Mangla worrying for Nimboli and wonders where did she go? Dr. Anant asks Nimboli about her mum and says your mum must be looking like you. Nimboli shouts and says her mum is not like her as she has met her. Pampo tells Mangla that Nimboli went to temple. Mangla thinks it is very far and wonders if haveli people came to meet her? Dr. Anant asks when did you meet her? Nimboli tells her that she met her mum. She says she told Mangla to search for her real mum, and she made her meet her real mum, but…..a fb is shown, Nimboli meets a stranger woman and calls her maa. She breaks her heart and insults her.
Dr. Anant thinks I have a doubt on her, but don’t know if she will stoop to low level. He thinks he shall talk to her right now, but then thinks Mangla might elope with Nimboli again, and thinks to deal with her patiently. He gives the gifts to Nimboli. Mangla comes running to the temple. Nimboli thanks him. Dr. Anant says ok, I will leave now. Mangla comes there but doesn’t see Anant or Nimboli. He leaves in his car. Nimboli thinks I have to meet Pampodi. Mangla comes back home. Nimboli comes and calls her. Mangla asks where did you go? Nimboli says she went to temple to meet Dr. Anant, and shows the gifts which he brought for her. She shows the video games and asks her to look at it. Mangla slaps her hard and asks why did he come and what he said? She says he must have come to filled your ears? Nimboli recalls Mangla asking her not to tell anyone about her maa. She tells Mangla that he asked her casual question and came to meet her while he was going somewhere. Mangla threatens her and asks her not to meet him again. Nimboli goes.
Dr. Anant tells haveli people that Mangla made Nimboli met a fake woman and introduced her as her mum. Jagya says that’s why Nimboli reacted angrily whenever we talked about her mum. Dr. Anant asks Anandi why she is waiting for. We have to go and talk to Mangla.
Someone comes and insists to talk to Dadisaa alone. Dadisaa says everyone is family here, but the man insists to talk her alone. Dadisaa says okay and asks him to come. He says I want to show you something. He shows her something. Dadisaa is shocked. Kamli sees Nimboli crying and asks what happened? Nimboli tells her that Mangla slapped her. Kamli asks why? what happened? Nimboli says I did a mistake and that’s why she got angry? Kamli asks what wrong did you do? Mangla feels bad for slapping Nimboli and thinks haveli people is trying to separate them. She thinks Anant is trying to separate her daughter from her. Kamli comes and asks Mangla if she slapped Nimboli? Mangla says it was my mistake and I wanted to apologize to her. She asks Nimboli to come to her and wipes her tears. She apologizes to Nimboli. Kamli tells her that she will go to market and will be back. Harki asks why she is showering love on Nimboli without reason. Mangla asks her to wash her face and go. Harki says even her true mum don’t love her as much as you. Mangla says I am her real mum. Harki says it is good that you have informed me, else I wouldn’t have be known. Mangla thinks to teach her a lesson once she knows about Akhiraj’s hideout. She does puja and is tensed.
Just then door bell rings. Nimboli opens the door and finds her fake mum standing on the door. Nimboli says my maa……Mangla is shocked. Nimboli asks why did you come here? Go from here and closes the door. The woman apologizes to her and says I did a big mistake. Mangla asks what you are saying? Nimboli is not your daughter? I paid you a price for helping me? The woman says I paid a price by staying away from my daughter. I came here to take my daughter with me. Kamli, Pushkar and Harki comes there. The woman says Nimboli is my daughter and I am her real mum. Kamli is shocked. The woman asks Nimboli to come with her, but she refuses. Kamli tells the woman that you are not her mum then why you are saying this? Mangla says that is what I am saying. Anandi comes there and asks Mangla to say who is Nimboli’s real mum. Mangla is shell shocked seeing her. Nimboli says chokhi chudail. Mangla says you are here, I told you that I will inform you, Nimboli is not yet ready. Anandi says not Nimboli, but you needed time to make Nimboli against me and provoke her. Mangla asks what you are saying? Jagya and Dadisaa come with the police. Mangla says why I will do this? Dadisaa says your truth is revealed infront of us and that too with proves. she says if you will refuse. Nimboli asks what Dadisaa is saying? Kamli asks her to tell truth and asks the woman to leave. Nimboli tells Kamli that the woman is her mum and Mangla made her meet her and told her that she is her real mum who gave her birth. Everyone is shocked.
Nimboli telling everyone that Mangla made her meet this Kanta and told her that she is her real mum. Kamli says this is not true, and asks Mangla to say truth. Nimboli tells Mangla you have made me meet her in Jaitsar and introduced her as my mum. She asks her to tell who is her real mum? Mangla says everyone is lying and says we will go from here, asks her to come holding her hand. Anandi slaps Mangla shocking Nimboli. Anandi asks her to tell the truth now to everyone. Nimboli shouts at Anandi and asks her why she have raised her hand on her mum. She asks Mangla to say who is her real mum? Everyone looks on.
Dadisaa goes towards Nimboli and asks her to ask her heart. She says your mum searched for you everywhere, and when she got you, she couldn’t call you daughter. She says your chokhi chudail is your real mum, who have given birth to you. Nimboli is teary eyed. Mangla is angry. Choti Si Umar song plays………………..Nimboli looks at Anandi with teary eyes. Nimboli says you are my Maa…..Chokhi Chudail….my maa. Anandi caresses her face and says I am your mum. Nimboli says this is not truth. Anandi says this is truth, I don’t want to tell you like this, but I don’t have any other way. Nimboli’s fake mum says Anandi is right and she is her real mum and not me.
Kamli tells Nimboli that she also knows that her real mum is Anandi. Dr. Anant says when I told me that you met your mum. I understood that Mangla have betrayed Anandi and you. Jagya tells Nimboli that Mangla was aware of the truth and lied to her. The fake mum tells her Mangla met her in the hospital and took advantage of her helplessness. She says Mangla asked me to scold Nimboli and hurt her feelings so that Nimboli hates her mum.
She says I had sold one of the bangle which Mangla had given for my husband’s treatment, and when I went to sell other bangle, goldsmith asked me to come after sometime and paid me 20000 Rs. Dadisaa tells that goldsmith knew that the bangle belonged to me. She says goldsmith came to me and told everything. They wait in the goldsmith shop for the fake mum/Kanta to come. They question her and she tells all Mangla’s doings. Dr Anant says so you are the one who acted as her mum. Dadisaa asks her about the other bangle.
Kanta says she had sold it in Mumbai for her husband’s treatment. She apologizes. Anant asks Kanta to bring out Mangla’s truth. Dadisaa tells Mangla that she haven’t given these bangles to her daughter in laws, but given to her. She says you have misused it and made Nimboli hate her real mum. Kanta says since the time I have lied, my soul curses me. She asks Mangla to accept her crime.
Dadisaa says you thought of Nimboli as your daughter and lied to her again and again. She shows both the necklaces, and says you had hidden it so that we scold Nimboli and she gets hurt. Anandi says you asked Shivam to act ill so that I couldn’t go with Nimboli and attend Urmila’s goad bharayi. Kamli is shocked. She says you said that Jaitsar people dislikes Nimboli, shouts at her, and also differentiates between Shivam and Nimboli. Nimboli says this is not true. Nobody have shouted or scold me. Kamli asks Mangla why did she lie and says I never thought that I will see this face of yours. Dadisaa tells Harki, you told Nimboli that you got her in the trash bin. Harki says we didn’t like her and that’s why lied to her and blames Mangla for Nimboli’s hatredness for her mum. Nimboli feels disgusted.
Dadisaa telling Harki that you told Nimboli since her childhood that her mum have thrown her in dustbin. Harki says she didn’t tell this to Nimboli and says it is all done by Mangla. Everyone is shocked. Anandi says everyone told me that you are taking Nimboli away from me, but I didn’t believe them as thought your love is genuine for her. You know that I am yearning to hug her since 15 years, but you couldn’t understand my pain and feelings. Nimboli cries. Anandi says I was silent and never showed right on her as I trusted on you, and did as you asked me to do. She says you have snatched her childhood and lied to her. She asks how can you be so selfish and why did you do this? Mangla pushes her and says then what I would have done? She says I have nothing in my life except Nimboli. She says when she was in this house since 12 years, I took care of her, washed her clothes, took care of her, and says when she touched me with her tiny hands and legs, I felt like she is kicking from inside the womb. She says this all happens with a mum and says you came after 12 years and claiming her.
Anandi says I have given you more right than me in her life. Mangla says I don’t want your pityness and says I will not share my motherly love with you. She asks Nimboli to come with her and says we will go away from here. Nimboli shouts no and says you are not my maa. Mangla is shocked. Nimboli says you are not my mum. She says you are bad, very bad as you have lied to me always, and I have believed on your every lie. You can’t be my mum. Mangla is shocked and teary eyes. Anandi says Nimboli. Harki thinks what to do to keep Mangla under her feet. She thinks Akhiraj can get expose at any moment. Anandi asks Nimboli not to cry. Nimboi asks if you are my mum? Anandi says yes. Nimboli says I always wanted that my mum shall be like you, oblivious to the truth that you are my real mum. Anandi smiles and gets glad. Nimboli calls her Maa and hugs her. Mangla looks with teary eyes.
Anandi smiles hugging her daughter. Music plays…………Maari Maa plays…………Nimboli tells Anandi that she don’t want to stay here in Jhalra anymore and don’t want to see Disa’s face. Jagya asks Inspector to arrest Mangla on the charges of betrayal and mental harrasment. Anandi asks Jagya to let Mangla go and says Nimboli’s hatredness is the biggest punishment for her. They leave. Mangla asks Kamli to stop her lado and gets shattered. Kamli asks why shall I stop her? She says Nimboli’s life is changed for better and asks why you want to keep her away from her own family. She says Nimboli said right, you are bad. Harki smirks and tells Kundan that drama is over. Mangla cries and says Nimboli….my daughter.
Anandi, jagya, Dadisaa bring Nimboli home. Ganga welcomes her with a hug and says wait was longer. Nimboli asks how are you? Ganga says I am fine. Dadisaa asks where is Shivam? Just then they see Shivam and Mannu throwing flower petals on Nimboli from upstairs. Nimboli gets happy. Shivam and Abhi say welcome home Nimboli. Shivam says we were waiting for you. She asks how are you? Shivam says I am fine. He says I am brother and asks are you happy knowing I am your brother. Nimboli nods and smiles. Shivam also smiles.
They go to inhouse temple and pray infront of Devimaa. Dadisaa thanks Devimaa and says you have returned the lost happiness of the house.
Anandi keeps chain and pendant near God’s idol and then picks it up. She makes Nimboli and Shivam wear the chains. Shivam and Nimboli smiles. Anandi asks them to come with her. She takes them to her room and shows Shiv’s pic on the wall. Nimboli asks if he is my dad? Anandi smiles. She tells Shiv that I have promised you that I will bring our kids together infront of you. She asks him to bless the kids. Shivam and Nimboli light the diya kept infront of the photo frame. Anandi smiles with teary eyes.
Shivam showing the painting to Nimboli and says it is made by us. Anandi asks them to drink milk. She tells Nimboli that tomorrow is very special day as you have come here as a daughter. She says I want to do something special for you and asks what shall I do for you. Nimboli says I want you to call me Nandini. Anandi and Shivam get glad. Anandi says everyone will call you Nandini. Nimboli drinks milk and calls her maa. Anandi smiles and says she has yearned for this day. She thanks and kiss her. Shivam smiles. Nimboli asks why you haven’t told me before that you are my mum. Anandi says just because Mangla told me that you hate your mum and that’s why I had decided not to tell you anything. Nimboli asks why did Disa do this with us? Anandi says we will talk about this later. She says I will make you both sleep, and sings lori. Shivam and Nimboli rest on her lap. Nimboli sleeps hearing lori. Shivam looks at her smilingly. Nimboli gets dream of Mangla singing lori for her. Anandi asks Shivam if he is happy? Shivam nods yes and asks what about you? Anandi says I don’t remember when did I get this much happy. She sleeps with her kids.
Mangla is still in shock and comes to her room. She smiles and says my daughter….you have come. Pushkar looks at Nimboli and Mangla’s room and misses her. He hears Mangla talking to Nimboli and saying you have returned to me. He informs Kamli and asks her to check. Kamli runs to her room and hears Mangla speaking to someone. She knocks on the door asking Mangla to open the door. Harki and Kundan come there. Harki asks Mangla to open the door. Kamli asks Pushkar to break the door. Kundan also joins him and they break the door and get inside. They see Mangla singing lori for the doll. Kamli asks what you are doing Disa? Mangla asks her to talk slowly and says Nimboli is sleeping. Kamli is shocked. Mangla asks if it is morning and asks doll to wake up. Kamli tells her that this is not Nimboli. Mangla asks her to wake up Nimboli and goes to get milk for her. Kamli comes to her and says it is just Nimboli’s doll. Mangla says my Nimboli is a doll. Kamli says Nimboli went to Jaitsar. Mangla takes the milk and asks doll to drink. Kamli asks her to come in her senses and says this is not Nimboli. Mangla asks her to leave her daughter and says you have become my enemy and jealous of our love. Harki and Kundan enjoy her mad act. Kamli cries and says Nimboli went for forever. Mangla asks her to stop talking nonsense and leave. Harki smiles and says she has gone mad being shocked. She smiles looking at Kundan and leaves. Mangla tells doll that she won’t let anything happen to her. Kamli cries. Mangla asks them to leave. Pushkar asks her to come. Mangla hugs doll.
Next morning, Anandi gives tea to Dadisaa and says I will give clothes to Nimboli. Nimboli calls her Maa and comes downstairs wearing frock. She hugs Anandi. Anandi and Dadisaa smiles. Nimboli says you wanted me to wear this so I have worn. Anandi asks her to wear the clothes in which she feels comfortable. Dadisaa says she is like you. She asks Nimboli if she got a good sleep. Nimboli says yes, but missed Mangla. Anandi asks her to talk to Mangla. Nimboli refuses to talk to her. Shivam comes and asks her to come and play with him. She leaves. Dadisaa says Nimboli will become Nandini soon. Kamli calls Anandi.
Anandi picks the call and says I will ask Nimboli to talk to Mangla. Kamli says no, and says Mangla have gone mad. Anandi says it is sad to hear that and tells Dadisaa and Jagya that Mangla have gone mad? Dadisaa says she is getting punished for her sins. Anandi says I feel that we shall bring her here and keep her with Nimboli so that she gets well soon. Jagya asks what are you saying? Anandi says I can’t forget whatever she has done for Nimboli. Dadisaa asks her to stop her goodness. Jagya asks her not to go to Jhalra and says Mangla will not come here. Anandi looks on.


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