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Zara’s Nikah 26 December 2020: On Zara’s Nikah Saturday update 26 December 2020, Kabir is trying to open factory door but cant. Outside, goon tries to call Shahbaz but his phone is off.
Kashan calls Shahbaz and tells that some goons attacked Zara and Kabir. Shahbaz is worried and thinks I have to talk to my goon. He calls Rehman but his number is busy. Rehman is trying to call him too. Shahbaz calls inspector and says my son is missing. Ayesha hears it and is shocked.

Kabir prays to God and asks him to help. He uses cylinder to break door of factory. He runs out and prays for God to help. He says I have to bring Zara out of here. H jumps back inside and goes to Zara. He says we have to go out of here. Zara is crying in pain and says you leave, let me die here. Kabir says no. Zara says I am giving you a chance to get away from me as you wanted. Kabir says no, I am not leaving you here. Zara says what do you want? You left me and now you dont want to leave me? leave me alone, you left me for 15 months. Kabir says yes and 22 days, I know everything.

Rehman says if I dont blast this factory then Shahbaz will be angry so lets do it.

Zara says to Kabir that I wanted to die in your arms, my death is here, I am not angry with you, forgive me for anything I did. Kabir cries and shakes his head. Zara says I want to leave this world as Zara Kabir Ahmed. Kabir says you will not die. Zara says I died when you stopped loving me. Kabir says no, I never stopped loving you. You were in death trap and dying because of me so I promised God that I will stay away from you.. he looks up to see Zara unconscious. He shakes her head but she doesnt move.

Rehman starts fire which goes in factory tank filled with patrol. Whole factory has a big blast. Rizwan’s goon calls him and tells him about it. Rizwan thinks Zara and Kabir are dead now.

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Ayesha calls Salma and says police is searching for Kabir and Zara. Irfan goes to police station.

Irfan, Shahbaz and Kashan are in police station. Inspector says we are finding them, we have goons who attacked them in our custody. Officer comes and says one goon told us that they locked Kabir and Zara in factory. Shahbaz says what? Other officer comes there and tells about blast in factory. Shahbaz is shocked and shouts no, Kabir is alive, this cant happen. Irfan says no, Zara and Kabir must have fought. Kashan says they must have left from there. Inspector says that blast was not a mistake but a planned blast. Shahbaz is tensed.

Salma is crying. Azra asks her to not worry. Ruksaar says they know how to fight their situations and Kabir is with Zara to protect her. Ayesha and Zeenat comes there too. Ayesha cries and says goons accepted their crime, they robbed Zara and Kabir and locked them in that factory.. Poilice told us that there was a big blast in that factory. All are shocked to hear that.

Rizwan says to his goon that now Shahbaz will be prosecuted for murder. Sajid comes there and says you told me my factory would remain safe, we could have killed Kabir anywhere then why did you take such drastic step? Rizwan says dont worry and forget everything, I wont let you remain unpaid, he gives him money and says I will pay you way more than that factory. Rizwan says you know if you say no to me then I can zip your lips so what should I do? Sajid takes money and says I accept. Rizwan says good, go away from Lucknow. Sajid leaves. Rizwan says why my goon Sohail is not here?

Shahbaz is calling Rehman and thinks only he can confirm if Kabir and Zara were in factory, he is about to break his mobile in anger but Kashan stops him and hugs him, he says you cant lose hope, you cant. Nothing will happen to Kabir, Shahbaz leaves from there.

Shahbaz comes to inspector and says this looks like some plan, why would goons lock them in a factory? Someone is behind all this. Inspector says we are searching.

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Police beats goons and ask them to tell truth.

Another goon tells Rizwan that his goons were caught by police. Rizwan gets angry and says they cant take my name.

Azra says to Salma that my heart says they are fine. Ayesha says dont worry, God is merciful.

In mosque, all pray for Kabir and Zara. Whole nation prays for their safety. Irfan and Shahbaz offer namaz and pray for them. Shahbaz thinks that God I did many bad things but I cant kill my son, I tried to kill Zara and it was my mistake, dont punish my son for that.

Kabir is in a hut and offers namaz. Zara is lying on a bed. Kabir looks at her and caresses her head. HE prays for her and bandages her wound. Flashback shows how in factory, Zara fainted and Kabir hugged her, he says I will stay here with you till my last breath, I am always with you. Zara wakes up and sees Kabir lying and sleeping beside her. She caresses his face, he wakes up and says you are awake? He hugs her and says we have to leave from here. They both get up. Kabir lifts her and puts her through vent. They go on other side and comes out of factory before blast. Kabir runs with Zara from there. They see a priest. Kabir rushes to him, flashback ends. Kabir looks at sleeping Zara and says I feel weak when I see you like this, wake up.. He stares at her and holds her hand, chahne lage hum plays.

Kabir asks Zara to wake up, he looks at her and recalls flashback. Zara is talking to Kabir and shows him her shopping but he is busy and ignores her, Zara says I have a footache, Kabir says I am not listening to you, Zara says one day you will listen to me and I will not answer, flashback ends. Kabir sadly looks at Zara and talks to her, he talks about priest who gave them hut, he says I know him from my school days. He says I will pray for you, I am always with you, just open your eyes once. Priest comes there and tells Kabir that people at dargah will pray for Zara, he gives him sacred water and asks him to talk to Zara, maybe she will feel better and open her eyes, she might be sad. Kabir recalls how Zara kept asking him to confess his love, to confess that he doesnt want to remain away from her. Kabir recalls his promise to God and tells priest that I cant do it, I will put her life in danger as I promised God to stay away from her. Priest says you can lie to save someone’s life, she is your wife, do anything to save her life, say anything that she wants to listen. Kabir says I cant do it, I am helpless. Priest says remember my teaching, person’s life is above everything else. Kabir looks on.

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A goon comes in market and starts a fight with a man. Inspector arrests him. Goon thinks that now I will do Rizwan’s work. Goon is sent to police station. Goon tells other goons that if you say any word against Rizwan then he will not spare you.

Kashan tells family that police checked factory and there was no one inside so Kabir and Zara are safe somewhere.

Kabir looks at unconscious Zara and says I love you a lot.. please wake up, I am helpless, I am begging you and saying sorry also, he wipes her tears and says I will always be with you, I am here when you open your eyes, he kisses her hand.

Scene 2
People are praying for Zara in dargah. Otherside Kabir is trying to make Zara drink water. Zara coughs and wakes up. Kabir is surprised and pulls her closer. She hugs him.

Kabir and Zara comes to dargah. Kabir asks a woman to take care of her. She goes in dargah. Kabir stays outside while Zara prays. Faya Kun plays. Zara comes out and sits to pray. Kabir sits with her and protects her. Zara puts her head on his shoulder.


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