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Young Dreams 28 February 2021 update: Gunjan refuses to run away with gunjan and he is upset that even she does not understand him. She wants him to return home and talk it out with his family .

He tells her he will end his life by jumping off a cliff if she does not agree. He gives her a necklace as his nishaani and gives her time till evening. Gunjan is heartbroken.

Tug of war between Rajeev and anushka s team. Anushka s team which has vihaan is winning. She is super happy and pats him. Rachna is gazing at rajeev and chaya tells her to write a letter confessing as she believes anushka is ultra modern,and they leave

gunjan falls down twisting her ankle she feels no one understands her and is in tears.

Rachna and chaya enter rajeev s tent and keep a pink letter and leave. The paper flies out of the tent and it has been signed aapki rachna.

Rajeev s team who one game. Gunjan keeps the locket in her pocket. Anushka tells the girl s to participate. Gunjan is lost in mayank s thoughts and is on the opposite team along with chaya. Rachna is behind vihaan and rajeev comes to help them but vihaan falls. Rajeev helps break rachna s fall. Rajeev then announces that they will meet at 4 for a nature walk.

Gunjan is sitting with a plate of food fidgeting with the locket. Vihaan comes and talks about her game plan. Rachna and chaya come and vihaan talks to chaya who is really happy that he knows her name.

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Rajeev and anushka are walking while the letter is nearby. Anushka is about to pick it a student comes up and she leaves. Rajeev walks over the letter and leaves.

rajeev announces rules where he tells the girls will walk ahead of them. Rachna is furious as she sees rajeev and anushka highfive .

Mayank is lost in gunjan s thoughts and gunjan is thinking about mayank on the walk. She keeps thinking that he will commit suicide and holds the necklace tight..

Mayank writes a letter pins it on a tree decides he will jump off a cliff and die if gunjan does not come.

Dayal is searching for his documents and opens shayl s cupboard and finds the letter mayank left shayl. He reads it . He confronts shayl and tells that uski chori pakdi gayi. He tells her she now has to explain it to everyone in the house

Shayl does up telling everyone that shayl is in love with gunjan. Seema sangeeta and bua are very upset and they blame shayl. Even ask her if she would have kept quite if it was rachna who was involved. Prabhu also questions shayl. Seema asks shayl to give mayank back and everyone leaves while Shayl is tensed.

Nature walk is going on while anu is hanging on to rajeev s arm ,rachna is tensed why he is not reacting about the letter. Chaya assures her that love matters are discussed in private.

Sangeeta and shayl cribbing and sangeeta is blaming shayl. Sangeeta also says that she never expected anything else from gunjan.

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Gunjan decides to leave with mayank goes back to camp packs her bag writer a letter to rachna confessing her love for mayank etc.

Rachna and chaya take a detour and rachna ends up falling in a pit .chaya is screaming for help and rajeev who is nearby with anu runs and comes to help rachna. He offers her hand but it is futile.

rajeev makes a rope out of twigs and rachna hangs on while rajeev pulls finally rajeev holds rachna s hand and pulls. After Rachna is rescued and is out of the pit she is emotionally shaken and hugs rajeev with tears in her eyes. She says that she knew he would come and she loves him (wow the serial is back on track, fast paced!!!)

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