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Young Dreams 20 January 2021 update: Mayank gloats on his victory. Sangeeta is still planning to fix charu with mayank when she is talking to charu mayank enters she hangs up and tactfully makes enquiries if mayank s dating .

Shayl gives gunjan money and tells her to go to cyber cafe she refuses saying she will use her own money. Rachna tells gunjan that shayl is really sad for her. Gunjan says she has not dropped the internet plan yet. Daya tries explaining Shayl that he made the right decision shayl gives him silent treatment agreeing to everything he say. Daya confused seema is making something while sangeeta comes and praises her bangles they are scared of shayl noticing the bangles . Shayl notices and praises them. Seema tells that sangeeta s relatives sent it shayl does not reply. Seema scared of daya coming to know the truth. Rachna cleaning puja ghar shayl sees her and asks why is she doing it rachna says her result is about to come and so she is tensed. Shayl and dholu tickle her and make her laugh. Rachna tells that only coz of shayl she is happy gunjan remembers sneha ,she has tears in her eyes seeing mom daughter kiss and hug.

Shayl asks gunjan from where is she coming. Gunjan has a small packet in her bag.


Gunjan has got an internet connection Rachna asks if her dad approved while gunjan says he dint and this will be their secret now.rachna asks her to open a chat account for her gunjan refuses saying she does not want to get in all this .Rachna feels bad that gunjan dint open an account for her so she complains to dholu saying gunjan could not do so much for her .chaya hears it and says she will open the chat account for her in a cyber cafe.rachna is hesitant to go to a cyber cafe as there will be boys( i just cant wait to see her fall in love)

rachna and chaya in internet parlour. Rachna really is hesitant and scared to step in as she thinks only boys visit this place. Dholu is also with them he also encourages rachna. Chaya is trying to make an account but the site does not open so she calls the person handling the place. He flirts saying the computer stops working seeing pretty girls. Chaya makes the account and even tells her to upload a photo.(am sure this photo will get her in lot of troubleDead )Rachna is happy and excited now. while daya right in front of the cafe chaya sees him and is stunned. She tells rachna about the same .

Rachna is scared .dholu and rachna hide daya sees chaya and comes inside cafe she tells daya that she has come to take some printouts of notes.daya offers to stay till she is done chaya refuses.daya leaves and the three make a run the internet parlour owner gives a creepy look Dead

rachna &dholu come home in time before daya reaches. Charu enters wearing a sleeveless salwar suit gunjan and rachna are amused. Charu says nameste to everyone one by one she is very chirpy. Dholu tells that she looks like a joker who says namaste again and again. She has a weird way of laughing. Sangeeta tells her to wish daya she puts her dupatta o her head and touches his feet. She is introduced to mayank who is playing with a pen and drops it. Both of them pick it up and bump their head twice and hands once. Rachna gunjan and dholu make fun of them. Shayl introduces charu to gunjan rachna . Charu tells gunjan that she know s mayank is her brother she says mayank is not her brother , seema trying to impress charu.

Rachna tells gunjan about her visit to cyber cafe and she made an account and not to tell her dad.so gunjan opens rachna s account and they have fun pulling each others s leg.

Sangeeta and charu planning how to imperss and patao mayank. Sangeeta warns her not to laugh. Charu says mayank raja is already impressed with her but sangeeta tells her to speak less in from of him. She constantly giggles in a funny way.seema comes and asks her many questions and she answers them smartly. Seema looks at her thinking that this gal is decked with diamonds and checks her bangles and jewellery. Charu talks her way into giving juice to mayank.she bumps into gunjan resulting in juice falling on gunjan s clothes and sauce on her face. When gunjan answers back charu talks very rudely saying she will twist her hand etc etc. Gunjan thinks something is wrong and is happy that is dabbu aka mayank is in trouble.
charu is in mayank s room and his tshirt is kept on the bed she plays with it Dead mayank comes out of bathroom in a towel and the creepy joker charu is all excited,dholu is spying on them. mayank takes his shirt and leaves from there
Rachna has recieved a friend request online from someone called priya and she tells gunjan about it. Dholu tells them about what he saw between joker didi and mayank. gunjan says serves mayank right. Shayl is at the door she enters tells them to talk to charu. Gunjan says that charu is not good. Shayl still tells them to talk to her .rachna tells gunjan that she is feeling bad she is hiding stuff from her mom gunjan says its her decision but if she tells her mom then bye bye internet.

Charu is still waiting for mayank to come out from bathroom. She serves him juice . Mayank asks why is it so less she says that she bumped into gunjan and the juice fell on her. Mayank is really happy and The creep keeps praising mayank.

Daya praises charu he says that she is very cultured to shayl . He asks about rachna s 12th class results as when they come he will get her married.shayl says that rachna should study not get married. Daya says if he searches from now he will get in some time.

Charu makes pakoras for everyone and is praising that how she likes everything she has no idea how time flew and she has to leave now. Charu goes running to serve mayank water while gunjan and mayank exchange a look. Sangeeta tells its time charu should leave and cleverly puts it on mayank s head. Mayank goes to leave the joker while gunjan is happy that he will be hanged soon.

Gunjan is busy chatting with her friends while rachna wants gunjan to let her chat. She teases rachna saying she will chat full night rachna feels bad then gunjan let s her chat and she goes to sleep.

Rachna is very excited while gunjan falls asleep. She gets a friend request from cute angel. Rachna is hesitant as there s no photo on the profile gunjan gets up and tells her to sleep. So rachna neither accepts nor rejects the request and goes to sleep. Gunjan sees the laptop is still on and goes to switch it off but ends up accepting the cute angel s request. The stalker smiles.


Gunjan is already awake while rachna s still sleeping . Shayl who is doing puja keeps s screaming while gunjan tries to wake her up with her wet hair but she fails.gunjan ends up going to the mandir and tells shayl rachna is not waking up.shayl tells gunjan to do dia baati while she wakes rachna.gunjan says she has no idea how to do it so shayl teacher her how to make batti and put ghee in dia. Gunjan keeps staring at shayl who gives her a matchbox to light it so she can wake rachna. Gunjan puts flowers on god s feet shayl decides she wil teach gunjan house hold stuff and gunjan lights the dia.

Seema and sangeeta approach shayl to organize mata ki chowki . Its all a plan to get charu home again. Gunjan is told to distribute prasad to everyone which she does.its 6 in the morning and rachna first thing she does is start chatting. Shayl is going to wake her up she calls rachna just in front of the door so rachna hides the laptop under her pillow.

she continues the chatting and internet parlour fellow is the stalker

Gunjan gives mayank prasad. He asks rachna how did gunjan agree to live without an internet connection. Rachna is terrified gunjan signals to shut up with her eyes. Mayank ends up seeing the eyes exchange . Rachna tells mayank to ask gunjan and leaves. Gunjan also leaves. Mayank is suspicious that gunjan gave up so easily.


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