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Young Dreams 9 January 2021: The first episode starts with Sneha remembering her daughter childhood days.Sneha have videos of her daughter as she grow up.She doesnt want to miss anything in her daughter life.She had even already start preparing for her daughter wedding & she is only 17..,

Gunjun is her daughter,she is suave,smart,beautiful and intelligent..,She stop a bus middle of the road just to buy flowers to put on her mom hair.As it’s her mom’s birthday,thinking she would surprise her mom,her mom surprise her as she had already decorate the place and have the cake& everything ready.Instead of giving her mom a present,her mom give her a present but it has to be opened till her birthday(Gunjun’s).Next morning, Shali is praying for her sister(sneha) long live,as she remember her childhood days with sneha… as she finish,she woke up eveyone in her own style.Rancha is then introduce,she is very religious,quite,very shy& also very traditional,she usually leave her house early in the morning to go and feed cows.With her brother(I assume) Dolu..Back in Mumbai,Sneha is eagerly waiting for shali to call her,& at Banaras Shali want to call but thought sneha may still be sleeping. Sneha then imagine her sister was with her & she start telling her sister,How she wants her to take Gunjun with her..,As she(sneha) is suffering from Cancer,which is at the every last stage..Gunjun then call her and she realise she was dreaming..

Sneha calling Shali..,Shali wish her a Happy Birthday..,And they chatted for a while,Then Sneha told Shali she want her to come to Mumbai immediately.Shali keep hestaiting,but sneha wasn’t talking no for an answer.

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And she told Shali she has to come to mumbai to visit her before it might be too late..Shali then told her husband..,He said all of a sudden, your sister called you & you want to go leaving everything behind.She beg him to go but he let without saying everything.Back at Mumbai Gunjun isn’t finding her Kakat dress.Sneha found it for her.

Gunjun dad then called.She then left her mom to talk with her dad and sneha was telling him look how happy gunjun is what will happen if she finds out about her.At Banaras Rancha is leaving for her exams and after 2 days she will have her farewell party.She have a black sari and a black top but she need a black to go under the top.(Meaning a bra).In Mumbai,Sneha goes to pick up Gunjun and found out Gunjun is planning to suprise her with her kakat dance move.Sneha doesn’t even know if she will be able to see it.

Meanwhile,at Banaras rancha came home crying,WHY..A few boys trouble her…Sneha and Gunjun then had a blast at the beach as they took picture out..,& was just having fun with the background music being played SSLK.

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