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Young Dreams 3 February 2021 update: The episode starts with Shail asking Gunjan to tie rakhi to both Mayank and Dholu. Dholu makes an excuse that he needs to use bathroom. Then, Mayank complains its enough with rakhi..

there should be limit..I don’t want to sit here & anybody tying him rakhi! Even Gunjan didn’t say whether she wants to tie me a rakhi or not. Then, Seema says to Sangeeta leave it..then we don’t have to give another gift. She agrees with Mayank & tells him to go. Then, Mayank leaves.

After he left, Gunjan says that she really wants to tie rakhi to Dholu afterall he protected her alot. She goes to look for Dholu. Then, Dholu runs to Mayank says that please save him..Gunjan is behind him but he doesnt want her to tie him a rakhi. Then, Gunjan comes in. Gunjan says let me tie you a rakhi but Dholu refuses & runs behind Mayank. Gunjan chases him around. The Mayank stops Gunjan by holding her hand and says why are you breaking Dholu’s heart..He loves you so much..he doesnt want to make you his sister. Then, Gunjan says alright but why don’t you want me to tie you rakhi? Then, Mayank smiles and turns away. Gunjan smiles and says do you love me too? Then, Mayank smiles & their bg plays. But Mayank couldnt help but smiling to himself. Gunjan also smiling (teasingly) in the back. Then, Gunjan laughs & says Chill..she was just joking! Rachna comes in & says Gunjan lets go we are getting late for shopping for college. Then, they both leave & Gunjan says Bye Dabuji.

It evening now, and Gunjan and Rachna are at their room. They are unpacking their shopping and deciding what to wear on first day of college. Gunjan helps Rachna find a cute suit for tommorrow. Then, Gunjan is wearing a cute dress & modeling in the room & Dholu and Racnha watching her. Mayank making a video of her. She is trying to find a cute look for herself & sees Rachna tying her hair & says your hair are so pretty..put them down. Racnha says that her dad will kill her. Then, Sangeeta & Shail walks in with a dress. Sangeeta says that in her time, she was no less than a heroine. She gives Rachna her old dress. Then, Chaya comes in & says look at my shopping too. Mayank and Dholu in the corner still with video camera, were recording only Gunjan. Then, Racnha complains that her stuff is bad & she is gonna look a “bhenji” there. Gunjan then explains to wear that & that you’ll look like a herione. Then everybody laughs & Dayal is looking at them & hearing their conversations. After a moment, he smiles and leaves.

Next Morning, Shail is in her room and Sangeeta & Seema walks in. They complain that they shouldn’t let Rachna go to co-ed college..after the mintu incident they are all scared. Shail explains that she need to be brave enough to face the real world. Then, Dayal calls & Shail leaves. Mayank with his video camera annoces its Gunjan & Rachna’s first day in college so lets see here live that whats going on Gark Family. Rachna is standing between Seema & Sangeeta & they are telling her dont talk to any boy & stay with girls. Then, her both chachas & bua all explaining her not to give her phone number or address to anyone. Gunjan smiles & laughs at them. Then, Shail comes with sugar yougart & makes both of them eat one spoon. Then, Sangeeta sneezes so Bua says Rachna leave some time after. Mayank says then everybody say cheese & he will take a happy photo. Mayank says to Gunjan to give a sweet smile & Rachna’s younger chachu gives them a Good Luck card. Gunjan says how sweet.Rachna goes to meet Dayal & hugs him. She asks him to please forgive her. She explains him that there is nobody greater for her than her mom & dad. It touches Dayal. He says that my daughter has grown up lot & my blessings are always with her & now go to college. Mayank says he’ll drop them but Gunjan says that they’ll go by themselves.

Gunjan & Rachna leaves. Then, here comes mintu..stalking them & looks at his watch & them. Shail is praying for Rachna & Gunjan. Rachna & Gunjan reachs college & are very happy. Then, a motorcycle goes very near by Rachna & she gets scared & holds Gunjan’s hand. Then, they both go holding their hands…Gunjan being all happy & Rachna being all scared. She then says thank-god that Gunjan your are with me or else I would’ve been so scared. Gunjan eplains that your not here to become my shadow…you are here for your own recognition. Then, Gunjan leaves. Rachna in the crowd & standing there watches Gunjan go & try to become what she said. Then, Mintu reaches college with someone. The guy says please think carefully..we are doing a big thing. But mintu says he wants to get revenage & will destroy them. He says that both of them will not be able to face anybody especially that Gunjan.

gunjan and rachna go to college,gunjan is chilled out as ever and rachana is scared to face the new people.some seniors play pranks on rachna.rachna meets chaya and both of them go into the class.Gunjan is happy with her classmates.

Mintu is waiting for the college to get over.

Here in the house,dolu finds rachans hockey stick in her room,all are puzzled that rachnas plays hockey but mayank comes to rescue and says that the hockey stick is his.

Here in College,the three girls(Gunjan,Rachna and Chaya) come out of the college and have icecream.Mayank follows them and starts shooting gunjan with camera.Meanwhile mintu comes on bike and throws acid on gunjan.the acid falls on her neck.she screams.

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