Young Dreams 16 March 2021 update: Episode beings with Sangeeta and Seema shocked to hear Shayl’s announcement meanwhile all are happy. Rachna congratulates Gunjan while Bua says Shayl’s decision is great.

Seema says that there is no need to hurry as Gunjan and Mayank will definitely maary and also they should wait for Akash. Sangeeta seconds Seema. Shayl says she talked to Akash and he will come for it. Akash is ready for the engagement. All are happy while Dayal says therefore we need to start make preparations. One of them says we will get that ready but ask Mayank and Gunjan if they are ready and all laughs.
Seema and Sangeeta look at each other in despair. They are screaming in the inside. In room, Rachna and Gunjan are swinging around, both jolly. Rachna says she is happy and soon Gunjan will be her Bhabhi and not sister. Shayl comes and tells Gunjan that she will have to call her mom not Mausi, she asks if Gunjan is happy and both hug. Gunjan says she is happy and her mom, Sneha, made the right decision to let her stay here with Shayl because she knew she would have got all the happiness. Shayl gets emotional and sees Sneha picture and tells Gunjan that Sneha will be so happy for her no matter where she is. Shayl then says make a shopping list with all the things she and Rachna wants.

Shayl leaves. Later we are shown Seema is cutting vegetables while Shayl and Prabhu are making preparations and talking about the finances. Seema is getting irritated and is not cutting the vegetables properly. Sangeeta comes and see this and tells Seema what she is doing. Seema and Sangeeta are talking about Seema not happy about the relationship. Sangeeta says they have two days. She says they will do something on the day of engagement ( I think) but Seema should continue to smile. Seems pretends and shouts across to Shayl please give her some work to do in regeards with enegagement. Sahyl says yes. In college, Chaya jumps up and says oh my God.


She learns about everything – Vihaan is Rajiv brother and Rachan will be engage to Vihaan and Gunjan and Mayank will be engage soon. Chaya is vexed though that they didn’t tell her about it earlier. Chaya congratulates both of them. Vihaan comes and Chaya gets excited and says he is so cute and Gunjan hears. Vihaan asks Rachna to go canteen with him, meanwhile Gunjan convinces Chaya to leave the two of them and they leave Rachna and Vihaan. Rachna is blushing. At home, Dayal comes in room and Shayl is there and he gives her monry.

Shayl says there is no need for that because Akash already send money. Shayl said she didn’t know he would have done that. Dayal tells her take the money and make it a great one. They have an emotionally talk about Gunjan being their daughter. Shayl takes the money. He tells her to save some for Rachna’s wedding as well. Shayl smiles. At canteen, Vihaan brings coffee for Rachna who takes it and blushes. Vihaan asks about that and she replies about Gunjan and Mayank getting engage. She continues and talk about the preparations but notices Vihaan is down. Vihaan then smiles and says he is happy for her.

Part Two:
At home, the ladies are picking saris, Seema is excited but then Sangeeta takes sari that seema has and Seema realizes. Shayl says that sari is for Sangeeta, Sangeeta says she has saris. Shayl convinces her to take it. Girls return from college and they start to choose which one they want also. Shayl gives Gunjan one to try on and she leaves while Mayank follows her upstairs and the two witches see. Upstairs Gunja trying it, she sees Mayank and asks what he is doing here. Sangeeta comes and says Gunjan MIL has sent this to see which one is best. She asks Mayank what he is doing here and Mayank lies say he come for some Mat. Gunjan tries on sari while Myank giving her a sign if he like sit or not. But actually Mayank is chosing the ugly saris. Gunjan then pushes him out the door; they are playing, while Sangeeta on the bed thinking that very soon there will be a damaksha.

Part Three:
Its evening and it’s the mehindi ceremony. Chaya and some girls are dancing as well. Mayank then comes and says he has an announcement. Mayank says he has got a big job offer and he has to go for an interview. All are happy while Seema goes to him and says thank god. God has blessed her son. Prabhu says thank also Gunjan because she has entered his life and give him luck. Seema gives a pretentious smile. Mayank says there is a problem though. His interview is tomorrow and he doesn’t know how long it will take. Sangeeta and Seema seems a bit happy and Sangeeta says don’t worry, it won’t take long. Sangeeta husband says something and all laughs. Gunjan is happy.

Part 1

The episode starts with Gunjan coming to the terrace with mehendi on her hands and Mayank hugs her and she says she’s got mehendi and if the family knows they are meeting at night then he’ll get scolded. Gunjan and Mayank joke with each other and suddenly they hear Seema calling out Mayank’s name. Mayank tells Gunjan he’s gonna hide but Gunjan says she’s the one that’s suppose to hide as Seema knows he’s at the terrace. Gunjan goes and hides and Seema gives Mayank a talisman to tie saying that his aunt got aunt for him since tommorow’s a special day being his engagement and interview. Seema wards away evil from Mayank and he says its not neccessary since Gunjan is so lucky for him. She says Gunjan is such a nice girl and even she wouldn’t had been able to find a girl as great as Gunjan.
Seema ties the talisman for him and tells him to go to sleep soon as tomorrow is an important day. He says he’ll go to bed in 2 minutes. Seema leaves and he signals Gunjan to come out of hiding. Gunjan runs out and hugs him and he says Gunjan is his lucky mascot and should be by his side. Gunjan says he’s sweet and she’ll be there with her would be husband. Seema and Sangeetha are watching slyly. Gunjan and Mayank express how happy they are. Seema tells Gunjan to laugh all she wants because tomorrow they will laugh at her. Seema says tomorrow is going to be a big dramatic day. She tells Sangeetha one thing’s missing which is Gunjan’s Mumbai friends that have come all the way. Sangeetha says she’ll invite them and they leave. Gunjan tells Mayank she’s giving him her precious time and Mayank jokingly says what about his degree that he worked so hard for. Chaya calls Gunjan and she tells Mayank she has to go practice the dance and leaves.

Part 2

Chaya tells Gunjan to choose a song and suggests to her some but Gunjan says all her suggestions are for guys and she’ll chose a song meant for a girl. Bua says to choose a song for a girl and starts to sing. Dholu says he wants to dance too and Gunjan says ok. Gunjan, Chaya and Rachana along with Dholu and Shail start dancing. Gunjan’s phone is ringing and she sees its Vihaan’s call. She picks it up and Vihaan thinking its Gunjan asks how the preparations are going on.
Rachana tells him its her and if he wants to talk to Gunjan then she’ll call her. Vihaan said he only called to wish her all the best since her engagement is tomorrow and says if she’s busy then its ok. Rachana tells him Gunjan’s busy and she’s very happy since her dreams have come true. Vihaan says hope Gunjan stays happy and tells Rachana to pass the wishes. He says he hopes tomorrow is the best day for Gunjan and then asks Rachana what she’s wearing. Rachana hesitates but Vihaan tells her to wear red as its his favourite color. Rachana says she’ll hang up as she has work to do and he says ok. Rachana realizes she doesn’t have any red clothes and worries what she’ll wear.

Part 3

Shail comes into the girls room and wakes up Gunjan. She tells Gunjan to got to the temple as its a big day for her. Gunjan says why so early and Shail says there’s a lot of things to be done and the guests will be arriving in the evening. She takes out an outfit for Gunjan and gets teary eyed. Gunjan notices and tells her yesterday she was wiping her tears and today she herself is crying and Shail says she was thinking of Sneha the way she talks and her dreams. Shail says if there’s anything to be happy about its the fact that Gunjan has happiness in her life. She’s scared that she took a big responsibility and won’t be able to fullfil it. Gunjan tells her with a mother like her nothing can go wrong with the daughter.
She thanks Shail for all that she has done for her and thanks her mother for sending an angel for her in a form of Shail. Gunjan says all will be fine and tells her to stop crying and says she’ll get ready. Mayank wakes up with the noise that is going on in the house and realizes he slept off while studying. Seema comes in with outfits for Gunjan and tells Mayank that she hopes at least for today Gunjan wears them for her sake. Mayank says she’ll sure wear it and Seema says if he says so then she’ll definitely wear it and says she’ll bring him some almonds and milk. He gets a phone call from the company and then tells Seema his interview is at 5 and to pray he gets the job. Mayank also tells her its a big IT software company and its everyone’s dream to get the job. Seema says its beyond her understanding but she’ll definitely pray for him. Mayank tells Seema there’s so much of noise and he can’t prepare for his interview. She says its bound to happen in a house where the engagement is going to happen. She suggests he study at a friends house and to be back by 4. He agrees and tells her to tell Gunjan the timing of his interview as he considers her his lucky charm.

Part 4

Seema says of course she’ll tell Gunjan and tells him not to worry. He goes and gets ready. Rachana says she doesn’t have either dark or light red and shows Gunjan an outfit and asks if its red. Gunjan says she’s colour blind as the outfit is either brown or maroon. Rachana says what is she to do and Gunjan tells her all colours suit her especially green and whatever she wears will suit her. Rachana mentions Vihaan’s name and Gunjan teases her. Sangeetha comes and asks what’s happening and Gunjan says Rachana doesn’t have a red outfit to wear and Sangeetha tells them to get it at the bazaar. Rachana says but Gunjan can’t go out. Sangeetha says the market is near and they’ll be back in a hour. Rachana is worried about Shail and Sangeetha says she’ll handle her and tells them to leave early so they’ll be back on time. Gunjan asks her where Mayank is and she says at his friend’s place and that his interview is at 6 and to be back by 5 and its 3 now. Gunjan says they’ll take only half and hour and says they’ll be back in a jiffy. Sangeetha tells Seema to call up Gunjan’s friends. Seema says she hopes its the right number and Sangeetha says she got it from Shail’s diary. Sangeetha calls and talks to Gunjan’s friend Anjali and invites all of her friends to the engagement and says Gunjan will be surprised if they come. Seema says now even this is done and they smile evily.


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