Young Dreams 17 March 2021 update: Gunjan and Rachana at the bazaar buying Rachana’s red outfit when Sangeetha calls Gunjan telling her to buy Seema a saree and sweets. Mayank comes home and ask if Gunjan is back but Seema indirectly tells Shail that Gunjan and Rachana have gone to the bazaar.

Shail tells Mayank to go ahead for his interview as he’ll be late. Once again Mayank reminds Seema to tell Gunjan to be there at 5 and he leaves. Shail leaves to get something from the neighbor’s house. Gunjan and Rachana come back and Seema and Sangeetha tells her no one is free to pick up her friends they invited to the rokha. Gunjan says she’ll pick them up. Charu meets Mayank at the place where his interview is taking place. She congratulates him on his job and his rokha giving him a present and a rose.
Gunjan meets up her friends and tells them they have to go staright to the place where Mayank’s interview is being held. Mayank is being called in for his turn for the interview. He goes in and questions are being asked by the interviewers. Mayank is distracted and doesn’t hear the question and asks it to be repeated. The interviewers notice he is distracted and tells him he lacks concentration and send him out. Sangeetha meanwhile spills coffee on Gunjan clothes that Seema gave her to wear for the engagement. Shail tells her to put it in Gunjan’s room but doesn’t see what she did to it. Gunjan arrives at the interview place and sees Mayank he angrily scolds her for coming late. She tries to defend saying she was told 6 by Seema but he doesn’t believe her and walks away.

Rachana is all dressed in red and Chaya says she looks beautiful. Guest start coming in and Shail is kinda shocked seeing Charu and her family there. Gunjan and Mayank reach the house with Gunjan’s friends. Both of them look angry. Shail tells them to quickly get ready. Mayank in his room is really angry and his mother continues to poison his mind saying Gunjan should not have gone to the bazaar. Gunjan tells Shail that Mayank is getting angry over small things lately. She explains to her that Seema and Sangeetha told her to there was no one to pick her friends up so she went.
Shail recall Sangeetha telling her otherwise that they told Gunjan Gopal will pick up her friends but she stubbornly wanted to. Shail tells Gunjan no to worry now and to get ready. Gunjan is about to get ready when she sees her outfit stained and is shocked. Sangeetha comes and pretends to be shocked seeing it and tells her there’s only one thing left to do. Mayank looks angry while everyone are joking and laughing. Seema tells Mayank not to pull a long face and says at least she’ll be happy if Gunjan wears the outfit she gave. Charu comes up to Seema and tells her she’s willing to help her do anything. Mayank hears her say that. Shail is observing Charu talking to Seema when Sangeetha tells her that Gunjan is ready Seema asks Sangeetha why did she have to invite Charu.

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Sangeetha says they are here to take part in her happiness and walks away. Vihaan and his parents arrive and Rachana is happy to see him. He gives Rachana a thumbs up for her outfit. Rachana blushes. Vihaan tells Mayank Gunjan is smart and beautiful and can get any guy and he is lucky to have her. Mayank looks annoyed. Gunjan is reading the e-mail Akash her father sent her saying he couldn’t make it on such short notice. She e-mails back saying he should be here for her wedding. Rachana and Chaya comes and Rachana says she looks beautiful. Gunjan asks how Mayank’s mood is and Rachana says a bit better. They are ready to leave and Chaya says they have to make a grand entrance. Gunjan walks down and everyone is happy seeing her. Mayank looks a bit less angry but Seema tells Sangeetha that Gunjan didn’t wear the outfit she gave her hoping that Mayank will overhear and he does and gets angry again. Gunjan starts dancing with Rachana and Chaya on Jhalla Wallah. While dancing Mayank looks angry and everyone looks a bit uncomfortable. Mayank finally shouts at Gunjan to stop it. Gunjan is shocked and ask what’s wrong with him and he says that she made a fool of him dancing to that song, wore what she wanted,picked up her friends and didn’t bother about him and is selfish. He says Charu is much better than her and says he wished and stops mid sentence.

Shail tells them to stop fighting. Gunjan tells her to let him say what he wants and asks him what is it. Mayank says he wish he didn’t say no to marrying Charu. Gunjan and everyone else are shocked but Seema and Sangeetha who are happy. Mayank says even after breaking the relation with Charu she still cares for his mother. Gunjan tells him to live his life with whomever he wants to be with. Mayank walks to Charu holds her hands and puts his hands around her and says he’s decided to marry Charu and that Charu is the right girl for him. Everyone are shocked except for Seema and Sangeetha. Gunjan is shocked and upset.

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Mayank accuses gunjan that she does not care for anyone, he tells that gunjan dint want to be with him as he is middle class. He believes gunjan did everything to provoke him. Dayal slaps mayank. Prabhu asks Seema to shut up but she does not. She starts emotional atyachar that gunjan will not change and has lot of ego. Mayank asks charu if she will marry him she does not reply but mayank promises he will come to her house with the proposal. Gunjan runs away ,rachna follows her and then all the guests leave. Gunjan removes her bangles and jewellery rachna tells her something is wrong gunjan says that it does not make a difference as mayank has already made up his mind . Gunjan is howling when shayl comes in they hug each other. Shayl consoles her that everything will be all right gunjan refuses to believe. Shayl says she has an idea how everything is happening. Seema and sangeeta celebrating with ladoos in their room. Sangeeta tells seema to be careful as gunjan is really smart seema tells her not to worry she has a plan . Dayal is lost in the events , shayl comes in and apologizes. Dayal says its his fault that he slapped mayank. Shayl believes mayank made a mistake ,amazed how can he do it. Dayal tells her that they took the decision themselves but we supported them but now mayank is breaking the relationship. Shayl is worried about savitri devi s reaction , and they decide that rachna ,vihaan should get engaged Asap. Dayal tells shayl that they will do everything for gunjan which will be good for her and is ashamed what will he tell akash. Mayank is in his room playing with the light switch when seema enters and comforts him. She says she will apologize to gunjan but adamant mayank wants gunjan to say sorry in front of his mom and the family. Shayl overhears and scolds him that how could he not only break the relation but also propose charu. She tells him that there were so many people including rachna s inlaws. Shayl tells him not to take any decision which he will regret later. She tells him to talk it out with gunjan but he does not pay heed . Shayl advises mayank to sleep so that they can discuss it in the morning, seema to let mayank rest and not keep talking about what happened.

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Gunjan and Mayank both want the other person to apologize and decide they wont be the first one to bend. Shayl comes to feed gunjan, Gunjan asks shayl what would she do in her place,if she would keep a relation with a man who does not trust her ?? Shayl says who is she to reply they are in love, they faced so many problems together. She tells her that walking on two different paths is easy but walking together on one path is tough. She tells that Gunjan is mature enough to take her own decisions but she should never lose her self respect as it is tough to survive after that.


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