Zara’s Nikah 16 October 2020: Zara’s Nikah Friday update 16th October 2020 Zee World Written update, Manager calls Zara and says Kabir fainted. Zara says I am coming. Ruksaar says I will come too. Zara asks servant to take care of Ruksaar. She leaves.

Shahbaz is leaving house and calls doctor for Kabir. He strikes with Zara, Zara runs from there. Shahbaz tries to start car but it breakdowns.

Zara’s Nikah 16 October 2020 update Zara runs and comes to sharia board. Doctor is checking Kabir, he is about to give him injection but Zara comes there and says let him wake up, he is fasting so we have to ask him. Shahbaz comes there and says no give him injection, he is my son, I take all his decisions. Kabir wakes up and murmurs no, I wont break my fast. Shahbaz says you have high fever. Kabir says I am fine, I was just tired. Zara thinks that he is fasting because of not looking at my face. She sprinkles water on his face and turns his face away, she says you can fast later too. Kabir says no, look away. Zara does. Shahbaz says you have high fever, Kabir says I am fine, I just didnt have enough sleep last night, I will break fast if I think its needed. Doctor says okay he can take medicine later. Zara says I will pray for him. She recites some dua for him. Doctor offers her water but she says I am keeping fast for three days. Kabir says why? are you repenting for something? Zara says we will talk later. Kabir says lets go home.

Scene 2
Zara comes home. Ruksaar shows her that she made rotis with servant. Zara gives her toffees. Ruksaar says I learned phone numbers too, I get bored here at night. Kabir calls, Ruksaar takes it and says okay, she leaves. Zara looks on.

Ruksaar is playing games on Kabir’s play station. Kabir asks Ruksaar that she can play here so she will not go to outhouse? She nods. Kabir smiles.

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Kabir is reading prayers book. Ruksaar comes there and takes it away. she says I am going to outhouse. Kabir runs behind her. They come to outhouse. Zara turns away. Ruksaar sees that she has dates and biscuit. Kabir says you will open fast with this? Zara says I didnt have kerosene. Namaz starts, Zara offers him water, he says okay I will open fast with you but you have to go out on dinner with me. Zara’s Nikah 16 October 2020 update  Zara smiles. She doesnt show him face. They all break fast, Ruksaar leaves from there. Zara offers him biscuits, they both eat it. Kabir says I am going to pray. Zara says can pray together. Kabir nods. Zara prays behind Kabir so he doesnt have to see her face. They both pray.

Zara’s Nikah 16 October 2020 Kabir, Zara and Ruksaar are on road. Ruksaar sees a bride in car and recalls her wedding photos. Kabir says lets go. They come to restaurant. Zara sits behind Kabir on other table. Ruksaar sees them sitting on different tables, she silently leaves from there. She goes to sees wedding. Zara sees Ruksaar missing and tells Kabir. They both look around. Kabir and Zara comes on road and try to find Ruksaar.

Zara’s Nikah 16 October 2020 update Kabir calls Zara and asks if she found Ruksaar? Zara says no. Zara comes behind Kabir. Kabir says dont know where Ruksaar went. Zeenat calls Kabir and asks where is he? Kabir says I am out for dinner with Ruksaar and Zara. Zeenat says let me talk to Ruksaar. Kabir shouts that she is lost, I dont know where she is, I am finding her. He ends call. Zara recalls Ruksaar looking to wedding and says I know where she is.
Zeenat tells Shahbaz about Ruksaar missing. Shahbaz says dont worry, I will find her. Zeenat says I wont spare Zara if she is lost.

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Kabir and Zara comes to wedding venue, they find Ruksaar dancing there. Kabir pulls her aside, she says let me dance. Kabir gets angry on her and leaves. Zara takes Ruksaar.

In house, Zeenat shouts on Zara and says if you cant take her responsibility then why take her? you are at fault. Kabir says no it was my fault this time, Zara is innocent. Zeenat says you are weird, you promised to not look at Zara and now taking her side? Kabir says I did a mistake by promising that, she is my wife, I am fasting for three days and then I will see her face at any cost. Shahbaz says so you mean to say that she is doing everything right? Kabir says no, I dont like her poor drama act but she is my wife, its her right. He says to Zeenat that thank Zara as she found Ruksaar. Zeenat says thank her? she might have hid Ruksaar and then acted like she found her. Shahbaz says we dont know if it was her plan but now Ruksaar will not live with Zara anymore, she will live in this house. Zara says she can live anywhere she wants. Ruksaar comes there and says I will live with Zara, I am angry with Kabir, he didnt let me dance with bride so I will live with Zara. Zeenat asks Zara what she is teaching her to make her go against them? Zara says I promise to take care of her, she leaves wit Ruksaar.

Scene 2
At night, Ruksaar is waiting for Kabir so she can play games on his phone. Zara says he was asking you to not dance there, he is your husband so listen to him. Ruksaar says you are staying here against his wishes too. Zara says I listen to all this valid decisions, I am staying her to make him win. She makes Ruksaar lie down.

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Kabir recalls how she scolded Ruksaar and thinks that I shouldnt scold her, she is my duty, she cant sleep without playing on my phone, she wont come to me so I will have to go to her. He starts leaving from there. Ruksaar silently enters house and goes to Kabir’s room.

Kabir knocks on Zara’s door. She puts curtain between them and calls him inside. He stands on otherside and asks if Ruksaar is there? She says no.

Ruksaar comes to store room. Zeenat catches her and asks what she is doing here?

Kabir says to Zara that why you are keeping Ruksaar here? Zara says Ruksaar is just a medium to meet you. Zara says to Kabir that last night we ate together, broke our fast together, we went for dinner together.. how could I it? Kabir says you want to spend time with me and live with me then leave all this, stop this poverty drama, come with me, we can live as husband and wife happily. Zara says I wish I could leave and come with you but.. I have promised myself to make you win and I will do it. Kabir shakes his head. Zara says maybe you think this is foolishness but a day will come when you will understand all this. They are both hurt. They move toward each other but curtain separates them. Zara pushes her hand against it, Tai hai plays, Kabir stops himself from reaching out to her hand. Kabir says wish it was that easy.

Zara’s Nikah 16 October 2020 update ended when Kabir says to Zara that I dont understand you, keeping Ruksaar with you here is foolishness, this stubbornness can break our relation, I will bear punishment too.


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