Young Love December Teasers 2020 Glow Tv:  Nandani breaks down but sees a vision of Grandma Kalyani, in which Grandma encourages Nandani to stand up and be brave. READ FULL Young Love December 2020 Teasers Below:

Young Love December Teasers 2020 Glow Tv
Young Love December Teasers 2020 Glow Tv

Glow Tv Young Love December Teasers 2020

Young Love Tuesday 1 December 2020
(Episode 2183)
Kundan finds Nandani and misbehaves with her Nandani doesn’t recognize him.

(Episode 2184)
Sudha and Premal’s marriage rituals happen.


Young Love Wednesday 2 December 2020
(Episode 2185)
Sonthalia needs a new automobile and needs dowry in order for Premal’s union to happen.

(Episode 2186)
Krish walks to the marriage together with cops, but informs Nandani the cops were imitation, making her really angry.

Young Love Thursday 3 December 2020
(Episode 2187)
Krish matches Kundan.

(Episode 2188)
Nandani and Amit get participated!

Young Love Friday 4 December 2020
(Episode 2189)
Krish queries Nandani about whether she enjoys Amit.

(Episode 2190)
Nandani is shocked to learn that Kundan was released from prison.

Young Love Monday 7 December 2020
(Episode 2191)
Granny induces Nandani’s scarf to catch fire!

(Episode 2192)
It is Nandani and Amit’s Sangeet function along with the few dance to the songs of a Bollywood number.

Young Love Tuesday 8 December 2020
(Episode 2193)
Kundan strikes Shivam on the head with a vase!

(Episode 2194)
Amit combines Nandani’s hands with Krish’s and states we can’t force everyone to love somebody.

Young Love Wednesday 9 December 2020
(Episode 2195)
Krish informs Nandani he will help her to locate Shivam.

(Episode 2196)
Kundan puts a pill into Krish’s glass of milk. What’s he up to?

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Young Love Thursday 10 December 2020
(Episode 2197)
Dr. Amit rushes into the hospital to attend Shivam.

(Episode 2198)
Kundan sends Karuna from the home and locks the door. Then he admits to Nandani he is Kundan and threatens her.

Young Love Friday 11 December 2020
(Episode 2199)
Dr. Amit rejects Vandana and Vandana gets Dr. Naresh detained!

(Episode 2200)
Kundan informs Nandani he won’t let her be pleased with Krish.

Young Love Monday 14 December 2020
(Episode 2201)
Krish calls Nandani’s mobile but Kundan replies. Krish informs Kundan he will simply be back the following morning. Kundan is pleased to hear exactly the exact same and starts plotting revenge on Nandani.

(Episode 2202)
Krish calls Nandani and informs her that he is quite frustrated with her and won’t ever forgive her.

Young Love Tuesday 15 December 2020
(Episode 2203)
Kundan calls Nandani and states that if she shows the facts about him to Krish, he’ll kill Krish.

(Episode 2204)
Amit informs Vandana he will take her to a holiday but when things do not work out between them they then will need to proceed.

Young Love Wednesday 16 December 2020
(Episode 2205)
Sudha overhears her mother-in-law is sitting together with her pals and talking ill about Sudha. Premal supports his mom and gets mad with Sudha for facing him.

(Episode 2206)
Nandani gets an emergency call in the hospital and leaves the prayer, which angers Triveni.

Young Love Thursday 17 December 2020
(Episode 2207)
Kundan proceeds to kiss Nandani, who keeps silent as she worries that Kundan will hurt Krish. What if she do to escape the circumstance?

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(Episode 2208)
The priest informs Nandani she has to create 100 roti’s to be able to eliminate the awful luck!

Young Love Friday 18 December 2020
(Episode 2209)
Nandani feeds the roti’s into the bunny but she doesn’t take it. The priest says it is a really bad omen and the household might need to give 21 gold coins into 21 girls. Nandani states she doesn’t concur with those fictitious rituals that angers Triveni.

(Episode 2210)
Triveni calls for the Shekhawat’s and tells them to donate 21 gold coins since it’s Nandani who’s accountable for the awful fortune.

Young Love Monday 21 December 2020
(Episode 2211)
Karuna’s family members have been assembled in the temple to provide 21 gold coins into the women in accordance with the warrior’s directions, but Krish brings forward evidence that the priest is cheating them and can be a con-man.

(Episode 2212)
Sudha gets acute pain in her stomach and asks for assistance however Premal and his mom ignore her.

Young Love Tuesday 22 December 2020
(Episode 2213)
Triveni grabs Kundan interfering with Nandani. What can she do about it?

(Episode 2214)
Kundan stinks Nandani!

Young Love Wednesday 23 December 2020
(Episode 2215)
Nandani faces Kundan with all the kattar which Mangla had given her, and informs him that she’ll win the struggle against him like Anandi won it against Akheraj.

(Episode 2216)
Dr. Amit and Dr. Nandani run the surgery but are Not Able to rescue Sudha’s infant.

Young Love Thursday 24 December 2020
(Episode 2217)
Kundan brainwashes Sudha’s against Nandani, inducing Sudha to attribute Nandani for her child’s death.

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(Episode 2218)
Nandani breaks but sees a vision of Grandma Kalyani, where Grandma motivates Nandani to stand up and be courageous.

Please be aware that Young Love goes on a joyous season break from 25 December to 3 January. The omnibus for 21 to 24 December will still broadcast on the 26th and 27th.

Regular programming will resume on 4 January. Glow will broadcast a Holiday Movie Marathon instead of the soaps.


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