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Young Dreams 28 January 2021 update: Episode starts with Rachna combing her hair and thinking about Mintu’s threat and the letter. Suddenly the doorbell rings, and she gets alarmed and drops her comb.

Rachna is sure that it is Mintu and doesn’t know what to do. Seema opens the door and it’s Charu being weird again XP She has her hand covering her eyes :S and has brought photos of the engagement. Sangeeta and Seema ask her what’s wrong as she is covering her eyes. Charu hands them over the pics and asks them which way is Mayank’s room. They tell her to go straight and she almosts slips XD Charu tells them that she will accomplish her plan and see Mayank’s face before anyone elses. Seema tells Sangeeta that they will get in trouble if Dayal or Shail see Charu in their house so early in the morning. Seema tells Sangeeta that Mayank and Charu are engaged now, and they shouldn’t be meeting like this. Sangeeta tells her that nothing will go wrong . Charu comes in Mayanks room dropping a vase and waking him up, he is surprised that she is there.

Sangeeta and Seema are looking at the engagement pictures, Shail asks them whose pictures they are looking at. Sangeeta tells Shail that they are Mayank and Charu’s engagement pictures that Charu has brought over. Shail asks that Char left before seeing me, Sangeeta and Seema tell Shail that Charu hasn’t left yet, and that she is in the house towards Mayank’s room. Shail is startled that Charu is still in their house, and tells Sangeeta and Seema that if Dayal finds out about this, then it will cause chaos. Rachna hears this, and sees Shail holding an envelope of pictures. Rachna thinks that it’s the pictures of her and Mintu. Shail tells Sangeeta and Seema that if Dayal sees this photos then it will cause commotion. Shail starts calling Rachna, and tells her to come to her. She gives the photos to Rachna and tells her to keep them safe somewhere, and that Dayal should not get to know about them. Shail tells Rachna that Charu brought over the pictures, and are of her engagement. Rachna is relieved that it is nothing to do with her.
Charu is in Mayank’s room, and Mayank is confused and still surprised as to why Charu has come to his house so early, and is in his room. Charu tells him that she wanted to see his face first, and that she has. He tells her that this is craziness, seeing his face, and says come on charu. She tells him to call her Paptu. Mayank is puzzled and says Paptu? :S Charu tells him that she has given herself that name, and tells Mayank to say it. He tells her that Charu is a good name, she tells him that he is her Dabbu and she is his Paptu. He asks Charu is someone saw her coming into his room and if they heard anything. Charu tells him that they heard and they saw, but she had a first-class excuse Shail tells Seema and Sangeeta to come up with some excuse and send Charu back to her place. She tells them she doesn’t understand how they let Charu go in his room alone. Shail sees Gunjan and calls her over.

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Charu tells Mayank she only dreams about him. Mayank starts thinking about yesterday and how he was unable to sleep thinking about Gunjan. Charu tells Mayank she has brought something for him, and it’s a pink teddy bear. She tells him she has more, and gives him these balloons. She tells him there is more, and gives him this decorated picture they took at the engagement with each other. He tells her Oh My God Charu XD She corrects him saying it’s Paptu He tells her what was the need for all this, and she tells him she can do anything for him. Someone knocks on the door and Mayank tells them to come in. Charu tells Mayank that she has locked the room from inside, and Mayank goes to open it. It’s Gunjan, and she is giving a sarcastic smile seeing Charu and Mayank together. Gunjan tells Mayank that she is sorry for disturbing him, but she only came to pass on Shail masi’s message. She tells him that before Dayal comes, he has to go and drop Charu home. Mayank tells Charu that they have to leave, and holds her arm, Charu likes this
The phone rings and Dayal goes to pick it up. Guess he is talking with some relative, and Mayank and Charu still have to walk past Dayal’s room. Dayal is off the phone now, and is also walking towards the door. Charu and Mayank are about to pass his door and Dayal is about to come out, until suddenly he turns around to grab something. Charu and Mayank successfully pass by his room and Seema tells them to go. Shail tells Charu to go back home and tells her that Mayank will drop her off. Shail tells Sangeeta and Seema that this shouldn’t happen again.

The phone rings and Gopal (Sangeeta’s husband) picks it up, and no one answers. They are eating breakfast, and Gopal’s brother asks him who it was, and Gopal tells him that no one was talking. On the table, Dayal sees Gunjan texting and is irritated by this and says out loud that nowadays the phone has become a toy for girls, and that Gunjan is always on it. Shail tells Gunjan to start her breakfast or it will get cold. Dayal asks where Mayank is and Shail tells him that she has send him to the market.

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Rachna comes to eat breakfast, and the phone rings. Shail tells Rachna to pick up the phone. It’s Mintu XXP And he says hey my internet friend, do you recognize me and tells her to come meet him at 12 in the back alley. Mintu tells her that she needs to give him just one kiss XXXP or else… and he shuts the phone. Shail tells Gunjana and Rachna to clean the courtyard. Gunjan has the water bucket and is having fun splashing the water.

Gunjan tells Rachna that she is having a lot of fun, and feels like doing this all day. Mayank walks in and sees Gunjan. Rachna is still terrified by what Mintu said and Gunjan asks Rachna where she is lost and if she should throw water at her. Mayank is just smiling at Gunjan ❤ Gunjan counts to three and splashes water on Rachna. Mayank is looking at Gunjan and walking down the few stairs, romantic music is playing *sune re suna re* Gunjan calls out Dabbu sir, and tells him to watch out for the water on the stairs, haha its too late and he slips and falls XD Gunjan starts laughing, and says what to do with these people who can’t hear nor see XD Seema comes and sees Mayank, and starts blaming and yelling at Gunjan for giving Mayank pain all the time. Seema asks Gunjan when she will stop doing this. Mayank tells Seema not to scold Gunjan, and tells his mom that it’s his fault, and that he was the one not paying attention when Gunjan told him to be careful.

Seema and Gunjan surprised with what he has said, especially Gunjan. Seema asks him if is hurt and he nods. Dolu runs in the courtyard, and Rachna asks him to do a job for her to go and call Chaya. Gunjan asks Rachna what is wrong. She tells Rachna that she is not only her sister but her friend as well, and asks her to tell her what is wrong. Rachna is thinking in her head that if she tells Gunjan about this, then she will laugh at her and decides to just tell this to Chaya. Seema’s husband calls over everyone to see the engagement pics, and all of the family look through them. Seema looks at Mayank’s photo and points out just how dashing he looks, and Mayank smiles at Gunjan. Rachna tells Gunjan that she is looking very pretty in the suit and she also tells Rachna how pretty she looks but points out that she looks terrified in each picture and why that is. As Gunjan is looking through the pictures, Mayank is just looking at Gunjan. Seema tells that Charu and Mayank’s pic is the best, and will get it enlarged and get it hung in mayank’s room. Mayank and Gunjan both see the pic of them together on the table, and reach out to grab it at the same time, Gunjan grabs it before him.

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And tells him that it’s her photo, Mayank says he can see that but tells her to look carefully to see him in it as well XD Gunjan tells him no problem and that she will cut off his face from it and give it to him XD Mayank tells her not to do that as it will spoil that nice picture of her. Chaya comes and Rachna sees her, she tells Shail she will be right back. She brings Chaya to her room, locks it and Chaya is asking Rachna what has happened. Rachna tells Chaya about Mintu asking for a kiss or else he will come show the family the photos. Chaya is shocked by this. Chaya says she has an idea and will tell Shail about this as she is so understanding. Rachna says she can’t because she has deceived her mom by keeping this matter hidden from her for so long and that she will never forgive her. She tells Chaya she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents as they mean everything to her. Chaya tells Rachna about this Rupali girl and that how the same thing had happened with her too, and how the news abt her spread in the neighbourhood, and that their reputation got ruined. Rachna is crying so much hearing all that Chaya has said, and tells her that all this will happen to her, and that everything will be shattered and she will be thrown out of her house. Chaya tells her that nothing like that will happen, and through the window Gunjan has heard everything (Yay, finally!)


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