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Young Dreams 31 January 2021 update: mintu trying to convince gunjan to go to some place to click pictures. He holds her hand and drags her. Rachna is about to follow them but sees mayank and hides behind a rickshaw. Mayank talks to some man shows a picture. By the time mayank goes rachna has lost track of gunjan and mintu.

Mintu brings gunjan to an isolated place holds her hand and says he was waiting for this day from so long. He says he likes her a lot then asks gunjan for kiss first on one cheek then on another gunjan tries to convince him to click pictures as they have lot of time and she can kiss him later. Mintu is adamant but gunjan convinces him that kiss after photo. Its raining outside and rachna finally reaches the place where the two are. She is scared to see mayank also in the same place. Mayank sees mintu and gunjan clicking pictures together and misunderstands that something is cooking between them as mintu is all touchy touchy with her. He thinks of showing mintu his place but his ego comes in between and he stops.he thinks that his feelings towards gunjan were changing but he feels betrayed and he leaves.

Gunjan spots rachna and then tells mintu to click single pictures and starts deleting pictures. (How stupid is mintu he is posing like an idiot but no lights on camera). She deletes everything when he forces her for a kiss she makes him close her eyes but he has caught gunjan firmly.

Rachna feels she is responsible for gunjan s condition and finally comes out of hiding and slaps him hard (way to go rachna)

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mintu is shocked but instead rachna gives him another slap. Mintu tries to hurt them but rachna sprays him (i think its a pepper pray)mintu threatens to show her pictures but gunjan taunts him saying that there are no pictures in his camera. The girls are happy and they run from there.

mayank comes back home and shayl is worried for gunjan he says nothing happened to her she is enjoying with her. boyfriend.shayl asks where rachna is so mayank says that rachna is gunjan s partner her body guard so she must be with her…The entire family including dayal hears it and are shocked.

The girls are really happy and are at the market.its not raining now. Rachna is really happy that she slapped mintu. Gunjan praises her for being jhansi ki rani rachna gets all emotional and hugs gunjan.

the girls decide to celebrate but they have only 50 rupees. Rachna tells that they can enjoy in that money in banaras. It starts raining again the girls are dancing on hum to aise hai bhayya. They are eating pani puri enjoying the rain having a blast . At home mayank is narrating how he heard gunjan talking on the phone rachna and gunjan making some plan to everyone. Dayal is getting really angry. The entire family is shocked. He narrates how he saw gunjan and mintu clicking pictures . The girls are still dancing on the road finally catch a rickshaw home. They come home smiling really happy drenched in rain and the entire family is staring at the girls angrily dayal looks at the girls neeche se upar. Dholu is concerned that gunjan is wet so might fall sick runs into get a towel. Shayl really angry.she asks gunjan where she was till now. Rachna scared as she knows mayank had seen gunjan and mintu clicking pictures together

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Shayl questions the girls. Gunjan lies that they went to take her lost wallet but shayl gives gunjan her wallet saying she had kept it on the table in her room she questions again gunjan tries to cover it up . Shayl questions them repeatedly. Everyone is really angry and staring at them. Shayl asks rachna from when did she learn to lie and betray. Shayl tells gunjan that she is her responsiblity so she believes what ever gunjan says but. Seema tells that gunjan was flirting with a guy in the open gunjan says she did that and says she was doing it with mintu. She says when you know where we were why the questions. Gunjan questions is meeting a guy wrong?? The grand mom starts scolding getting gunjan s clothes in picture. Gunjan says that boys girls study together work together what s the big deal

Gunjan questions if the family prestige is so less that a girl talking to a boy will ruin it. Everyone s scolding gunjan. Gunjan holds shayls hand tells she lied met a guy but she did nothing wrong to ruin the family s reputation. Dayal asks why did she go to meet him but rachna says he wont understand.

Dayal questions shayl saying she was her responsiblity. He says today mayank saw her tomorrow someone else will. Shayl is being blamed for everything and rachna is told to stay away from gunjan. Rachna remembers all the times gunjan helped her and the good moments they spent. Rachna says enough and walks forward . She confesses that everything is her fault as the mistake is hers. She has all the answers and she should be blamed. Shayl asks her how is it her fault. Gunjan pleads rachna not to speak as no one will understand her. Rachna still says that gunjan came to help her. She says if gunjan was not there she dint know what would happen . Dayal tells her to stop speaking in riddles but shayl encourages her. Rachna narrates everything to the entire family including the flowers the first meeting the way he clicked pictures and the blackmail.she also tells how gunjan saved her. Mayank is shocked and feels bad that he messed everything. Shayl is hurt rachna did share her troubles with everyone.

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The old lady dont know dayal s mom/sister says that rachna is flying in air so she should be married shayl is shocked. Gunjan defends rachna mayank is feeling bad. Rachna tries to talk to her dad but he says that he feels he should scold her but rachna ne unhe kahin ka nahi chooda. the blame is again put on gunjan that she is the reason rachna has done this. Shayl tells the girls to go in and change.

Mayank wants to teach mintu a lesson but seema tries to stop him mayank is adamant then dayal tells him they dont want some tamasha. Dayal goes somewhere with sangeeta s husband telling that rachna did what she wanted now he will do what s right.
Sangeeta and seema promoting the new 8 o clock show on colours and the lead called sahebaa.

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