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Young Dreams 9 March 2021 update: The episode starts with Savitri saying that the children meaning Vihaan and Rachana should get to meet each other alone and get to know each other. Vihaan’s father agrees too.

Shail is about to say something when Gunjan says its ok that she ans Rachana will go together. Gunjan says Rachana will be with her would it be ok. Dayal agrees and Savitri says its good that they and the children are happy. Gunjan, Rachana and Vihaan go to aside to talk in private when Rachana realizes Mayank is there and warns Gunjan. Mayank asks Vihaan if he’s ok with Gunjan being there as she can talk non-stop and apologizes for that. Vihaan says its ok he doesn’t mind. Mayank pulls Gunjan aside and tells her to leave Rachana and Vihaan alone. Gunjan says ok. Vihaan tells Mayank he’s an understanding brother and Mayank says yes after all its a long time commitment and an important decision and to also know about the other’s likes and dislikes. He says he’s saying this because he made his decision after thinking about it and says isn’t it Gunjan. Gunjan tells Mayank to bring a glass of water for Vihaan and for herself too. Mayank says sure and goes. Gunjan pulls Vihaan upstairs and tells Rachana to make sure Mayank doesn’t come up. Vihaan tells Gunjan is she so desperate to meet him. Gunjan gives a sarcastic smile and says lets go. Vihaan tells Gunjan she was acting so innocent downstairs and now she isn’t. She realizes she’s holding his hand and lets go and he tells her not to let go. He says his magic is so that all girls want him and he understands. Gunjan tells him meeting out is fine but not in front of everyone and that her family is a middle class family so it means that the guy not only marries the girl but the entire family and tells him to talk to them too and not stare at her. She says besides their engagement is not fixed yet and her father is strict. Vihaan says he knows and Gunjan asks how and he says from Dayal’s face. Gunjan says he needs to talk to everyone.

Part 2

Gunjan says she knowws its difficult to talk to the family and that he should at least talk to Rachana. He says now they’ll be going on dates and it’ll be cool. Mayank asks Rachana where Vihaan is. She hesitates and says upstairs. He asks what is she doing downstairs if he is upstairs. Mayank says to talk to him as her marriage is with him. Rachana says what is she to talk and she doesn’t know so Gunjan is talking on her behalf and Gunjan knows her better than anyone else. Mayank says yes but she can also be there. Rachana says its alright and its almost time for the pooja. Dholu comes and tells Mayank everyone is calling them for the pooja. Rachana tells him to carry on and she’ll call Vihaan and Gunjan. Rachana comes and tells Gunjan everyone is calling them for the pooja. Gunjan tells Vihaan to remember and talk to Rachana. Savitri asks Vihaan if he got to know her daughter-in-law well enough and Vihaan nods. Vihaan says its a pleasure meeting them all and he wants to know them better and especially Rachana. Savitri tells him he’s got his entire life to know her better and she’s glad he likes her choice. Vihaan’s father tells Dayal to arrange a date for the engagement soon. Rachana and Gunjan look worried. Shail says they’ll start the aarti and calls Rachana. Rachana does the aarti. Vihaan keeps looking at Gunjan. Mayank nudges Gunjan while praying and smiles. Shail serves the aarti to Savitri when she says she’ll take it from her daughter-in-law. Shail says why not she has full right.

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Part 3

Shail is walking towards Rachana when Gunjan comes in between and tells her can she give the aarti to everyone and Shail says Savitri wants Rachana to do it. Gunjan says but she likes doing it and then spills the oil on her hand from the aarti thali. Vihaan asks if there’s an ice pack. Rachana asks Gunjan if it burnts a lot. Gunjan tells Rachana to give everyone the aarti and winks at her. Shail tells Savitri she’ll be back and tells Rachana to give everyone the aarti. Shail tells Gunjan to follow her and she’ll run it under water. Rachana gives everyone the aarti. Shail gives Vihaan and Savitri some things and tells her if there was anything not proper to forgive her and Savitri said everything was the best. Bua then says their son-in-law is the best and that their daughter is blessed. Gunjan says now the real fun begins. Gunjan and Rachana are laughing away and Gunjan recites a poem about Vihaan and how they’ll shocked him cause he thinks of himself so great. Gunjan says they made a fool of him. Rachana then looks worried and Gunjan asks if she’s thinking about Vihaan. Rachana says to stop calling him jeejaji. Gunjan says she bound to call him that since Rachana is going to marry him. Rachana says she can’t even think of marrying him and she can’t forget Rajiv. Gunjan says they decided for her to move on without looking back. Gunjan tells her even Vihaan is a nice guy and to give him a chance.

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Part 4

Gunjan says slowly she’ll like him and she knows he’s attitude is a bit funny but she’s there to teach him a lesson. Rachana says not after this they nearly got caught and it doesn’t mean they’ll always be lucky and Gunjan tells her to relax. Gunjan shows Rachana the message Vihaan send her for Diwali and Rachana says she doesn’t care. Gunjan says she’s going to trouble Vihaan and tells Rachana to have some fun. Rachana says as naughtiness. Dayal tells Shail he didn’t realize how Rachana grew up so fast. He says he was happy meeting Vihaan and its such a good family. Shail says it seems like a huge burden is lifted off. Shail says they arranged her relation in a rush and didn’t even meet Vihaan before and says there was the fear that in the rush of arranging Rachana’s relation whether they were being unfair to her. Sahil says after meeting everyone she knows Rachana is lucky to get such a guy and that he’ll keep her happy. Shail says today both girls are settled. Shail says it would be nice if both their wedding happen on the same day. Dayal says the need to be thankful to Pihu too after all she brought the relation. Dayal says Rachana and Vihaan looks like Ram-Sita.

shayl sangeeta seema and bua cleaning for diwali. Sangeeta asks shayl if gunjan s behaviour yesterday was fishy. Seema adds fuel saying she was the one taking to vihaan. Shayl defends gunjan saying she is bubbly and will change after marriage. Shayl tells they will be going to Pihu and Rachna s inlaw s house to distribute sweets. Dholu looks at crackers bursting outside and he wants to go out. Sangeeta asks him to study as he has not studied during his holidays. Gunjan tempts him she will tell him the story behind celebrating diwali if he studies ,dholu agrees. Bua asks gunjan to help her with ladoos. Gunra make ladoos while seema sangeeta arrange diyas. Gunjan tells dholu about diwali celebrations and convinces him not to burst crackers which make lot of noise. Shayl and Dayal come after shopping and they show the entire family what they bought. Shayl gifts Seema and tells her its for Gunjan s MIL. Seema is stumped bua convinces her to take it. Gunjan is really happy. Next morning rachna is sleeping while Gunjan wakes up and sees her mom s photo. She talks to the picture confesses no one can fill that void. Her mom use to wake her with a big diwali present thus gunjan used to call her diwali ka santa claus. Shayl comes in and gifts her a beautiful purple suit and some accessories. Rachna wakes up and asks what about her.. Shayl tells her to get up first. Gunjan teases Rachna about Vihaan in front of Shayl. Rachna wishes her mom happy diwali. SD tells Vihaan to reach on time as he is going out and the Garg s will be coming.

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Gunjan fully dressed dholu compliments her calls her a pari while gunjan kisses dholu mayank looses balance and slips from a small table. Seema is angry . Gopal teases mayank (oh he is someone new not the old guy. ) Mayank holding Gunjan s hand trying to get naughty but she keeps telling him that Dayal is behind. Dayal interrupts their moment he is unaware and gives Mayank a packet to keep inside. Rachna looking gorgeous and a new puff hair style (looks like the make over will stay ). Gunjan and mayank have some romantic moments on the song Chand chupa badal mein. They light candles dance look at the moon. Charu comes in and screams Happy diwali to all. Gunjan wants to go down but Mayank wants a proper happy diwali. Gunjan promises that she will meet him on the terrace after the puja. Charu says that her parents are out of town to consult some surgeon. Her eyes are searching for mayank who is not around.

Sangeeta Charu trick Dayal and he ends up inviting Charu to celebrate with them. Charu wishes mayank and she goes to the kitchen to help Sangeeta. Sangeeta taunts her saying that they might end up eating Mayank s shaadi ka ladoo while charu will be left empty handed. Charu promises she will make sure mayank eats ladoos and will remember his entire life and points towards her bag.


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