Zara’s Nikah 16 November 2020 on Zee world: on Zara’s Nikah season 2 update Monday 16th November 2020, Everyone comes on dinner table. Shahbaz asks Zeena where did you go? She says to meet and stop Rizwan. I know you wont trust me but he is here to ruin our lives with new face.

Rukhsar says you are such a word player. You should have known that being friend with me was good for you. He says you are a woman. Rizwan doesn’t bow down to a woman. I will become qazi of the city. She says you were pretending something else in front of women. He says once I become qazi, I will lock all women home.
Zeenat says Tara is he fooling. He hates women and doesn’t want to give them their rights. I promise on Aman that he is here to take revenge nothing else. Rizwan comes in. He says yeah she is right. Your daughter in law is shouting in front of the world. He says she came to my hospital shouting in front of everyone that I am taking revenge. She left in anger and I came after her.

Shahbaz says if he is right then Zeenat has decided to defame this family. Rizwan says this could be a mental problem. There is a mental disorder. It might have been to someone in her family too. Kashan says her sister Rukhsar.. Rizwan says there are a lot of women who have mental health issues and they don’t even know. Zeenat says he is fooling you all. Rizwan gives her water. She says he is plotting all this. rizwan says you will be fine. She shouts and says shut up. I am not mad. Rizwan says let her rest. Ayesha says any medicine? He says I will give her medicine don’t worry.
Kabir says you really help our people. Kabir says you have really good intentions. I wonder why don’t you want to be part of Shariah board. He says I have a reason. Kabir says we are family. He says my uncle gave you qazi’s seat because you are his son in law. Everyone is dazed. He says if we join Shariah board, I am an aalim too. It will be contradictory. You are son in law, so you get that seat. Kabir says you think I am qazi because I am his SIL and Zara’s husband? Rizwan says did you feel bad? You have never taken help from anyone. If it is true for you, it is true for me. If I join Shariah board, people will say the same for me. they will say he has gotten all his kids in. This is wrong I will feel as angry as you. I don’t want to be part of shariah board as a relative, I want to be there as a reliable person. Zeenat says in heart he is fooling everyone. Rizwan leaves.
Rizwan says I will give you medicine for Zeenat. She will be fine. He leaves. Shahbaz says Kabir I want to talk.

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Scene 2
Zeenat is angry. She breaks a vase in anger. She recalls what Rizwan said. She says I am not crazy. I will go out and no one can stop me. Zara says you are completely fine. Zeenat says you are idiots and he is making you.
Shahbaz says why do you want him to be part of the shariah board? He says because Rizwan is talented. Shahbaz says you are not like Rizwan. There might not be with in his heart on his words too. He said it in your face that you are qazi because of being qazi’s SIL. On the empty place, I am giving you a person who will always be loyal too. Kabir says I can’t agree with you. i will choose who is right for my people as qazi. Not who is right for me.

Scene 3
Kabir comes to the conference. He says Khalid you can’t sit here. He says you can’t ask me to leave. You have to make a committee that can decide my future. Kabir says better be happy that I am not calling police. Accept your crime, repent and then leave. Another member says I think he should be given some time. Kabir says he was given 30 notices. He didn’t leave the house he rightfully didn’t own. So I order him to leave Shariah board right now.

Zara comes to Zeenat’s room. it is full of smoke. Zra says what are you doing.. You could be suffocated. She says I will be dead if you ever shut my door. I have written if I die, you all will be responsible.

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Zara tells family that Irfan fired Khalid from sharia board, he is threatening to defame Zeenat. Shahbaz says I gave him this position and he is doing this? He calls Khalid and says if you do something then I will destroy you.

Samir says to Salamat that our spy told me that Rizwan is very clever, Salamat says we have to make him sharia board head. Samir calls Khalid and gives him some instructions.

Kabir and Zara are in room. Zara hugs him, nazm nazm sa plays. Kabir makes heart with his hand. Zara asks why he is worried? Kabir says you think I should be like Rizwan? Zara says no but when it comes to women, you think with old thoughts but still my husband is best. Kabir says I tried to make your brother comes to sharia board, she thanks him.

Zara says to Kabir that Khalid is always against Irfan. They are in car. Kabir sees some people chanting against him. Khalid is leading rally. Kabir sees people burning his statue. He takes Zara and goes in sharia board.
One man tells Kabir that Khalid is doing all this, he made video against him. Video plays, Khalid says that I tried to give my seat to Rizwan but Kabir is insecure and didnt want to give seat to him so he fired me, he is an unjust leader. Kabir gets angry and says I will answer them. Kabir comes out of board and see people chanting, he tries to stop them but one man throws stone at him. Zara takes him from there.

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Zara takes first aid box to Irfan’s house. Rizwan does his bandage. Zara says he was trying to talk to people fighting against him. Irfan says they are angry and dont know truth so dont talk to them like this. Kabir says to Zara that we have to find solution for this. Zara says lets think with calm mind. Rizwan smirks.

People come to Shahbaz’s house and throw stones at house. Inspector calls Shahbaz and says we are trying to control this rowdy crowd but you have to leave this place soon. Zeenat says to Shahbaz that I dont know anything this time.

Irfan tries to get ready but gets dizzy. Zara asks if he is fine? he nods. Shahbaz’s family comes there. Shahbaz asks Kabir what happened? Kabir says I am fine. Shahbaz tells about crowd outside. Shahbaz says there will be a VIP movement in evening and commissioner wants to remove that crowd from there, you have to do something. Kabir says this time I have to take responsibility. Shahbaz says dont let Zeenat’s name come out, Kabir says I will tell truth to people, I am head of board, not Zeenat’s relative. Irfan says I will come with you. Kabir says no. Kabir calls media and says I will tell them that this is politics by Khalid, Rizwan is with us, once they know that he tried to sell his seat then they will stop fighting. Rizwan says I am with you. Suraiya comes there and says no, my son will not go with people like these, they might be planning to hurt you. Rizwan says its about Kabir’s life, let me go. She says if you go then you will see my dead face. All look on.


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