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Young Dreams 18 February 2021 update: rachna give thank u card to rajiv sir..rachna tell rajiv that it was becuz of him, she has got such appreciation…rajiv sir take card and sign on it, and then he hold hand of rachna and give back the card and rajiv say thank u to rachna cuz of her college team won…

rajiv then walks away..rachna watching the signature and recalling the moment when rajiv holds her hand…she’s all in lovey – dovey mood , and bg music of pehla nasha plays and recall moments spent with rajiv sir…she watches rajiv sir from staff room’s window, rajiv sir comes out of staff room, rachna hides away..from behind gunjan comes and pat rachna and ask rachna what she is doing here?? rachna brushes of the topic…and all three girls walks to home…

scene 2
seema tells shail that she wants to help her, but shail ignores her..again seema ask dat is she angry till now?? shail didnt replied to her…dolu comes to shail ask for ladoo…shail gives her big laddo and dolu ask how was the match, shail tell him dat it was not match, it was like mahabharat battle and hockey field was kurkshetra ka maidan and rachna was like arjun doing goals over and over again…dolu gets really happy after listening dis…some neighbour comes and congratulate for her daughter’s sucess…shail tells her dat she is proud of her daughter rachna…rachna and gunjan enters the room and start listening to shail talks…and rachna tells to shail that it was becuz of her dat she able to play hockey, she added fuel to her hockey rail..and they both hug…gunjan is all sad..shail noticed this and tell rachna dat it was gunjan who actually pushes ur hockey rail…and tell dat she is so proud of her daughters…seema get sad and went away…gunjan ask that she wants laddoo too…shail tells u want to eat as much as can..happiness is showering dese days..1st it was ur strike, now dis hockey tournament, then it will be gunjan b’day, then rachna’s engagment and ultimately mayank’s marriage…gunjan request to shail to not tell anybody abt her b’day as she doesnt want to celebrate dis yr..but shail make her understand dat if sneha wud have present she celebrated her bday too…gunjan again become sad…mayank watching from above and listening to gunjan and shail conversation…

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scene 3
rachna comes to her room..again reminding rajiv sir thank u…all smiling and gigling…she opens the card and start staring the signatures again…chaya comes in room and see rachna smiling..chaya comes silently and scares rachna…rachna hide card and chaya notices and ask rachna what she is hiding??? rachna again brushes of the topic and ask her to eat laddos…chaya tells her dat her mother is distributing laddos in mohalla..and also tells her rachna that she has become favt player of rajiv sir..rachna all blushing and ask how she knows abt it?? chaya tells dat whole college know dis…rachna again becomes happy…chaya further adds that it was basically her mother who supported u from the start…gunjan at the same time enters the room and start listening to chaya talks…rachana further adds yes whole credit goes to her mom…gunjan listening dis become very sad…chaya offers laddos to gunjan..gunjan deny and went out of room…

scene 4
shail gives tea to dayal and take permission for gunjan b’day celebration…dayal agrees with shail..seema listening from outside and is not happy at all..

scene 5
gunjan watching photo album of her sneha mom…andstart recalling all the memories spent with her…mayank see dis and sits besides her and ask dat y she didnt told him abt her bday..gunjan replies dat wht he expect dat she shd tell the whole world abt it?? mayank then say dat now he is in whole world, interesting…seema calls mayank…gunjan also tells him dat to go , otherwise her mom will come up and again they have to cook up the new story and she is not interested in doing dat…mayank get upset and goes away…charu and her mom has come with designer…charu telling garg family dat he will going to design their wedding outfits as well their their clothes too…seema and sangeeta becomes happy and shail was not so happy and ask charu’s mother y she is spending so much money…but charu’s mom denys it and tells shail consider as gift from us only…mayank comes in hall…charu introduces mayank to designer and ask him to give measurements…mayank tells her that he is not interested, but charu’s mom insist him to give the measurement…gunjan comes in hall…rachna tell gunjan to give her measurement too…gunjan tell rachna she is not interested and goes away…mayank goes after gunjan…charu ask wht is wrong with everyone??seema comes near charu and tell her dat u should call privately for the measurements and in the mean time they all give their measurements..charu is happy…mayank ask gunjan why she remain upset all the time?? gunjan tells mayank that she is hurt and angry from him, he promised her dat he will sought all the things but nothing happened…gunjan tells mayank dat he is coward and she wont be surprised if he will become the groom, doing nothing…mayank is shocked and gunjan goes away…

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rachna standing in front of mirror and checking outfits while dholu is getting one dress after the other. The whole room is in a mess gunjan enters and is pleasently suprised . Shayl comes in and there is someone at the main door dholu wants to go to open but then shayl asks him and rachna to clean up while gunjan goes to open the door. She is shocked to see her dad. They are happy seeing each other.

Seema and sangeeta are speculating when will akash leave. They think he has come for a long visit as he has a big suitcase. Mayank offers to lift his luggage for him but gunjan pleasently declines.

Shayl has assigned the guest room for him but mayank offers his own room and says he will stay in the guest room. Shayl asks if he wont be having any problem as his books will be in the room.

Akash asks gunjan about her new college and new friends gunjan sees mayank at the door he has come to give a glass and some bed sheets . As he leaves gunjan bursts into tears and akash consoles her.

Rachna standing in front of the mirror singing sapne suhaane ladakpan ke mayank comes in and tells her that some sur s are wrong and takes a guitar and sings the song ,rachna tells him that he is really good (promotion of sa re ga ma)

next day the girls are about to go to college seema tells gunjan not to go as her dad is here but he tells her to go mayank offers to show him around banaras. gunjan tells him that she will give him a list of places she wants her dad to visit and takes him away from everyone . She tells him there is no need for all this. Chaya comes in and gunjan introduces chaya as their best friend. The three girls leave for college.

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Shayl and akash have a conversation where shayl asks him that he is missing rachna so much.

The three girls in auto and the driver says he will be taking a new route they agree as rachna s fututre in law s house agarwal villa will be in their way. They soon spot it and its huge. Rachna is not very keen but gunjan and chaya are really excited. They get down and then decide to go in as they have come this far.


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