Young Dreams Zee World Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

Young Dreams Zee World is an Indian television series, which is going to be premiered on 9th January 2021 replacing Antara, which will be going of the camera on Friday 8th january 2021. young dreams Zee World show is all about celebrating adolescence depicting the lives of two teenage girls, Gunjan and Rachna. The teenage years mark the real beginning of a person’s blossoming youth and the events that occur in one’s life in this period leave permanent imprints affecting his/her personality.

Young Dreams Zee World Full Story

Young Dreams Zee World Full Story

Young Dreams Full Story/Plot Summary:

Young Dreams Season 1 full story:

The series follows the lives of two teenaged girls – Gunjan (Roopal Tyagi) and Rachna (Mahima Makwana). It reveals phases in their lives such as marriage, love and other issues faced by young ladies.The show begins with Gunjan a fun loving girl from Mumbai who lives her entire life to the fullest. She resides with her mum, Sneha. Sneha’s husband, Aakash resides in Australia because of his small business. Sneha suffers from cancer and video documents a message for Gunjan expressing concern for her.
Rachana, from little city Benaras, is shy and introvert and fearful of her dad, Dayal, that she believes will have her wed off when she fails in her examinations.
Following Sneha expires, Rachna’s mother Shail attracts Gunjan into Benaras. Dayal and his loved ones are struck by Gunjan’s modern lifestyle while Gunjan fails to socialize with anybody hurting from her mother’s passing. The household get busy observing their kid Mayank’s return to Benaras. At nighttime Mayank wrongly enters Gunjan’s room and they struggle.

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A young boy Mithu is harassing Rachna and Gunjan teaches him a lesson. The women become friends and Gunjan informs the family the entire narrative.
Gunjan and Mayank assist Rachna with baseball practice. Dayal begins planning on fixing Rachna’s union and opposes her participation in baseball. In Rachna’s match, she awakens and Dayal finally affirms her. Rachna’s marriage is adjusted to Vihaan who rather flirts with Gunjan. Finally, Gunjan exposes him along with the alliance is broken .
Gunjan and Mayank create a bond and Shail admits their marriage. But on the afternoon of the marriage, Charu marries Mayank. She generates several issues in the home and documents a bogus dowry case against the household. Rachna, Kabir, and Gunjan expose Charu’s goals and she’s detained.
Gunjan and Mayank have married. On the flip side, Rachna who’s operating in Kabir’s business for a fashion designer, declares her marriage proposal from Kabir in the front of the household.

On the wedding day, Kabir disappears leaving Rachna using a message to look after his mentally ill brother Bittu. Despite her family’s disapproval, so as to demonstrate her love, Rachna decides to treat Bittu and leaves the home. Mayank and Gunjan begin fighting top Shail to declare that they need to remain separately for six weeks and should then determine if they would like to stay together. Reminiscing the pastthey part ways.

Young Dreams zee world

Young Dreams Season 2 full story:

6 Months later, Mayank and Gunjan opt to meet in a busy dargah but confusion ensues and they overlook another returning home to inform their families they didn’t return. Meanwhile, the Bittu is admitted to the hospital since Rachna continues caring for him.
Mayank runs right into Gunjan in a marketplace, however she is not able to recognise him. Eventually her dad Akash informs Mayank that Gunjan dropped her memory in an crash. Mayank joins Gunjan’s school to woo her back. Rachna is heartbroken to hear of Gunjan’s memory reduction. She finds a job in a guy named Omkar’s home for a decorator. He’s shocked to see her because she resembles his deceased wife. His son Lucky becomes connected to Rachna believing she is his mother.
Om becomes conscious that his brother Lalit had murdered his wife Divya. He threatens Lalit’s spouse Urvashi to prevent him from damaging Rachna. Om and Lalit become a fist fight and finally Lalit and Urvashi are detained. Om thanks Rachna, Mayank and Gunjan to their aid. Rachna consoles Lucky. Gunjan and Mayank affirm to forget the past and start afresh.
Kabir yields but is chilly towards Rachna that stil loves him profoundly. Rachna’s family plan to send her off and she sadly insists. Kabir decides to woo her spine and succeeds. Kabir and Rachna are married.
The series ends on a happy note with Rachna and Gunjan declaring their pregnancies as well as all household members posing for a group photograph.

Young Dreams Full Story

Young Dreams Full Story

Young Dreams Cast & Real names:


  • Roopal Tyagi Acted as – Gunjan Mayank Garg
    Roopal Tyagi as Gunjan Mayank Garg

    Roopal Tyagi as Gunjan Mayank Garg

  • Mahima Makwana Acted as – Rachna Kabeer Tripathi
    Mahima Makwana as Rachna Kabeer Tripathi

    Mahima Makwana as Rachna Kabeer Tripathi

  • Ankit Gera Acted as – Mayank Prabhu Garg
    Ankit Gera as Mayank Prabhu Garg

    Ankit Gera as Mayank Prabhu Garg

  • Piyush Sahdev Acted as – Kabeer Tripathi
    Piyush Sahdev Acted as - Kabeer Tripathi

    Piyush Sahdev Acted as – Kabeer Tripathi


  • Ali HAssan Acted as – Omkar (Om)
  • Harsh Rajput Acted as – Bittu Tripathi, Kabir’s brother
  • Vaishnavi Mahant Acted as – Shail Dayal Garg, Rachna’s mother
  • Nidhi Jha Acted as – Chaya, Rachna’s friend
  • Shakti Singh Acted as – Dayal Garg, Rachna’s father
  • Diwakar Pundir Acted as – Aakas – h Kumar, Gunjan’s father
  • Bhuvnesh Shetty Acted as – Prabhu Garg, Mayank’s father
  • Alkaa Mogha Acted as – Seema Prabhu Garg, Mayank’s mother
  • Akanksha Gilani Acted as – Pihu Dayal Garg, Rachna’s elder sister
  • Anshul Singh Acted as – Murali
  • Meet Mukhi Acted as – Dhollu Garg, Rachna’s cousin brother
  • Parakh Madan Acted as – Bindiya
  • Rahul Sharma Acted as – Vikram
  • Sanket Choukse Acted as – Lalit, Om’s brother
  • Ankit Bhardwaj Acted as – Vachan Singh
  • Aanchal Khurana Acted as – Charu Garg, Mayank’s ex-wife
  • Chandrika Saha Acted as – Sonal
  • Nikhil Chaddha Acted as – Vihaan Agarwal, Rachna’s ex-fiancé 
  • Joyshree Arora Acted as – Kabiir’s grandmother
  • Madhavi Gogate Acted as – Jiji
  • Shabana Mullani Acted as – Sangeeta Gopal Garg
  • Shresth Kumar Acted as – Aditya
  • Manas i Salvi Acted as – Sneha Aakash Kumar, Gunjan’s mother
  • Seema Pandey Acted as – Savitri Agarwal, Vihaan’s mother
  • Chandan Madan Acted as – Vicky
  • Mamta Luthra Acted as – Mausiji
  • Preet Mulani Acted as – SangeetActed as –
  • hamikh Abbas Acted as – Gopal Garg
  • Zohaib Siddiqui Acted as – Rajeev Agarwal, Vihaan’s brother
  • Acted as – tha Agarwal Acted as – Vidhi, a disguise gang leader
  • Guru Paramanand
  • Divya Jagdale Acted as – Shalini
  • Ajay Devgn Acted as – Cameo in Holi Episode
  • Tamannaah Bhatia Acted as – Cameo in Holi Episode
  • Sajid Khan Acted as – Cameo in Holi Episode
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