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Young Dreams 23 February 2021 update: Shayl is on the railway station. Gunjan is talking and shayl says earlier she had thought its not love but if it is one should never leave their true love. She asks gunjan to stop as it wont be fair for sneha her studies etc and asks her not to go.

Akash sees gunjan talking to someone and is shocked to see gunjan. Shayl asks akash to leave gunjan as she feels her happiness is in banaras. Akash says he cant live without gunjan and he has had a hard time living in australia without her. Shayl says that since she is his daughter its what he wants. Akash asks gunjan what she want.


Bua and sangeeta happy that gunjan left. Shayl comes back. Rachna and dholu sad. Sangeeta offers to make a bus of tea. Shayl says two cups one for her and one for gunjan. The three witches shocked. Gunjan is at the door. Rachna and dholu run and they hug each other while the witches . Shayl says Akash has left and gunjan will be living here in banaras as her one year will be spoilt.


everyone is happy to see gunjan ie dayal and sangeeta s husband. Seema and sangeeta in the kitchen gossiping that they are bulls working hard for gunjan s birthday sangeeta says that something is wrong and shayl is hiding something. Shayl just hears the last part while sangeeta covers it up talking about charu and her shopping for the wedding. shayl is disturbed hearing about the marriage preparations and shayl says what s the hurry. Sangeeta says only 3weeks left but shayl says time is left and walks away. Seema and sangeeta gossiping. Sangeeta gets a doubt that something is wrong.

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Mayank upset and lost in gunjan s thoughts. Shayl apologizes to dayal that she dint ask for his permission. He tells her she did the right thing and how gunjan has carved a special place in their lives . They get emotional about rachna leaving one day after marriage.


Mayank lost in gunjan s thoughts and is about to light a cigarette when gunjan comes and tells him its injurious to health. Mayank is shocked happy and they stare at each other and they hug.


Mayank says that his queen of hearts mallika is back. he says he knew his love would pull gunjan and get her back. She says it was not his love but shayl maasi and her faith on their love which brought her back. She says this is the last chance he has to open up and tell everyone. Mayank is happy and promises that he wont let gunjan or shayl any chance to complain. He holds her hand.


Next day morning rachna is already dressed while gunjan is still in bed. Gunjan says she is in love rachna all excited and asks who is it. Gunjan asks her to guess and says she know. Gunjan says its not a guy but the entire banaras city. Rachna says she will tell shayl to get her married to some banaras guy and she is all excited and gunjan agrees.

Shayl and gunjan come in a rickshaw to cafe inn where mayank is waiting for them. They sit down order coffee and shayl says that they need to promise that they wont meet each other till mayank talks to his mom and dad about gunjan. Both of them promise they wont meet. Shayl also tells that its a sin to break charu s heart but its a bigger sin to marry someone who he does not love. Mayank asks for shayl s help but she declines that she cant as she is her sister daughter. Shayl tells mayank he needs to do everything with respect and warns them that his parents might be angry get pissed etc but he should not leave hope. She says she will try to convince akash and dayal. She also tells them that before marriage there are certain limits which they should maintain and they agree.

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rachna comes to rajeev s house but he is inside and she enters the kitchen to keep a box of food while rajeev in a vest with towel around his shoulders comes to the kitchen and rachna hides behind the door. Rajeev s phone rings so he goes to pick it up. He is talking to ‘chotey’ and tells him he was not well and enters the kitchen and sees the box. He hangs up while rachna is hiding behind the slab. He concludes that the person is still in the house.


he comes out to search for the person .Rachna runs out of the door when his back is turned towards the door. Rajeev hears and he rushes towards the door. Rachna runs away but He makes out and surprised and says RACHNA out loud. Before he can follow her he gets hurt and sees the box which has r garg inscribed on it. He is shocked to know that it was rachna who was taking care of him when he was not well.


Seema is tensed that mayank s behaviour is strange and she is talking to sangeeta about it. She has made his favourite kheer. Mayank comes back with shayl and lies that he had gone to pay someone. He talks sweetly to his mom and says he wants to talk to her. Seema is happy while sangeeta is tensed when she sees shayl and mayank talking.


seema is feeding mayank with her own hands while he is trying to talk about charu. Seema is teasing him that after some days charu will feed him. Charu has come home with a suit for marriage and mayank is shocked.

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An overnight trip of two days one night is arranged to chandraprabha rachna is hesitant that she cant go as she wont be allowed . Gunjan wants to go as she wants to give mayank a chance to speak to his parents. Chaya tells rachna that rajeev sir has done lot of arrangements for the trip to see some monuments. Rachna is all excited .

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