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Young Dreams 19 January 2021 update: The two devrani s seema and sangeeta seeing some gifts which have come.daya comes and enquires where is shayl he tells her that there will be guests today evening. Sangeeta is giving gifts to the seema to butter her up. There are gold plated bangles so that charu marries mayank. She says if charu gets married you will be decked in gold. Seema says she cant take a decision about mayank s marriage without daya and shayl s approval. Charu is invited for tea so that she can meet mayank while seema is excited about gold.

Gunjan and rachna trying to fix the speakers in the room. Dolu and rachna go to take screwdriver. Akash calls gunjan but she does not pick up. Sangeeta s ready to do anything to set charu s marriage with mayank.

Shayl comes and asks gunjan why is she not picking his call. She tries to convince her but gunjan says not to interfere between father and daughter.she tells shayl to ask her dad not to complain about her. Mayank s mom try s to convince mayank to meet charu.

Dolu tells mayank that he is going to take extension chord for gunjan . Mayank hears shayl that some guests are coming home. So he decides to take revenge on gunjan.

Gunjan successfully connects the entire connection of music player. Mayank overhears it. Dolu says that mayanks philosophy is that gals can only do house hold work.

as soon as gunjan is about to put the plug in mayank removes the fuse. That s when the guests come. The ice has not set so cold drinks cant be offered daya s really angry the men who have come home are for an important deal.

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Mayank is really happy and tells daya that she was fiddling with the wires even when he had said no and thus there s no electricity now.

Daya is really angry gunjan tells she will talk to him but rachna says let mom handle the situation. Mayank convinces shayl that he will repair it. He gloats in front of gunjan and is very happy that he is in trouble. He goes and fixes the fuse and the current is back but gunjan sees him doing it

Gunjan talking to the same friend who was helping her run away. She says she misses him and he suggests coming online for chatting. Daya praises mayank as he thinks only because of him he got the deal.ranjan and dholu come for dinner. Gunjan sits between mayank and dholu they give each other disgusting looks each trying to put the other down. Seema and sanjana are trying to load mayanks plate with food while dholu and shayl are behaving very sweet with gunjan. Sanjana not happy with dholu.

Gunjan announces that she wants an internet connection for her laptop. Mayank says there is no need gunjan says she wants it as she wants to chat with her friends. Daya leaves dining table Cry shayl says she will talk to daya if its important for her. Seema and sanjana upset as they will have to spend for gunjan but shayl says she will sponsor it there wont be any relation between gunjan s needs and house expenditure. Seema worries that who will ever marry a gal like gunjan. She will never chose a girl like gunjan for mayank.

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Mayank taunts gunjan says you can never be a boy tells rachna to teach her how to become a gal.they both fight using rachna as a medium dholu is enjoying it. Gunjan with the cd s her mom had made for her she puts it in her laptop and sees one of them.

Shayl sees gunjan crying and seeing the cd. Sneha is explaining that time waits for none.shayl enters the room and tells gunjan that she will talk to daya and get the connection for her even rachna supports the idea saying even her friends have it.gunjan rachna and dholu in front of laptop . Gunjan edits dholu s face into funny poses

shayl asks daya if internet connection can be installed. Mayank starts to convince daya with all sort of things like why pay extra money gunjan counters saying she is only taking the three hundred rupees plan. Mayank says that the internet is not a good place for girls and many crimes happen gunjan screams that its not a good thing for boys as well. Mayank says that user it for study purpose and gunjan can use it when ever she want. Gunjan is upset. Shayl says that kid s dont decide its the elder who will. She asks daya his final answer. Daya says he agrees wit mayank and there wont be any met connection


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