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Young Dreams 25 February 2021 update: Rachna is upset that rajeev has not come yet and she boards the bus. Gunjan gifts rachna a cell phone and rachna is very happy. Gunjan assures her that she has taken permission from dayal. Rachna starts clicking pictures . The bus is about to leave but rajeev has nt come yet.

Mayank s dad is bargaining on the phone for the price of suit. He is upset that seema wants him to wear a suit only. Mayank comes in and wants to talk to him. Mayank tells him that he does not want to get married.

The bus leaves and rajeev is not there. Gunjan is lost in mayank s assurance that he will be telling his parents. Rachna is looking outside the window and chaya questions both of them. Chaya then suggests playing antakshari. Gunjan has to start with ‘m’. Hid sings mashallah ( my sallu dose). Rachna is upset that rajeev is not here. Chaya asks rachna to sing she is about to explode but when she turns rajeev is sitting next to her. she is very happy and is told to sing with ‘p’. She sings pehla nasha. The bus brakes and she falls in rajeev s arms.

Prabhu tells mayank its too late to call of the wedding and he tells him that it will spoil charu s name . He even jokes if mayank is in love with someone else. He says seema will have a heart attack if she comes to know.

the bus reaches chandraprabha. Everyone is excited. Rachna sees someone removing her bag from the roof of the bus and tells him to do it carefully as glass items are there. She climbs the stairs and is about to fall when rajeev holds her and gives her his hand to get down. Rajeev is helping others and rachna stands and drools she keeps looking at her hand and is lost in her thoughts.. A car enters and someone says that ladkon ki dil ki dhadkan has entered. A woman in red saree gets down from the car and gunjan says its anushka man. All boys and even rajeev are staring at her. rajeev says finally she has come . She asks if rajeev missed her and touches his shoulder and also says he remembers her fav colour.. Rachna is upset. All boys say they miss her and she says she missed them. Rajeev anushka and the full toli leaves.

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Seema is bargaining with the maharaj to reduce his price for cooking for 5 days. He leaves and goes Mayank tells Shayl that the talk with his father dint materialize. Shayl tells he is the one who needs to do everything and she is trying to make sure arrangements wont be done on time. She will slack for sure.

scene 1
Rajiv sir starts the game and tell the students that person who belongs to current team, has to be with that team till the end of this camp session for all activities and they will be assessed on their performances and from that they will declare the best team. So 2 teams were formed TEAM A anushka mam and TEAM B rajiv sir. gunjan and chaya get selected in rajiv sir team and rachna in anushka mam. Rachna get upset and gunjan cheers her up. Rachna ask gunjan whether she did call to mom or nt, gunjan tells that there is no network. rachna gets more tensed and upset. IN home, shayl trying to reach gunjan and rachna on phone but she is not able to, and she start getting worried. Dayal enters the room and ask shayl wht happd, shayl tells him that she is getting worried abt both girls. Dayal tells shayl not to worry, as there can be some network problem. He tells that he trust gunjan alot, she will not only take care of herself but rachna too. he also tell shayl to have patience they will definitely call u from some nearby STD or from some where else. At same time, shayl phn rings and it was gunjan, telling shayl that she has reached safely and is calling from nearby STD and ask shayl whether Mayank told anyone abt there relation but shayl brushes off the topic as there was dayal too in the room…

rachna brushing her hair, looking into mirror , all smiling. gunjan enters tent and rachna ask did she rang to shayl? gunjan replied yes she did that. gunjan notices rachna’s behaviour and ask why she is getting ready. rachna tells that she is getting ready for bon-fire and dinner. Gunjan tells rachna dat she has changed and ask the reason for this change. rachna tries to brush off the topic but gunjan tells rachna to not to hide anything and again ask her the reason for her changed behaviour?? Rachna uses reverse psychology and ask same question to gunjan and tells her that she is also behaving strangely. gunjan gets amazed and both start tickling each other.A NICE SISTER MOMENT. somebody from camp comes in tent and asked them to come fast as all are waiting. Rachna exchange her looks with mirror one more time and tell gunjan to come for bonfire. gunjan tell rachna she will come but after a while and rachna goes away for bonfire session.

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scene 3
scene shifts to ground where some ppl including rachna and chaya were dancing, some were playing ..sslk bg score..gunjan enters the ground and see all ppl are having fun…scene shifts to some pond where gunjan sitting alone at the bank reminding good moments spent with mayank, she really gets happy and den she recalls, mayank’s promise and say that hopefully mayank told their relation to somebody in home except shayl. she thinks if mayank not able to do that , then charu will definitely come and she will not able to live with her in same home. gunjan was about to go when suddenly her foot slips and she slips in pond. Her foot gets hurt. Somebody comes running to escape gunjan from pond ( not shown) and jumps in pond but dat person himself start drowning. Gunjan see dis and helps dat person. she grabs him and put her at the bank. Person loses his consciousness , gunjan shouts for help but nobody was there and gunjan says that she should give mouth to mouth breathing. At dat time, person open his eyes and ask gunjan why she has stopped, gunjan shouts and tell him dat he is cheater and ask is dis some kind of joke? dat person tells not at all, please continue with her mouth to mouth. gunjan kick dat person in pond again. dat person comes on bank, some girls come to pond and tell that he is VIHAAN and dey go crazy and run towards him. Girls and vihaan start flirting with each other. vihaan tells them that he is in romantic mood today. gunjan is getting irritated. one of girl ask vihaan dat what happened?? he is swimming champion and is he hurt?? vihaan tell dem that he saved gunjan from drowning. gunjan gets furious and start scolding vihaan. vihaan tells him that she has very strange way of saying thanks. he tell girls that gunjan was all unconscious and he saved her. girls start accusing gunjan and gunjan gets mad and goes away. vihaan all smiling and tells that he love attitude type girls.

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scene 4
gunjan all furious, rachna see gunjan in wet state and ask how dis happened to her? gunjan tells her abt the happening. rachna tells her to change her clothes and to not to worry about stupid ppl. gunjan goes away. Rachna see rajiv sir coming with some charts and other things. rachna goes to him and ask him to give some of the load, but rajiv denies and tell her not to worry. rajiv compliments rachna dat she is looking beautiful. rachna again ask rajiv to give some load. rajiv gives her some chart papers. rachna blushing and staring rajiv sir. scene shifts to camp ground where all students around bonfire and rajiv sir telling them dat boys will cook food and girls will go to jungle to get woods and dey will also put up the tents too. girls get scared and anushka mam comes and tells dem not to worry at all and dey do have torches with name on it.rajiv sir tell them there should be no excuse, dey have to do what has been alloted them. One boy ask rajiv if they will not do the work den?? dat boy was vihaan sitting on bed. rajiv tell him if he didnt follow his order den…rajiv comes forward and move the bed up and vihaan fell on ground. gunjan is all happy, vihaan get furious and rajiv complete the sentence and tell vihaan he will throw him just lyk dis out of the camp.


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