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Young Dreams 2 February 2021 update: Shail then tells Savitri Rachana got admission into a co-ed college but you did not allow. And the other colleges are far and Swami Vivekanada is the best college we feel.

Shail says Rachana will go in the morning and come back as it is over. She then says the other college is 3 hours away and she won’t have time to learn to cook and might get tired. Then Shail tells Savitri but its ok as the home science program is good ther but there is a problem in the front gate of the college there are some gangster boys. Savitri then says there is danger everywhere and a girl should be careful. Then Shail says if Gunjan and Rachana got to the same college that is near which is 5 minutes away and will reach home early and whatever it is as long as it is a girls college. Savitri then says there is a problem with this girls college but will Rachana study home science if she goes to the nearby college (Swami Vivekanada). Shail says the main subject there is History and Mayank cuts in saying home science is a supplementary subject. He also says that a girl was top in that college last year. Savitri then says gone are the generation where girls and boys study in separate colleges and asks Rachana is she has a problem with co-ed colleges. Rachana shakes her head. Savitri continues saying its best if Rachana goes with Gunjan to the same college instead of worrying about her if she goes to the other college. She then says isn’t it Dayal.

Rachna to be mother in law agree to send her to a co-ed college. Mayank, Rachna& Gunjun is all happy how Shail convince her.Shail and Rachna hug each other.Gunjun start missing her mom and left,Mayank & Rachna left behind her.Gunjun said she misses her mom so much whenever she see Shail&Rachna together.Shail came & also console her,& tell her she will always be there for her as aunt as she can never replace Sneha.Gunjun then hug her.Dolu also came was saying he is Gunjun’s boyfriend.They all then hug together.
Dayal is in his room,remember Shail words. Shail then came in the room,he then told her he can’t believe she is his wife.He never believe she can go against him.He also wanted Rachna to join a girls college,because there are many boys like Mintu.Shail then repiled Rachna have good value,but she lacks confidence,what will happen when she face the real world.Dayal then asked if it was right how she tricked Rachna to be mother in law. Shali say she did what a mother usually for her child.then she said Rachna is the only girl of the Garg family to join a co-ed college. Gunjun&Rachna is looking a rakhi for Rachna. Mayank & Dolu are buying gift for Rachna.

Shail gathered up everything for Raksha Bandhan. The elder sister tie rakhi to her brother Dayal,Gopal&(i don’t knw the other 1 name).Rachna then came to tie on Mayank& Dolu. In came,Pihu also, dolu bit Pihu. Gunjun then came, Shail ask Gunjun to tie rakhi on Mayank and Dolu hands. Mayank was like(Hell no).

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