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Young Dreams 10 February 2021 update: The episode starts with Charu unsure which is sugar and salt and says she doesn’t know anything and starts whining. Dholu peeks into the kitchen and sees Charu making a mess. Then he hears Rachana calling him. Rachana and Dholu are at Chaya’s house.

Chaya’s mother opens the door and invites them in. She asks them to sit but Rachana said she came to meet Chaya and asks where Chaya is. Her mother tells Rachana she’s not sure what happened to her since she returned from college as she’s not eating and drinking.

She asks Rachana if anything happened in college and Rachana said no. Chaya’s mother asks her to find out what’s wrong and tells meanwhile she’ll make Dholu’s favourite dish. Chaya is sitting on her bed looking scared and Rachana comes into her rooms and asks her why she didn’t come to college and tells her if she knows what happened at college. Chaya flashbacks to the incident where the guys chased her and she was hiding and quickly closes the windows. Rachana asks her why she closed and is crying.

Rachana tells her to tell what happened and promises not to tell anyone. Chaya hugs Rachana and Rachana tells her to calm down and sit and asks her if she’ll drink water. Chaya shakes her head no. She insists Chaya tell her what happened and Chaya says a bad thing happened and narrates the whole thing. She tells Rachana if she wears jeans again then they’ll do anything to her. Rachana asks why didn’t she tell this earlier and her mother is worried too.

Chaya said she couldn’t tell as she used to sneakily wear jeans to college. She tells Rachana no to tell a soul and that she’s scared anything can happen to her. Rachana says she won’t say anything and nothing will happen to her as Rachan is there. Chaya tells the family she already feels as if she’s married into the family. Shail says not to cook alone next time. Shail says even though she’s the future daughter-in-law but will always be like a daughter. Shail tells Charu not to set Gopal and Dayal’s plates as they have gone to meet the suppliers. Rachana and Dholu enter and Shail tells her she came at the right time and asks her to sit and eat

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Rachana says she’s not hungry and Shail says ever since she came back from college she hasn’t eaten and says she must eat something. Shail asks her if Chaya’s health is fine. Rachana says yes it is. Charu says she’ll serve the food and Shail says yes. Sangeetha says that seeing Seema already excited before tasting the food and wonder how she’ll be after eating it. Charu tells her not to compliment her till she’s served the food and Mayank agrees. Mayank says its not necessary. that what looks good is good.

Mayank’s father says to stop talking and to start serving the food. Mayank says not to put too much food as he doesn’t want to take the risk. Mayank’s father tastes the food and says its nice. Mayank asks his father why he’s joking and his father says he’s not and its really good. Seema also says its nice and says that its the first time their daughter-in-law cooked food for them and she should be given a token and gives her money. Shail and Sangeetha praise her too. Mayank and Gunjan look upset.

Charu asks Mayank to try the food. Mayank tries and looks at Gunjan shocked and says her hands have magic in them and she surprised him. Gunjan thinks if she can make good food what was the need to ask her to make food. Mayank tells Charu to promise him that she’ll cook three times a day after the wedding. Charu says yes anything for him. Sangeetha says she’ll do it happily and asks if he thought she couldn’t cook.

Mayank says yes he’s seen, tasted and is full and now she should be given a nice present. Charu closes her eyes to recieve it and Mayank says she should receive it with her eyes open. He says he’ll take her to watch a movie and Charu says she loves to see a movie and Gunjan and Shail look shocked. Shail says she doesn’t think that Dayal will agree to this and Mayank says that he’ll bring Gunjan, Rachana and Dholu along. Rachana says she doesn’t want to go and Mayank says its a brother’s order and tells her to be ready and no but’s and to be on time. Charu think why did Mayank had to invite all of them but once they’re married things will be better. Mayank thinks now the fun will start and Gunjan thinks what his plan is.

Part 3

Mayank’s father says the food was delicious and so is the halwa. Charu asks Mayank his favourite color and he gives a sarcastic answer. Charu says she wants to wear a dress of that colour to the movies. Mayank says its parrot green. Shail then says she put good effort today and its late so she should return home. Sangeetha says she was bout to say the same thing. She tells bye to Mayank ans says she’ll see him tomorrow and he says he’s eagerly waiting. Charu tells Mayank to get seats close together. Gunjan looks angry and then tells Rachana they should clean the table. Rachana thinks of what Chaya told her and spills something on her clothes while cleaning the table. Shail asks her what happened and tells her to clean it immediately or there’ll be a stain. Charu is on the phone ordering for a parrot green outfit and Sangeetha is angry telling her that the whole house will hear. She then asks her who prepared the food and she says its her and who else could it be. Sangeetha says she knows her well and that she can’t cook and asks her to tell the truth and charu replies she ordered the food from Mayank’s favourite restaurant and took the order through the window and says isn’t she smart. Sangeetha says she’s mad and what if someone sees. Charu says but nobody did and Sangeetha tells her to learn to cook before the wedding. Charu says she won’t set foot in the kitchen once she’s married. Charu says Sangeetha is always there to help and suddenly remembers she threw the restaurant packaging in the dustbin and asks Sangeetha to dispose of them. Gunjan and Mayank are in the kitchen and Gunjan is sulking and Mayank asks why and Gunjan says what big plan is his taking her to the movies. Gunjan doesn’t want to go and tells Mayank to go with Charu and Mayank says he would just to see her jealous. Shail sees Gunjan and Mayank in the kitchen and calls out Mayank’s name and Gunjan drops the glass shocked

Part 4

Shail says to be carefull as they could get hurt with the glass pieces. Mayank says he’ll pick it up and does. Shail says she wonders what’s happening today first Rachana spilled th dhal and now this. Mayank is about to throw the shred s of glass into the dustbin when Sangeetha stops him from doing so. Shail and Gunjan look surprised and Sangeetha says don’t do that and says she’ll do it and tells him to do something else and tells Shail to also go and says she’ll clean everything. Mayank says its alright they together will clean together. Sangeetha says she hasn’t done any work since morning and she do so. Rachana narrates to Gunjan what happened to Chaya and Gunjan asks if she is alright. Rachana says she managed to runaway and escape but she’s still worried. Gunjan says how can someone do this and disturb her and these people don’t have hearts. Rachana says but now she’s a bit better and was talking but she still hasn’t eaten or drank anything and out of fear won’t go to college. Gunjan says she understand why she doesn’t want to go and Rachana says its only Gunjan who can convince her to go. Gunjan says she’ll talk to her. Rachana tells to bring Chaya along for the movie as she’ll feel better. Gunjan faces the mirror and looks at the scar on her neck and recalls Mintu throwing acid on her. Gunjan thinks the wound will heal but the scar will forever be there.

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