Zara thanks priest and says I always wanted to do something for women of madarasa, they get religious education but they should have skills so if there is a condition in life then they can earn on their own, women like orphans, widows or divorced. All clap for her. Kabir recalls how Zara was talking to priest earlier.

Ruksaar looks at Kabir and Zara’s picture and tears it in two. Ruksaar screams. Zeenat and Ayesha runs there. Zeenat stops her. Ayesha says it was better to keep her in hospital, who will take care of her here? what if she does something bad? she leaves. Zeenat says Ayesha doesnt know about our pain otherwise she wouldnt shout at us. She makes Ruksaar sit and says I am human too, I think about this family and love them but nobody thinks about me, all think you are a burden. Ruksaar looks on. Zeenat looks at Kabir and Zara’s torn photo, she says God forbid if I curse them so they might separate in real like this photo.


Head Priest says to Kabir that I handover all madarasas and board under our wing to Zara, Kabir will look after them, I wish Zara to work for women like Kabir does for men and pray that she changes lives. All clap for her but Zara sees Kabir’s stern face and looks on.

Zara and Kabir are on beach. Zara runs around and enjoys it. Kabir is tensed. Zara hugs him and says marine drive is pretty, Kabir nods. Zalima plays. Zara takes selfies with him. Zara says lets go to Juhu.

Zara and Kabir are walking on beach. Zara says I want to ride a horse. She runs to it. Kabir lifts her and makes her sit on horse. Zara asks horse owner to give horse rope to her husband, she asks Kabir to take it, its her dream. Kabir sighs and takes rope. He starts giving her horse ride. Zara says I love you Kabir, Zara loves Kabir. Zara asks what happened seeing him tensed. Kabir says you wont listen to me. Zara says just tell me. Kabir says leave your position at national sharia board. She says you are joking? he says no, I dont want you take responsibility of those girls, I saw you taking that forcefully, I saw how you take position, you talkesd to Head priest, requesting him to give you that position. Zara says trust me, it was given to me. Kabir says I have a valid reason. Zara says you dont want girls to be educated? they can be independent. Kabir says I am not against women getting educated but how they get education, you cant give it, your thinking sways away from religion and its teaching. Zara says my thinking can be different but my aim. Kabir says enough, I told you what I thought, I dont you linked with this project at any cost, I have taken my decision, just remember that our happiness is related to you not taking this project, you will not run women school, you will handle my house, he leaves.

Zara is in hotel room and sees news that Zara got position to educate women and bring modern education to girls. Zara says this is a difficult test, one side is my husband and otherside are girls that should have education, I wont let them be depedent on others. She recalls how head priest told her that she has to sign file project by 12 in morning tomorrow otherwise it will be nullified. Zara says I wont let my relation suffer or not leave those women without education, I will beg and make Kabir agree. She calls Kabir but he doesnt pick up, she says he is that angry? She goes to find him.


Zara finds Kabir swimming angrily in pool. She sees 6 empty coffee cups. Kabir asks her to go to sleep. Zara says no, I will sit and have coffee with you, I will get ill but I wont move away. Kabir comes out of pool and says you wont let me sleep peacefully, she gives him towel. He takes it. Zara takes his photo and says I will show it in sharia board. He is in shorts only. Kabir asks her to delete it, she says no, he snatches phone from her and doesnt find any photo. Zara says I was joking, I am hungry, lets go and eat something, please. Kabir leaves from there.

Ruksaar comes to Amaan’s room and finds him sleeping on bed. She glares at him, she takes bag and finds compass. She smirks.

Scene 2
Kabir and Zara are in room, Kabir calls reception and asks for headache medicine but Zara ends call. She says I will give you a head massage. Kabir asks her to open the windows, she does and her project contract blows away. Kabir holds papers and reads it. He says you have till 12 tomorrow morning to sign and submit, you need my signature too. Zara says my husband will solve my trouble like always. Kabir says its about thinking, Kabir can do anything for Zara but my idealogy is my identity and I cant compromise on it. Zara says you are my identity, you can be angry with me but you cant let me lose my identity. Kabir says no this project will define gap between our hearts, I dont want you to submit this project in board, you have to decide if you choose this project or me, you have 10 hours to decide, it will show if my words matter to you.

Ruksaar have made designs on Amaan’s cheek with marker.

Zara says to Kabir that I understood, you go to sleep, we will talk in morning. Kabir says there is nothing to talk, you have to decide if you want happiness with me or happiness outside. He goes to sleep. Zara is tensed and thinks that I wont let Kabir go away nor my dreams.


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