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Young Dreams 10 January 2021: Shali ws remembering her childhood days with sneha,as her husband bring a ticket infront of her.She was suprise.As he told get prepared go to go Mumbai.

While, at Mumbai,Sneha is just waiting for her sister to arrive.Gunjun wanted to know who was coming, she keep telling her mom that shali won’t come. At Banaras,The woman of the household was talking about shali going to Mumbai and Rancha heard,she said her mom can’t go,and the ladies keep on talking about shali..,Shali then came with the ticket and told them to tear it up if they don’t want her to go.

She didn’t say anything.Rancha was devasted as her mom wouldn’t be in banaras for her farewell party..,& who will dress her her ,mom convince her that she had to go…At mumbai Sneha just cant wait for her sister to come.Shali told everyone what they had to do.And she left for mumbai.

The next morning,Gunjun is outside calling for her mom,Sneha eye was looking puff,so she add a little make up,& went outside to start her garden.Then suddenly the gate slowly opens and when she look it no other than her sister Shali.She was so happy..,& Gunjun was shocked.

Sneha welcoming Shali didi.She then called Gunjun who is surprise, to hug shali didi, Gunjun then made faces but hug her aunt even holding her…The two sisters then start to plant the garden at sneha has.Shali still wants to know why sneha has called her all of a sudden, but sneha isn’t saying anything.The two then had breakfast along with Gunjun.Rancha called her mom,on the phone (The phone is in like 6 bags..She open 1,take out the other bag,then open that 1,then take out another) Ranchan wants a white bra,& don’t want to tell anyone except her mom.

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Then two sisters then went to the beauty palour & after went to a puja, Which sneha told everyone her sister will sing.Poor Shali didi doesn’t know how to sing…but she did try..,Sneha and Gunjun were laughing her..,Sneha and Shali return and is still laughing, Gunjun is annoyed as to how they are behaving so she left. While laughing and making jokes,sneha hug her sister & begin to cry.

As she ask for forgiveness..,Shali left surprise & ask forgiveness for what, To which sneha replied for marrying Akash.

Akask was suppose to marry Shali,But sneha tooked him away from shali.Shali told her to forget that & why has she called her to mumbai all of a sudden. Sneha then say There is a small period between Life & death it’s like a vacation,Once it’s finish you have to go back.And her Vacation is Over..,It’s time for her to go…Shali left shocked


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