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Young Dreams 12 January 2021: Sneha has another attack while akash offers to get an ambulance but she refuses saying she wants to see her daughters performance on tv. Shayl tells about sneha s disease to her devrani and they offer to come down to mumbai for help but shayl refuses asking them to take care of the house and rachna. She tells them that she had made a promise to rachna and could not fulfill it.

Rachna with dholu going out ,she s really hurt that her mom is not there ,dholu tries to scare her by mimicking a dog but rachna s lost in her own thoughts.

Gunjan s tensed that the show is about to start but her mom and dad have not come yet.

Rachna has come to take milk but some boys tease her saying everyone will look amazing in the party except a few and she runs away.

Only 5 minutes left for Gunjan s performance and she s praying her mom comes fast. On the other hand doctors have come home ,sneha is put on life support. Doctor announces that sneha is sinking . (shayl holds her hand and rubs) . Akash switches on the tv.

Programme has started. shayl remembers all the time and memories with sneha ,she breaks down. Akash asks her to go but she does not want to leave her sister . Akash tells her he will take care of sneha and shayl goes to the function.

Rachna coming back home meets chaya on the way who s talking about the party ,they plan to go to eat chat later. Rachna asks her to shut up and says she is not going to the party .

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Sneha regrets she is not able to attend gunjan s dance. Akash tells her she can still see her on tv. She asks akash if she has enough time left that she can see her daughters performance


shayl is in a car on her way to see gunjan s performance,she calls her husband and cries . Rachna comes home and her chachi s regret teasing her they offer to make tea for her while she freshens up. She enters her room to see her black saree jewellery and her black inners on the bed. She s happy and shouts mummy you are back ,her chachi s enter and assure that they will help her dress up for the party . Rachna asks them if they have forgiven her for her rude behaviour and they all hug

gunjan s name is amounced but she sees her parents have not come yet. She walks on to the stage and she asks for a mike and says – this day is really important. My mom wanted me to learn kathak and perform but when am doing it my mom has no idea. I have no clue if my mom is here in the audience but i am doing it only for you and i love you.

The audience claps and sneha who s seeing it on tv says i love you too.

Gunjan dancing on mere dholna while sneha on the other hand is in a really bad state. Shayl reaches the venue and hurries to reach the auditorium. She has not brought the pass so the guard does not allow her to get in. A stranger is on the gate who has 4 passes and shayl enters. Sneha s health detoriates. Doctor trying to revive her. Gunjan sees shayl on the seat meant for her mother and she is shocked.

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Gunjan is angry and throws her ghungroos.before Shayl can explain she barges out.

Gunjan comes back home and is upset and screams on her mom only later she realizes her mom s on life support and is shocked.

Sneha assures her she saw her dance on tv they hug and sneha falls back on the bed and she is no more

rachna gets dressed for her party with her chachi s help. Shayl tells her husband about snehas death He does not want rachna to go to the party but later agrees on shayl s persuasion.

Rachna and chaya recieve awards at the party. Rachna gets miss chui mui award.

Some ritual going on and Gunjan is missing finally comes home with her mom s clothes from tailor. She is not ready to accept her mom s death.

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