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Young Dreams 27 January 2021 update: intense music as Mayank is putting the ring on Charu’s finger while looking with that passion of love at Gunjan. Dolu asks his mom if all these gifts will be given to Mayank and not him, Gunjan laughs at this.

Sangeeta tells him that since it’s Mayank’s engagement, all the gifts will be given to him. Dolu tells his mom to get his engagement done as well then XD Everyone hears this and laughs.

Sangeeta’s husband takes a picture of the whole family. The ladies start dancing, Rachna seems to be lost in thoughts of Mintu’s threat, and Mayank looks at Gunjan as she is clapping. Charu tells Mayank that their engagement got done in such a filmy way and tells him that their story is like the movie Hum Aaapke Hain Kaun. Then she tells him that everyone in this family lives so happily and lovingly together like in the movie Hum Saath Saath Hain. Mayank gives the whatever look XD He looks at Gunjan again with a smile. He gets up and tells Sangeeta’s husband to take a picture of him and Gunjan. His uncle calls over Gunjan and tells her that he is going to take a picture of them both. Mayank is smiling at Gunjan, and Gunjan tells his uncle not to take a picture of her, as her pictures turn out really bad. He tells her that he is a really good photographer, and tells her let him take atleast one. Mayank and Gunjan stand beside each other and the uncle takes a picture. (In this one they aren’t really smiling) Then he tells Mayank to smile for the next picture, and both of them smile ❤ It’s picture perfect Charu is getting jealous seeing this XD As Gunjan goes, Charu comes and stands beside Mayank to get her picture taken with him XP. This guy comes with food, and Charu tells him she cannot eat it, because she has kept a fast. Charu tells Mayank to break her fast, and Mayank does not want to in front of everyone, but she tells him that she won’t eat anything unless he breaks her fast, and tells him that she is really hungry, and tells this nonsense about mice playing kabaddi in her stomach :S He tells her okay, and tells her that he is going up to the rooftop, and tells her to come up there in a while with something to eat. Charu grabs this orange drink and follows Mayank, Dolu hears them both going up to the roof, and assumes something is fishy, and decides to go tell Gunjan about this. Dolu grabs Gunjan, and Gunjan grabs Rachna and they all follow Mayank and Charu. Mayank and Charu are on the rooftop, and Mayank asks Charu what she has brought. She tells him some food that he has to feed her with his own hands. She makes him sit down, and Mayank tells her that he doesn’t like this and tells her he doesn’t believe in this. She tells him she will stay hungry then, and he says fine he will feed her, and she tells him to start with the juice. Charu talks nonsense again about them being SRK and Kajol just getting lost into each others eyes She is moving closer towards him, and he tells her to finish off her food before someone comes. As Mayank is feeding Charu, Gunjan, Dolu, and Rachna watch. Gunjan and Dolu can’t stop laughing, while Rachna is still lost in thoughts. Dolu yells out that sister I will also keep a fast for you, and they all duck. Charu hears nothing, but Mayank feels he heard something. He tells he’s going downstairs, and she seeks his blessings and stuff Mayank is tired of her crap XXP As they leave, the other three get up, and Gunjan tells Dolu and Rachna that she hasn’t seen bigger cartoons than Charu and Mayank, and both Dolu and Gunjan can’t stop laughing. Dolu asks Rachna that doesn’t she feel like laughing at this, and tells her to laugh. Rachna tells him that she doesn’t feel like laughing and tells Gunjan and Dolu to continue laughing. He asks her why she doesn’t feel like laughing, and Rachna tells him she wants to be alone for a while and leaves. Gunjan wonders what’s wrong with Rachna. All the guests leave, and Pihu says bye to her family and tells them that she will be there for the wedding. Pihu tells Gunjan that she hopes this time Gunjan does not run away. Seema’s husband tells Pihu that she is the one running away, and that she should stay for another day. She tells him she will come again and they will have a lot of fun. While Seema’s husband is sleeping, Seema is just counting up all the money they got and calculating it. Seema wakes up her husband as she talks loudly about all the stuff they will get on the wedding and stuff, he asks her who the heck she’s talking to and goes back to sleep XD Mayank is in bed just thinking about Gunjan, her entrance with that suit on getting that picture taken with her Then he imagines Gunjan in his room and romantic music starts to play *suna re suna re* Mayank is just astounded, and wipes his eyes, and opens them up only to see no one in his room. Mayank wonders what is happening with him and grabs a drink of water. He asks himself that the girl he hates, does not want to see or talk with, why is that girl coming in his dreams. He looks at his engagement ring and wonders what is happening and why it is. He says that today he has gotten engaged with Charu yet he is only seeing Gunjan everywhere. He says this is wrong and shouldn’t be happening. We are brought to Rachna and Gunjan’s room, and the window suddenly opens, and Gunjan tells Rachna to go shut the window as it seems like it will rain. Rachna goes to shut the other window and under a rock finds a letter from Mintu that reads come meet me or else I’ll come meet you infront of your family members.
Rachna is extremely petrified and starts to cry. She rips up the letter and puts it under her pillow sheet quickly as she hears Shail calling her name through the door. Shail walks to Rachna and asks her why she hasn’t slept yet. Parts of the letter are like not even under the sheet, and Shail could possibly see them. She tells Shail that she woke up to shut the windows because of the rain. She tells Rachna to go to sleep and as Rachna is in bed, Shail gently runs her hands on Rachna’s head, and Rachna has this worried expression on her face thinking about Mintu crap. Shaila is humming to Rachna and tells her how lovely she looked today, and that she should stay innocent like this, but not too innocent as there are not good people out in the world, she tells Rachna to keep her values. Gunjan is not asleep yet either and is listening to this conversation, and has memories of her mom. Shaila tells Rachna she should stay good-hearted and simple. Gunjan turns around and Shaila says oh dear we’ve woken up Gunjan and apologizes to her. Gunjan says she wants to tell her something, and thanks her for the suit she gave her to wear for the engagement, and tells her she really liked it .Shaila tells Gunjan that she is the one who should be thanking her for wearing that suit and keeping her dignity, and kisses Gunjan on the forehead. Shail tells Rachna and Gunjan that they were looking gorgeous today, and tells them to go to sleep and have sweet dreams. Rachna is sad about how much her mom trusts her, and how she doesn’t deserve to be trusted, and cries about hiding that Mintu matter from her. Gunjan is sad as to why her mom left her and pleads her to come back in her mind. Its morning and Rachna is getting ready thinking about what Mintu said to her. The doorbell rings, and Rachna drops her comb in frightment, she is extremely scared as she thinks it is Mintu.

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