Young Dreams 18 March 2021 update: SHAIL and GUNJAN were talking and SHAIL as a mother to make her understand to give some time to MAYANK, and GUNJAN understands what SHAIL wants to say. GUNJAN says that MAYANK is a good person and if he comes to her and apolizes she will definitely forgive him.

SHAIL brings food for her .
Here RACHNA was listening all outside the gate and directly goes to MAYANK and tells how much GUNJAN loves him so he should say sorry to her but he carries on his push-ups and disagree with RACHNA. He denies for apolozising to GUNJAN and asks RACHNA not to interfere in their matters. RACHNA again says asks him whether he loves GUNJAN or not, he gain got up angry and rachna moves outside.

Whole family at dinning table. MAYANK and GUNJAN were absent. SEEMA says to all that GUNJAN is on mistake and MAYANK is right. But SHAIL opposes her that both are on their own mistakes and both should not break up their relation.


At VIHAAN’S house. VIHAAN’S parents talking about what has happened at the ROKA ceremony. VIHAAN’S mother rethinks that whether she is right to fix marriage with RACHNA or not but VIHAAN’S father oposses her that VIHAAN is going to marry RACHNA not her family. VIHAAN also praises RACHNA that she is an innocent girl and different from all other college girls.

PRABHU was angry with the act of mayank and says that he shoud be kicked out of the home of his acts. But DAYAL tells him to keep patience and to gibe some time to GUNJAN and MAYANK.

SEEMA and SANGEETA both were happy with what was happened and PRABHU asks SEEMA to scold his dear son but SEEMA got angry and says that no one will say anything to MAYANK.
In the mean while SHAIL got tensed about gunjan and mayank’s relation and thinks that no one can do anything, all can be done only by only gunjan and mayank.

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SHAIL again tries to make up GUNJAN to talk to MAYANK. But gunjan denies that mayank is on mistake why she apolozises. SHAIL tells her all about relation, love and marriage. RACHNA also tries to make up GUNJAN and she got up ready to apolozise.
While gunjan was going to mayank’s room, he got a call from CHAARU and chaaru tries of being so sweet so that she can enter into mayank’s mind. Mayank says to chaaru if gunjan could be sweet like her. Charu tries to make him angry through her words.
While gunjan at hall goes to flashback that what mayank says to her and cries. RACHNA comes and asks her not to cry and carry on.
GUNJAN outside the mayank’s room after seeing mayank talking so nicely to chaaru runs away from there in her room and cries a lot, talks to herself that she is most hurted by mayank’s words and he is apolozising chaaru rather he should apolozise her.

Part One:
Episode begins with a promo like with 12/12/12 and Sangeeta tells Seema that thyehave do something that will make Myanka and Charu marry soon. Later, Seema goes in mayank room and asks what’s wrong with him. And he says nothing. Dolu comes and asks mayank for something, a camera recorder because he has to do some project and Myanak ignores him, Seema tells Dolu leave him alone. Dolu gets the reocrder from the cupboard. Seema tells mayank if he needs anything tell her and Mayank tells her leave him in peace for some time. Dolu is videoing around in the house and comes to a part where Seema and Sangeeta are talking about their plans, Dolu videos that! dolu come sto hall and videos the girls before going to college. Shayl asks Gunjan if she talk to Mayank, at first she ignores but then tells Shayl yes she was going to but he was one the phone. Shayl says go talk to him now. Gunjan says no, why she should talk to him when he is busy with Charu and he does not care. Dolu is still recording and tells Gunjan comes home early for the shoot.
Part Two
Meanwhile, Sangeeta is on the phone with Charu who is outside their home. Sangeeta tells her don’t come in unless she tells her too. Sangeeta goes in her room and hears a knock on her window, iT’s charu. Dolu comes and is still recording and records when Sangeeta is helping Charu through the window. Dolu replays it and says he has an idea and leaves. He goes to Mayank room and tells him something is wrong with the review mode (I think). Mayank plays it and the recordings which Mayank made when he used to record Gunjan shows and Mayank watches and gets sad and closes it. He tells Dolu when Gunjan returns tell her he wants to ask her something urgently. Dolu tells him fix it quickly, Mayank does and Dolu thanks him. In Sangeeta’s room, she is scolding Charu for coming. Seema is also there. Charu is talking what she will do and before she tells them, there is a knock on the door and it’s Dolu. He tells them to open the door as he knows everything they were talking about Gunjan. They get frighten and open the door and Sangeeta takes him inside and closes the door. She asks him what he knows and he says he knows everything about what they say. Seema asks him if he told Mayank this and he says no.

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Part Three:
Sangeeta puts Dolu on of the room. Dolu says he wants to know the secret. Dolu thinks and says a table and puts it by the window and videos the three witches, however, their plan was silent and even Dolu couldn’t hear I guess. Later, Gunjan and Rachna come home after which they leave for freshen up Sangeeta calls Charu and says now. Charu is taking a glass of juice to Mayank’s room. Prabhu meets Sangeeta and Seema downstairs. She convinces Prabu to talk to Gunjan so that she will talk to Mayank. Charu goes in Mayank’s room and give shim the juice but intentionally spills it on his shirt. Charu says this time you are trapped Mayank and Dolu is at the door recording.
Part Four:
Prabu goes to Gunjan’s room and asks her to go talk to Mayank. Rachna is also there. Shayl comes and sees this. Shayl says she is my very understandable daughter. She says she knows Gunjan will talk to Mayank. Even Rachna asks her to do so. Gunjan gives in and Prabhu wishes her all the bets while she leaves. Charu is all excited and peeps and see Gunjan coming and Charu spoils up her own hair put something wet on her lips and fixed her Shawl in a bad way. She then goes out the room and Gunjan sees her. Both say sorry. But then Charu says that since Mayank isn’t marrying…she says Mayank is very good and wipes her lips. She was also making her hair neat and so in front of Gunjan. Gunjan is all wrecked. Charu leaves. Gunjan looks into Mayank’s room and is shocked to see Mayank putting on a shirt. Mayank sees a teary Gunjan.

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