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Young Dreams 6 February 2021 update: shayl thanks mayank for helping gunjan.mayank is shocked that shayl knows the truth and asks her how she knows about it. Rachna says she told her mom.

Rachna s mother in law upset about mintoo.

Chaya comes home so that she and rachna can go together to college. Dayal refuses first then he agrees finally after he is convinced.

Rachna and chaya in college some girls comment that the acid incident might be the girls fault. Rachna is angry and answers back to the girls. All the girls clap when rachna and chaya leave. Chaya is looking really pretty in jeans Embarrassed
the entire family is going out somewhere only gunjan s at home. Gunjan s laptop has broken down so she decides to use mayank s. When she opens his laptop she finds a file named gunjan. She clicks on it and sees the video where it proves mintoo is the one who threw acid. She is shocked that mayank helped her.she goes in front of a mirror removes her dressings and sees the burn marks and feels upset. Mayank comes from behind she refuses to let him see her face as she feels she is not beautiful anymore. Mayank tells her that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and he feels she is beautiful. Gunjan hug s Mayank. Then romantic music in the background and saree s flying on the terrace LOL. Mayan are lost in the moment and gunjan closes her eyes and they kiss. Suddenly they realize what they have done and are shocked.

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