Zara’s Nikah 19 March 2021 update: Amir tells Kabir that I like Zara, she is pretty. Kabir says she is not only pretty but also intelligent and smart, you must know everything. You know about her family, you don’t have an issue?

Amir says not at all, we can find bad in everything but we have to be positive, I want a partner who is pious. Kabir says I pray for that, Zara is a pious girl. Salma says she is a nice girl. Amir says can I ask something to Zara? Kabir says yes, she will tell you the truth. Amir asks Zara if she loved anyone? Zara looks at Kabir sadly. Azra says that’s shameless to ask, anyone can fall in love. Amir says I want a girl that loves me only. Zara says yes, I have loved it. I loved Kabir and I accepted it in front of the sharia board. Amir says to Kabir that you said she is a pious girl? She is shameless. Kabir says to stay in the limit. Amir says you are keeping her as your whore here and want me to marry her? Kabir shouts at him and asks him to get lost. Amir leaves. Zara thinks why Kabir cares so much? Kabir says to Zara that I am sorry, I will find a guy that will respect and treasure you. The kids come there and say don’t send Zara away. Please keep her here, why are you not marrying her? Kabir is silent. Zara says let it be. Firdous says he has to answer, why he doesn’t want to marry her? Kabir says she is less height. Zaid says we will get her some heels so now you can marry her right? Kabir leaves from there.

Scene 2
Jalali tells Shahbaz that I will marry Zara only. Ruksaar says you can marry me, she is a servant. Jalali says I want to torture her, I want to destroy her. Ruksaar says this is a good idea. She tells Shahbaz that a guy came to see Zara but he sent her away. Shahbaz says I want the head priest chair taken from Kabir soon. Jalali says wait for some time.


Zara asks Kabir what she should wear? Kabir shouts at her to stop this drama, you think this is a joke? I can see what you are doing, why did you confess your love? I don’t love you, did I give you any hint? If you love me then keep it to yourself, don’t force yourself on me, I just want you to leave from here soon. I don’t want to marry you because I don’t love you, I can’t love anyone except my Zara, I loved her and she owns my heart. You will tell this to the kids. Zaid hears it and says we will have to make Kabir fall in love with Zara.

Zaid and Firdous count their money. They get 500 rs to fulfill their idea.

Azra tells Shahbaz that Kabir saw me in Ruksaar’s room, he is doubting me. Shahbaz says he is not saying anything so don’t worry. Jalali says we have some work for you, he tells her an idea. Azra is stunned and says this is dangerous. Ruksaar says we are doing this for Imran to become the head priest of the city and you will be his queen. Just do as we say. Azra says okay.

Salma tells Zara that Kabir doesn’t listen to anyone when he is angry. Kabir comes there and asks where are the kids? Zara says they must be playing here. Kabir says they are not here. Salma calls Azra and asks if the kids are with her? She says no. The servant tells Zara that I didn’t see the kids too. Kabir is shocked.

Suman saying Rohit had come to see you, your state got critical, he told nurse Simmi how to save you, we made a mistake in knowing him. Some time back, Rohit recalls Sonakshi and his moments. He cries and says don’t forgive me, I don’t deserve you, my family and I have hurt you a lot, when I saw you for the first time, you were lying unconscious, I came to help you, and today you came to help me, how can anyone be so beautiful, understanding, I have seen you working on the sets, non stop, you didn’t complain, how do you know this, I fell in love with your simplicity and dedication, your love for dogs, you helped Raima, I didn’t feel I can fall in love again, you taught me to fall in love again, I love you Sona. Rohit says you know, we didn’t spend much time, I felt I lived a lifetime of love, I will miss you Sona. Sona tere liye….plays….

Rohan comes to meet Pari. She asks why are you so worried, is Tanya fine. He says no, she got to know that she can never conceive, I m worried for her, you can save her. She says she hates me, how. He says she hates you, not my child, this is my child, give this baby to her. She gets shocked. She says no, I won’t give this baby to anyone. He says you can punish me, I beg you, Tanya is in depression, I can’t forgive myself if she takes a wrong step, please give this baby to Tanya, please save her, I bed you. They cry.

Simmi asks why don’t you tell madam that you love her so much. Rohit says I can never say, we have just hurt her, we told such things that she doesn’t deserve, she deserves happiness, she won’t get it with me, so I want her to stay in her own world and stay happy, I will hide and manage her, but I can’t stay with her, sorry Sona. He cries. He leaves. Sonakshi wakes up and sees him going. She forwards hand. Doctor says here is the antidote, we have given this to Sonakshi, her blood has no trace of supervirus. Nishi smiles and says we have to wait for few hours and then release the news. He says but its not needed. She says do as I say. She gets a call and says yes, we can increase our production to save 2000 patients. Suman says I m proud of you, you have saved many people by risking your life, just you can do this, we shall go home now. Sonakshi says I have to know how is Rohit, did he get antidote or not.

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She says maybe they need me for antidote. Suman says think for yourself first, where did you go yesterday, I thought you took a wrong step, what’s the matter. Sonakshi recalls Veena. She says not this time, tell me, how is Rohit. Suman asks are you worried for him. Sonakshi says I felt like he came here to meet me, did he come, tell me, maybe I m imagining anything, why will he come here, he doesn’t care for me.

Suman says he had come here to see you, your state was critical, he had told nurse Simmi how to save you, Rohit has saved you, even after the bad accident…. Rohit took you to the hospital, not any Suhail Behl, he has always taken care of you and we all, he has done a lot for us, we had hatred for Sippys and Rohit, we couldn’t see what he is doing for us, we did a big mistake in knowing him. Suman says you want to change my heart for him. Sumit says its time you know the truth and accept it, truth is Rohit loves you a lot, he didn’t let you dance in the party as he couldn’t see you getting humiliated. He tells everything.

Sonakshi is shocked. Suman says he came to give statement against me, but I got bail because of him. Sonakshi asks why will he help me, why did he insult me. Sumit says he wants you to hate him, he really loves you, I have seen him in pain. She asks what’s the reason. Sumit says I don’t know, he didn’t tell me. Tulsi says he vents anger on us, he was finding you and entered quarantine ward without mask, he got infected. Suman says he loves you a lot. Sonakshi says he should have told me, we promised to not hide anything. Suman says there would be big reason for it. Sonakshi says take me to Rohit. Doctor says its time, we will inject this to antidote. Nishi says handle other patients, I want to give this to Rohit. Doctor says sure and goes. Nishi drops the antidote and says good bye….

Sonakshi asking Tulsi about Rohit. Tulsi says his state is really bad. Sonakshi asks why isn’t he getting fine when all the patients are recovering. Tulsi says he just have 6-8 hours left now. Some time back, Nishi and Yash give the interview to the media. Nishi says we have given the drug patent to the govt. So that they can save people, they gave us an order to make the drug. Reporter asks where is Sonakshi, she has risked her life and made this possible. Nishi says she is taking rest, Sippy hospital have thought of this idea and made the antidote, Yash will handle your technical questions. A lady comes to Sonakshi and thanks her, calling her Devi to save many people. Sonakshi says just pray that no one falls prey to this illness. Simmi says Rohit’s state is getting bad, why isn’t the antidote working. Doctor says antidote was given, maybe virus got spread in his entire body. Nishi speaks to the minister about a new contract. Suman asks Sonakshi to come and meet Rohit. Veena stops them.

She asks why are you going to meet him, stay away. Sonakshi says please let me see him once. Veena asks so much concern suddenly, you didn’t wish to care for him, why. Suman says Veena Sippy, you forgot that Sona has saved him, if she wants to save him, then let her. Nishi stops her. She says anything can happen to your daughter here, better leave, here is the discharge papers. Suman says they have no heart to understand your goodness. Sonakshi says let me meet Rohit once. She shouts Rohit. Rohit hears her and reacts. Nishi says shut up… security, if they are seen here from tomorrow, then you won’t be seen. Suman says it won’t be needed. Suman takes Sonakshi. Sumit comes and asks what happened. Suman says Sonakshi wanted to meet Rohit, but Veena and Nishi stopped her. Sumit says I will give you all updates about his health, I m here, go home and take rest. Suman says maybe Rohit made himself away from you because of his selfish family, come home.


Veena and Nishi come to see Rohit. Veena asks what happened, didn’t you given him antidote, why is his state getting worse, do something. Doctor says Rohit’s body isn’t showing any effect of that antidote. Nishi says let doctors do their work, please come. She says Suman’s curse has hit him. Sumit looks on. Suman rings the bell and calls out Pari. She takes Sonakshi inside. She looks for Pari. She says maybe she went for a walk, you go and take rest. Rohan gets Pari home. Tanya gets angry and asks why did you get Pari here. She pushes Pari. Rohan holds Pari. She says stop it Tanya, Pari is ready to give her baby, but she has a condition, we will take care of her until her delivery. Tanya asks what are you saying, she won’t do this, she will separate us, she is smart. Rohan says please listen to me, trust her and see, you want our baby right.

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Pari says this is your baby, Tanya, feel him. Tanya says baby kicked. Rohan also feels the baby kick. Yash asks Veena not to worry. Veena says call the doctor, pay any amount, don’t call Rastogis, do something Nishi. Nishi says I have called the senior doctor, I also love him a lot. She smiles.

Sonakshi sees Rohit’s pic and says I have been foolish to think he hates me, he is so ill, even then he was finding me. She recalls Veena’s words and cries. Sumit calls her and asks how are you. She asks how is Rohit. He says he will get fine by tomorrow, take care, you know how much he loves you, pray for him. Suman comes and says Pari isn’t answering, I will go and see. Rohit says Sona… Sonakshi feels it and calls Tulsi. She asks how is Rohit. Tulsi says he isn’t fine, other patients are getting fine, don’t know why antidote isn’t working on Rohit. Sonakshi asks what, how can this happen. Tulsi says don’t know, senior doctor is coming, he hardly has 6-8 hours. Sonakshi says be with him, I m coming. She says Veena and Nishi won’t let me go to Rohit, something is wrong, Nishi tried to kill Naren and now Rohit, now my acting will work, Parvati will teach a lesson to Nishi now. She takes a nurse’s disguise and comes to the hospital.

She says I have come Rohit, I will make you fine. Nishi collides with her. Sonakshi puts on the mask. Nishi asks who are you. Sonakshi says sorry, I m best nurse from Kerala wellness centre, my name is Sarvapalli Venkatrama Shivpriya Parvati. Nishi says whatever, we didn’t call any nurse. Sonakshi slaps her.

Firdous and Zaid come to the dargah and tell a man to give them a sheet for prayers. He gives them flowers as a gift. The kids start praying. Kabir and Zara come there looking for them. They see them praying. Firdous prays for Kabir to fall in love with Zara. They are shocked. Zaid says we want to live with them, get them married please. Firdous says Zara is so nice then why he doesn’t want to marry her? We will get gifts for you. They turn to see Kabir and Zara there. Kabir and Zara hug them.

Kabir is cooking in the kitchen and recalls him getting angry on Zara. He says I should have been polite to her. Zara comes there and says what are you cooking? Kabir says I am making tea. He says I shouldn’t have talked like this with you. Zara says I know you lose senses when you are angry but you say sorry when you are calm. Kabir says you know me now? Zara says but you don’t know me, I don’t take sugar in my tea but this is good. Kabir says sorry, can I ask what else I don’t know? Why you said yes for the wedding? Zara says because I won’t get married in a month, you won’t find a guy like yourself. Kabir says I will find a better guy, he will love you. Zara says you are sure? Kabir says yes, I will get a guy for you in a month. Zara says my life will change, I have so many wishes to fulfill in a month. Kabir says I can help you with that if they are valid. Zara says don’t laugh but I want to ride a bike, I don’t know how to ride it. Kabir tries not to laugh and says what else? Zara says nobody shopped for me, I want someone to shop for me, I want heels to come to your height. Kabir says I can’t get a bike for you. Zara says it’s okay, these are just wishes. Kabir thinks don’t know what to do. Zara thinks maybe he will fall in love with me.

Scene 2
Zara comes to Kabir and shows him a toy bike. Kabir says I promised to make you learn a bike. Zara says but you won’t sit with me on a bike? Kabir says I will find a way, you don’t worry.

Kashan gets ready. Zeenat brings a tie for him and says you are wearing expensive perfume. Kashan says Saima got it for me. Zeenat is about to throw it away and says don’t think that I will stay silent, I am not leaving this house otherwise I will destroy you. Ruksaar hears them and thinks that I have to save myself.

Zara wears a helmet and asks Kabir if he is ready. Kabir comes to his room and shows her a video game, he says if you pass this game then I will get a bike for you. He starts the game and plays it. Zara is trying to learn it. Kabir says you are not playing nicely. He gets a call and says you have a proposal?

Nishi throwing water at Sonakshi and says Sonakshi Rastogi, Parvati…. Some time back, Pooja says Sonakshi is greedy, I can’t believe that Nishi can do this. Sonakshi asks did I demand any money, the prenup papers got null and void, Nishi wanted to prove that I married Rohit for money. Rohit says you know I love Sonakshi, why would I like to divorce her, I did that so that Nishi doesn’t harm Naren. Yash says I had the same soup, why didn’t anything happen to me. Nishi runs to washroom. Vimmi comes. Sonakshi opens the door. Vimmi gets Naren there. She says I went to give medicine to Naren, he held my hand, I didn’t understand first and then understood that he wants to come here, he winked, he knows you are Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks are you fine, I didn’t come to see your tears but to take revenge for your tears. Naren cries. Pooja cries. She says it means Sonakshi was right, how can mum do this.

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Rohit says I know this since months, I was silent as Nishi has the app to control dad’s pacemaker, he can lose his life. Pooja asks is this true. Naren nods. Pooja says we have to save dad, give me Nishi’s phone, I will delete the app. He asks what will you do. She says I will hack the phone and delete it. He asks are you a hacker. She says yes, I used to hack phones. She asks Sonakshi to keep Nishi busy, she needs 20mins to hack the phone. Sonakshi takes kada for Nishi. Veena feeds it to Nishi. Nishi scolds Sonakshi. Sonakshi says I will add honey and bring it. Nishi says when I get fine, I will slap this nurse. Pooja hacks the phone and says 5mins more. Sonakshi says try soon before she realizes her phone isn’t around. Yash says doctor is coming. Sonakshi asks Nishi to have the kada. Nishi asks for medicines. Sonakshi says I will give you paracetamol. Nishi says I don’t have fever. Sonakshi says I was scared, sorry. She looks for medicines. Nishi asks what will you give to patient if anyone has vomiting, diarrhea or vertigo. Sonakshi answers and asks are you taking my exam, take the medicines. Rohit says thank you sweetheart, you are so intelligent, had the earphone like a spy, I love you Parvati, I wish to come and kiss you. Sonakshi says shut up. Veena asks did you say anything. Sonakshi says no, I was thanking Murugan. Nishi asks where is my phone, call Dr. Soumya, I m ill. Rohit says Nishi is looking for her phone.

Pooja says mumma’s phone has no app. Yash calls on Nishi’s number. Rohit says don’t disconnect. Sonakshi says you took the phone to bathroom. Nishi gets angry. Sonakshi says I will get it from the breakfast table. Nishi says someone disconnected my phone. Pooja gets the phone. She says I got your phone to call the doctor, your phone is locked, did you change the passcode, I knew all passcodes before. Nishi says you don’t need to know it. Rohit signs Sonakshi. Nishi calls doctor. She sees Rohit and Sonakshi. She says why is this overfriendly with this nurse, is she Sonakshi. She says I m going to meet Dr. Soumya at the hospital. She goes. Rohit says Nishi doesn’t have the app, how is she controlling. Pooja says maybe in other phone or laptop. Sonakshi says maybe she downloaded app in someone else’s phone. Rohit says we can’t take the risk. Pooja says I will go before anyone doubts. She goes.

Nishi asks driver to take her to hospital first and then Rastogi house. Pari says I have to select Rohan’s clothes for his meeting. Tanya says you said you will give the baby and go, you are snatching Rohan. Pari says you are still begging for him. Tanya raises hand. Pari says sorry and acts scared. Rohan sees this and scolds Tanya. Pari says Tanya got angry that you chose Anika as baby name. Rohan says that will be the name, don’t stress, its bad for the baby.

He takes Pari with her. Tanya cries. Nishi comes to Suman’s house. Suman scolds her a lot. Nishi says you are crazy. Sonakshi asks what’s happening, what are you doing here. Nishi gets shocked. Suman say call the police. Nishi says shut up, I just came to see… Suman says we have no terms now. Nishi says I will kill you. Sonakshi says Nishi lost her mental balance, get out now. Nishi leaves. Suman shuts the door and laughs. Rohit comes and says I was controlling my laughter. Sonakshi says I had seen Nishi coming. Suman says your house got broken because of that greedy woman. Sonakshi says I m glad that Rohit and I are together. Its morning, Veena asks where is Tanya. Rohit says she went to her dad’s house, forever. Veena slaps him. Nishi sees Parvati coming and says she should be in Sippy mansion 24 by 7, from where is she coming. Rohan and Veena argue. Veena blames Pari. She says you think we are blind, we can’t see, this girl will make you dance on her fingers. He says don’t blame Pari.

Veena says its my house, I won’t let anyone enter the house and ruin happiness. Nishi says I agree, no one has a right to enter our house and ruin our happiness. She throws water at Sonakshi’s face. Everyone gets shocked seeing Sonakshi. Veena says Sonakshi, you… Nishi says Sonakshi, aka Parvati, I had a doubt on this nurse, she is oversmart and overconfident. Naren reacts. Veena says she was fooling us and we didn’t know, how did you know. Nishi says no fraud can hide from me. Sonakshi asks why, did you doubt because Rohit got fine, tell them the truth. Nishi asks what truth. Sonakshi says Rohit was facing death, since Nishi didn’t give him the antidote.


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