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Young Dreams 11 February 2021 update: charu comes home in a jogging suit and tries to say sorry and win mayank back. Finally shayl convinces mayank to take her jogging. As soon as mayank and shayl leave charu is busy fixing her make up.

Mayank realizes she is a drama queen who says but does not mean sorry.

gunjan chaya and rachna sit with a group of friends discussing the gundas . They want to raise voice against them in a big number. A plan is discussed but we are not told of it. Rachna is lost in rajeev s thoughts how he saved her they go for class.

Mayank and charu in park jogging mayank trying to provoke her so that she bursts in anger. Charu is tired sits on a bench she says that she has no problems as mayank wants a good figured girl for his wife who is modern but in her head she thinks that once they are married she will make mayank her puppy .


chaya and rachna walking to go to class. Rachna lost in rajeev s thoughts the first time she saw him the song mein pareshaan in background. She dreams she is dancing with chaya. She spots him in a white t shirt gets ready for practice.she is still in her dream world on the field the coach looks at her and smiles . Rachna walks near and hugs him tight. But this is rachna s dream when the coach is actually teaching the girls.

Charu is dead tired and sits on a chair shayl asks her if she is fine. Sangeeta and shayl pampering her seema is not well she has a headache. Charu mutters that seema is a drama queen.shayl tells that seema is having fever. Sangeeta tells charu to go with mayank to a doctor and get him in a car. charu bursts in anger that she wont go and mayank should go alone to get the doctor. Mayank is fuming while shayl seema sangeeta are shocked. Suddenly charu realizes her mistake.

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mayank goes to get the doctor as charu covers up. the doctor measures her bp, tells he cant come to any conclusion without blood tests. Charu tells that she will get tea or juice or press seema s head.. Mayank shouts and tells her that she should stop her drama. Shayl intervenes stops mayank but charu says that mayank should speak. Charu starts emotional drama that he should slap her or she should die. Charu starts cribbing that she does not know cooking watching old movies but will do for mayank Charu crying that she will learn from her mistakes shayl consoling charu but mayank s angry. Seema says that they wont get better girl(open your eyes. Dont get blinded by the expensive gifts) charu says hai na . Seema makes charu sit near her and charu presses her arms. Shayl tells mayank to leave the 3 day thing. Shayl says that compromise/adjustment is the name of marriage. Shayl says that they will fix the marriage date now. Mayank is upset that why cant anyone see charu s reality.

mayank calls gunjan to meet her in the canteen. Gunjan tells chaya that she went home and leaves to meet mayank. Mayank tells gunjan that charu changes her colours and says that charu was about to be caught but escaped. Mayank tells that the marriage date will be fixed hearing this gunjan leaves and mayank curses charu. The gundas are back and before the guards can close the gate they enter the college. The guards decide to inform the police the gundas do a lot of narebaazi and spot rajeev sir and also the girls in ‘skirt and blouse’. Rajeev says that the girls should go to their changing room. Rachna says she wont leave him and go. He pushes rachna and goes to fight the gundas soon he is over powered. All the girls fight the men with hockey sticks. One of the gunda comes to hit rajeev on the head with a hockey stick as soon as rachna sees this she comes in between and takes the blow. Rachna faints. The police siren is heard.
Shayl is about to tell about rachna playing hockey to dayal but the exact moment rajeev comes in carrying rachna. Everyone is shocked seeing her.

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Rajeev says that she fainted and when dayal asks who he is rajeev says that he is her hockey coach.

he tells that a bunch of gundas are protesting against western clothes in college. Seema covers rachna s legs with a blanket. Bua sangeeta seema all start to taunt Shayl that she dint even inform dayal. Gunjan comes in is shocked to see the coach goes inside and sees rachna fainted. She sprinkes water and rachna wakes up. Rachna is scared and hugs shayl. Shayl asks gunjan to take rachna in. Bua taunts shayl but shayl says that she was thinking about rachna s future. Seema and sangeeta start about how can rachna wear those clothes (aag mein ghee)

they say what wil neighbours her in laws etc say she was in the arms of another man. Dayal is fuming he shouts on shayl . Shayl explains that she did it for her admission dayal says that what was the need she could go to a different college or sit at home for a year . Dayal says rachna is her in law s amanat he also asks what if her in law s would drop in her college or if someone threw acid at her..rachna is unhappy that everyone is blaming her mom but gunjan tells her to take rest.

Shayl says she is rachna s mom and thought about her. Dayal decides that shayl wont take any decisions for rachna from now on it will only be he who decides anything for her..


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