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Young Dreams 2 March 2021 update: Dayal wants to call and tell akash everything about gunjan s relation with akash shayl tries to stop him but he tells her to concentrate on rachna .

Shayl tries to cool him by saying she has apologized but he is adamant. Shayl tells him akash is all alone dayal agrees but he wants gunjan to leave .

Mayank is trying to talk to his mom. Seema is really upset and wants him to forget everything like a bad dream and get married to charu as dayal will send gunjan away. Mayank does not agree and seema has a break down as the wedding cards are already printed. Prabhu tells Mayank that the seema has a medical problem and doctor has advised her not to take stress. Mayank walks away but then prabhu tells her to stop faking her illness. Sangeeta enters and tells seema to tackle the situation coolly.

Gunjan is upset and rachna is consoling her. Gunjan explains that when you are in love nothing goes in your head. Right wrong etc but when you are in intense wala love that person is a part of you. Rachna is daydreaming about rajeev . Gunjan says that everything is mayank and her fault. Rachna hugs gunjan.

Vihaan comes home and his mom does arti. His mom and dad hug him. Vihaan brags that benaras most handsome dude is back. His mom tells him she will get a really good girl for him and he agrees. His mom smirks with pride.

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Rachna asks gunjan to wipe her tears. Rachna tells gunjan that if you want something and dont get it when you get it it will be best. Rachna says she does not think what gunjan did was wrong and if mayank is hers she will get him. Gunjan and rachna have a heart to heart and gunjan realizes even rachna is in love and asks her. Rachna deny s and they hug. Gunjan thanks rachna . Vihaan is really happy and dating besan laddos and he wants to feed some to rajeev. His mom is upset. Vihaan wants him to come back so his mom says that she has a plan and he has to help her.

shayl enters the kitchen ,seema and sangeeta are trying to give her cold shoulder. Seema bursts out saying shayl must be really happy that gunjan could patao a guy who is an engineer etc. Mayank overhears it and asks her to stop. He then tells seema that what ever happens he will marry gunjan . Seema sangeeta and shayl are shocked and he leaves. Seema is furious Shayl apologetic while sangeeta s head is turning.

Mayank apologizes to Dayal saying he is the one who taught him that word. He was the one who got him a cycle when he was young, let him study in kanpur . Mayank says his happiness is with gunjan so why does everyone want him to marry charu so he asks him to stop the wedding. Dayal tells marriage is between two families and his marriage is fixed he cant postpone or stop it as its impossible. Mayank holds his hand but Dayal takes his hand out of his grasp and leaves.

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Vihaan is playing temple run when his mom comes in and talks about his marriage he also gets a photo saying she will choose the best. She starts crying that even rajeev left and vihaan says he hates to see her cry. She blames her luck and the photo is actually a picture of gunjan and rachna hugging (ye lo naya drama start). She asks him to meet the girl personally and convinces him. She leaves without showing him the picture. Vihaan says marriage and him no way!! .

Mayank is lost in his thoughts and dholu comes in cheers him up and says he is ready for the marriage provided he keeps her happy as even he loves her .

Rachna comes in and asks mayank to stop gunjan from leaving.

Mayank enters Gunjan s room and he tries to stop her from leaving. He tells her if she goes Shayl wont be spared even then and all the accusations against her will be proved right . He says its a test and asks her not to leave. Dholu and Rachna chip in saying that they are ready for the marriage and everything will be all right. Dholu says he has given his pyaar ki kurbani. Seema overhears everything. Rachna is ready to unpack Gunjan s bag. Seema is upset and asks sangeeta to get her son back as she is very intelligent . She does not want to lose to gunjan who is a ‘piddi ladki’. (i hope she marries your son so that i see you in tears. )
Sangeeta says if charu would be the dil she would load her with gifts. Sangeeta is lost in her thought and smirks.

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Gopal talks to Prabhu and tells him to agree to Mayank and Gunjan s relationship as today s world is different. Prabhu disagrees and talks about Charu s happiness and he says once they are married Mayank will fall in love with Charu. Shayl overhears and is upset. At the dining table Shayl is serving Rachna and asks where Gunjan is . Rachna replies Gunjan is upstairs and soon both of them come down together. seema stops shayl who is serving gunjan and then proceeds to serve her. She touches her and says that since she has not eaten from morning she should eat. She says she made her fav bharva bhindi and wants to feed her with her own hands. Sangeeta is furious and she tells is feeding your bahurani wrong . She says she thought a lot and she realized most important in her life is her kid s happiness so she concluded that she is ready for mayank gunjan s wedding leaving prabhu and dayal shocked


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