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Young Dreams 7 March 2021 update: Mayank is trying to get cozy with gunjan. She asks him to come on time at the temple and mayank agrees they decibed they will have dinner together and it will be gunjan s treat.

At The temple all the ladies are dressed beautifully gunjan gives dholu a camera to click pictures . Rachna is lost in her own thoughts ( she is looking gorgeous. Not sure but i think she got her eyebrows done ) . The rituals are going on where all ladies are sitting in a circle and passing thalis. They put diyas in a rose filled vessel. Gunjan asks dholu for the camera and asks him why he has only clicked her pictures he says that they are for him and not for mayank. Mayank is walking and meets Charu on the way who tells him she will drop him. They reach the temple. Charu touches seema s feet ,seema is happy that charu s here. Mayank wants to go in but sangeeta and seema are trying to delay mayank going in by small talk.

Vihaan tells his parents that he ended up meeting the girl but covers up saying he has seen the picture. Savitri devi is really happy and wants to get them engaged and wants vihaan to break her dil s fast. Vihaan agrees as he wants to break gunjan s akad as well as the fast.

Charu gets a call , screams that her dad slipped in the bathroom and faints. Seema and sangeeta convince mayank to leave charu . Mayank asks seema to tell gunjan about the emergency and seema agrees. Charu is in the car winks at sangeeta who winks back.

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The men come to the temple gunjan is worried that Mayank is missing she wants to call him but seema tells her he will come and not to worry .Savitri devi come to the temple. Rachna and gunjan are scared that the truth will come out in front of everyone. Shayl asks about her damaad who SD says is coming. Rachna takes blessings while SD is concerned that only after fasting for one day rachna is looking pale and tired. She asks if she has not eaten sargi in the morning. She puts it off and says that once she sees Vihaan she will get all chirpy.

Mayank is taking charu who keep acting that she is tensed for her dad. The car breaks down , mayank gets down trying to get help from the passers by. He comes to know there is a garage nearby and runs. Charu is happy thinking mayank wont reach the temple on time and calls sangeeta.

Sangeeta tells charu to keep him for half an hour and hangs up while gopal listens and asks her who she was talking to. Sangeeta behaves sweetly and manages to change the topic. Rachna and gunjan are tensed that they will be in trouble while Vihaan gets down from his car and sees them both.

Gunjan , Rachna shocked to see Vihaan entering they hold hands. Rachna wants the earth to break so they can disappear (our dharti putri!!!)

Vihaan enters the temple with shoes and Dayal stops him. They have an argument were Dayal says he would slap him if he was his son. Dayal is furious that a young person is talking to him like this while vihaan goes to remove his shoes. He climbs the stairs once again meets SD who points Dayal from far and takes him to meet his FIL. Vihaan is scared so he runs away. SD covers up saying he has important work while gunra are relieved.

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Gunjan asks her cellphone from seema who after lot of drama gives it to her. Before she can call the moon is seen , sangeeta seema force Gunjan to break the fast seeing Mayank s photo. Gunjan has a fainting spell and even Rachna , Shayl force her to break the fast.

Gunjan is seeing through the sieve , Mayank enters leaving seema sangeeta tensed. Everyone completes the rituals . Rachna is seeing Vihaan s photo but is lost in rajeev s thoughts. SD then leaves. Prabhu wants to feed seema ladoo but she is upset and leaves.

Everyone at the dining table gunjan mayank want some time alone. Gunjan makes an excuse that her head is paining takes food to her room. She meets mayank on the terrace where she questions him for being late. Mayank asks Gunjan if Seema did not tell her anything on hearing a negative reply he tells her he had been to drop charu. ( seema ka band bajega!!!)


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