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Young Dreams 7 February 2021 update: gunjan is upset and hurt she tells mayank she will never forgive mayank. She runs down and bumps into dayal. He asks her where everyone is . Gunjan says they have gone to the temple.

dayal tells her to tell him if she needs help and leaves. Mayank tries to tell gunjan that he respects her but gunjan does not listen. The entire family comes back leaving mayan shocked.

Rachna and gunjan in room rachna tries to tell her what happened in college but gunjan makes an excuse of headache and rachna leaves. gunjan crying. Mayank knocks on her door and apologizes.he wants to clear the misunderstanding but gunjan shuts the door on his face.

Gunjan is upset thinking about the hug and kiss while mayank about gunjan s reactions.

Everyone is on dinner table and then charu comes to give some prasad and ends up staying for dinner. Dholu makes fun of her while gunjan is upset and keeps having flashbacks of the kiss. Charu asks what happened to gunjan s neck but shayl handles the situation.

Charu hints that she wants to get married soon and all the marriage talks leave gunjan disgusted and she leaves the dining table. Mayank misbehaves with charu and leaves the table. He enters gunjan s room she asks him to leave. He grasp s her hand.

Rachna is very happy that she gained self confidence and spoke in front of everyone.. Mayank tells gunjan that he wont leave without clearing everything. He tells her she is the most beautiful woman with or without the marks .

Gunjan does not let mayank explain.she tells him to leave rachna hears part of the conversation and tells gunjan that it was mayank who helped her . She had promised mayank she wont tell all this to gunjan but she says it might help clear the misunderstanding between them. Mayank is upset and pretends to sleep when seema comes to his room . After seema goes he has flash back of all moments spent with gunjan on the sad song of jaane tu ya jaane na. Even gunjan has some flashbacks.

Next day chaya comes home she is wearing jeans and t shirt below her salwar kurta. Rachna asks her why is she wearing jeans when her parents dont approve. Chaya says its coz she wants to make an impression in college.

Gunjan decides she should talk it out with mayank but when she is about to enter his room she sees seema and mayank arguing. Mayank is packing his bags to go to kanpur and seema is trying to stop him. Mayank and gunjan share an eye lock and gunjan leaves.

The professor enters the class room and announces that who ever has entered through sports quota should meet their respective coaches. The girl sitting next to rachna warns her about her hockey coach.

Rachna asks some other people in the corridor even they warn her. Rajeev s entry is shown he has a list of names and he notices rachna s name .

He comes to the field rachna thinks he is a student strikes a conversation and bad mouths the coach  he checks rachna s dressing style. soon the other girls make an entry and wish him leaving rachna shocked. He punishes the others for being late and orders them to run around the ground. Then he asks rachna her name and then he asks if she is the same girl who was fasting on the day of trials. He says the only reason she was selected was as he was not there during the trials. He tells her that playing to get into a college and playing for college is different. He then tells her to go and change into her sports outfit leaving rachna shocked

rachna tells that she has no idea about the sports gear so he punishes her by making her run three rounds of the ground and he asks everyone to report at 4 o clock sharp for practice and tells rachna that she needs to have sports gear. Rachna discusses it with chaya and they decide that once they buy the sports gear rachna will wear it beneath her regular salwar suit.

Mayank is packing and seema is really upset. Mayank has a heart to heart with his dad who agrees to let him go so that mayank has time to think about his life. Rachna comes back home with sangeeta and dolu who she meets in the market. Dholu has made a get well soon card for gunjan who is upset . Rachna sees her crying and enquires gunjan covers it up saying she is having pain. Rachna wants to take gunjan to a doctor but gunjan refuses saying she is taking medicine. Dholu makes gunjan smile by tickling her.

Mayank is in the hall about to leave with the whole family. Sangeeta does not want him to go neither does seema. Mayank convinces dayal who agrees thinking mayank wants to study. Gunjan is upset as she knows that mayank is leaving because of her rachna notices the tension between mayan and asks gunjan if mayank is leaving because of her.

Gunjan runs away. Mayank sits in an auto to leave for the bus stop. Gunjan is standing upstairs and sees him go she breaks down.

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