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Young Dreams 3 March 2021 update: scene starts from seema saying that she is ready for gunjan and mayank marriage and feed gunjan by her own hand. Sangeeta shouts and ask seema is she alright??

just 2 min before she was saying no one is better then charu, and now u have suddenly changed. You dont care about society, and what people will say. seema replies,” that she only care about mayank and his bright future, rest she don’t care”. Prabhu shouts,”seema r u out of ur mind, u r getting blind in mayank’s love and invitation cards has been printed out.” Seema replies that its only cards that has been printed, but sath phere yet to be done. prabhu gets shocked. seema further say that he don’t have to do anything, she will manage this situation. Sangeeta replies,” how will she manage, all blame will go on bride’s family “. Seema says,” that charu will agree to marry to that person who doesnt care or love her??”. Prabhu get devastated and say keep him away from this matter and tell Dayal that watever is happening is wrong and prabu goes away from dining hall. Shayl tries to stop prabhu but seema tells shayl to not to and says when he will see happiness on mayank face, he will forget all these things. Dayal ask seema that is she prepared mentally for accepting this marriage?? seema replies that yes she is ready to accept gunjan and mayank as a couple. sangeeta get upset, shayl and rachna happy. Seema further adds that there is only one problem , what happen when Rachna’s In laws, get to know about this news. Shayl replies,” not to worry, she will manages the situation. Most important thing is she and mayank are happy”. All people gets happy,even dayal except sangeeta. Scene shifts to girls room where rachna and gunjan playing and happy. Rachna tells gunjan that she told her whatever the situation will be, god will show some path and will give mayank to gunjan only, and see this only has happened. gunjan, very excited say she can’t believe that family members have agreed to this marriage, this is a miracle. Dolu and mayank enters to room and mayank say there is no credit for my hard work and further adds that she was enjoying in camp and he was chakki pissoying in home. gunjan replies that he will do the exact thing in future also. and gunjan and rachna laughs. dolu tell mayank to see how girls are laughing at him. mayank tell dolu not to take tension and he will take care of these girls. rachana comes forward and say no he cant come forward, as shaadi se pehle no nokh jokh and milna julna. Mayank grab rabchna’s ear and say u r my sister but still u r taking gunjan side. rachna say that am from bride side and dis room is her mayaka and she tells dolu that he also go out of dis room. rachna pushes them out of room. Dolu replies Not to push them, they are also from groom side, they will pick gunjan didi and take her away with them. mayank tells dolu that she is not ur didi now, now she is bhabhi. rachna pushes them out of room and close the door and tell gunjan that she is really really happy for her. both have light-cute moment.

scene shift to dolu and mayank and dolu tells him that he is all smiley smiley today. mayank say yes he is and this is all because of shayl and her mom. he must thank her mother and ask dolu whether he knows where seema is?? dolu replies that she is in kitchen. Mayank goes in kitchen, where seema serving food in plate. mayank watches her and ask that everything in the plate is looking perfect, she must be making prabhu’s plate. seema tells that she tries to be perfect but still people remain angry from her. Seema further adds that prabhu will only pacifiy after eating food, otherwise he will do mahabharat all night long. Mayank hugs seema from behind and thank her for all the things she has done for him. Seema tells mayank ,” No mother in this world can bear sadness in her child’s eye, and he is the only son how can she tolerate”. Mayank says that he alwayz misunderstood her. Seema tells mayank that she liked charu a lot, and her family was also good, how will charu bear all this mishappening?? and charu’s parents will also blame them , but still watsoever she is also mom and how can she bear his child pain. mayank hugs her, seema happy and all teary. mayank say, that she is the best mom in the world and he is the loser son. seema tells mayank that alwayz be like this, even after marriage, joru ka ghulam mat ban jana. Mayank replies he will alwayz love her like this and she is the most important part of his life. Scene shifts to girls room, where gunjan on bed thinking about her and mayank moments and smiling. Mayank calls her and gunjan reply who is dis?? mayank tells he the same person whom she is missing and smiling for. Gunjan ask why he has called her, mayank tell gunjan that he is really really excited and want to…and tells gunjan to come on terrace, gunjan say right now?? and was about to get up from bed, when suddenly shayl comes in room and see gunjan talking, gunjan say mausi g and mayank gets nervous listening to mausi g. shayl ask whom she is talking to? gunjan reply that she is talking to some friend from mumbai and he is clinging on her. hearing dis mayank in his naughtiness tone say ok so am clingy..hmmm and smiles…gunjan tells mayank she will call him later. shayl say that she is feeling good, after watching her happy. gunjan say,” all thanks to u, gunjan and mayank are together because she stopped her from going to australia. gunjan further adds that shayl has to take all blames only cuz of her. shayl tells gunjan that all wells that end wells…and for children happiness, anything can be forgiven. she further adds that she will have to talk to gunjan’s dad. gunjan gets tensed and say will she inform all the things to her dad. shayl laughs and say that she is also from groom side and will ask her dad for ur hand. gunjan gets happy and shy. shayl says, that without him how can we proceed further. gunjan tells that hope her father gives her permission and shayl tell gunjan to not to worry, as his father consider this marriage proposal and will give her permission too. shayl adores gunjan and say today if sneha has been with us, she would have become so happy watching u. gunjan tells shayl not to cry and tells wherever sneha would be she must be very happy, as alwayz super excited. gunjan further adds that she will always miss her mom but now she will get used to it and say whosever made this word Mausi has given appropriate name, but her case is diffrent as she is not her mausi, maa jaisi but she is her maa. shayl listening to dis gets happy and teary. gunjan ask shayl,”whether she can call her mumma. shayl started crying and dey both hug. Very very emotional moment.

scene shifts to living room in morning, where all elders sitting in hall and prabhu shouting that this is really big trouble and seema has told her decision without knowing the consequences. Sangeeta tells prabhu that how will she face charu’s family. Prabhu ask dayal to do something. dayal tells prabhu that the situation has become really sensitive and they have take any step cautiously. Gopal suggest that they should talk to charu’s family asap. Dayal also agree and say that we also must go to rachna’s in laws and inform them about it because if they get to know this information from outside, misunderstanding can occur. Seema agrees and say that all the elders from family should go charu’s house to inform. dayal tells that he, shayl, prabhu and sangeeta will go to charu’s house in evening. Sangeeta denies and say to keep her away from this matter. Charu enters and greet sangeeta and ask for mayank as she having bad intuition since yesterday. charu further greet seema and seema ask why she has come? is there any important work?, charu say she has came for the glimpse of mayank. gunjan and rachna comes from upstairs. Charu greet rachna and ask how is she? Dolu comes and start laughing, charu ask why is he laughing? sangeeta tell charu to ignore dolu. dolu tell sangeeta to tell charu about the change.. charu say what he wants to tell . dolu says that she will not be her bhabi now, it will be gunjan. sangeeta and seema get pissed and rest get shocked.

Everyone is shocked, Sangeetha takes Dolu away from the hall, Charu is mad, and gives a sudden stare at Gunjan, Charu shouts, because Dolu said, that Gunjan and Mayank are going to get married,Seema tries to calm her down, and shouts at her also, Mayank comes, and aproaches Charu,and tells him, to say that this is not true, and she asks questions to the whole family, She is now furious, and grabs Gunjan’s arm, and says that she had her eyes on Mayank, and that she is jealous of me getting married toMayank ji, Now the scene shifts to the college, Rachana and Gunjan are walking, and Rachana is asking questions, Gunjan is crying.

Rachana is wiping Gunjan’s face, and says that you need to be, happy for your dream to come true, then they leave, while Rachana is going to the class she, sees Rajeev sir and Anushka mam, and starts to cry to herself, Chaya seesher friend crying, and says why are you feeling sad, for a person that ignored you, scene shifts to garg’s, another meeting, Sangeetha is crying, saying that all of us, have hurted Charu’s heart.

Mayank and Gunjan, are in the terrance, and Gunjan is playing with Mayank, and he makes fun of her,then he says that he can’t see Gunjan crying, and she makes a promise to him, and give a hug to each other,Shail is gettin ready to go to Charu’s house, and Seema says that to Sangeetha, and she says whats the point,Dayal is talking to Akash, and he is full of joy,And says that its about Gunjan, he gets nervous, and says that Shail will tell that matter, Akash says okey, kind of confused,and calls Gunjan, and she is full of exitement.

Akash says that he is happy for her, and asks her if she is happy about it, and says yes,and Mayank sees behind, and grabs the phone from her, then talks to Akash, after the conversation, Gunjans says that she wants to talk again, then he asks how much you love me, to her, and just for fun, says I don’t love you at all, and says that it keeps going.


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