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Young Dreams 27 February 2021 update: The episode starts with Rajiv asking the students who is behind Gunjan’s accident. Gunjan stares at Vihaan. He approaches Rajiv and said it wasn’t an accient but a prank with a rubber snake.

He said he didn’t think she would get so scared of the rubber snake. Rajiv angrily says there is a limit to pranks and what if anything happened to Gunjan. Vihaan says she only hurt her leg and its nothing serious and Raji says thank god its only a small wound what if it were serious. Raji tells Vihaan to apologize to Gunjan but he refuses to do so saying that he didn’t push her and its not his fault. Rajiv says nobody should get hurt during the camping trip and that all the students are his responsibility and tells Vihaan he is to do all the girls work alone and tells him it should be done before they get back. He tells him to stay at the camp site alone. Sangeetha tells Seema why did Mayank phone Shail and not her. She adds that Seema hasn’t eaten anything and her eyes swollen as she’s been crying. Seema says nowadays Mayank is more worried about Shail then her. Gopal then calls out to Sangeetha telling her to see who’s at the door. Seema and Sangeetha thinks its Mayank. They are surprised to see Charu and her mother. They greet them.

Part 2

Shail and Dayal greet Charu’s mother and Seema offers to serve drinks but Charu’s mother refuses saying she can commit a sin eating in her daughter’s in laws house. She says she is here to complete the last ceremony before the wedding. Charu says she can’t see Mayank around. Sangeetha says he’s gone out with a friend and Charu asks where and she replies he didn’t tell them where he’s gone. Charu asks who has he gone out with and Sangeetha says with friends from the neighborhood. Charu says this is the few days he can enjoy himself. Charu’s mother says they want to do the all the rituals on time and that’s the reason they’re here. Shail asks if its something important and she replies yes. Charu’s mother says after offering the card in the temple the next card should be given to the groom’s side before being distributed. Charu’s mother gives Shail the card and she receives it. She then distributes sweets to everyone. Shail is worriedly looking at the card. Rajiv tells Rachana to call Anushka and she goes. Gunjan asks Rachana why she’s going to back and she says to call Anushka and Gunjan tells her to come fast. Gunjan passes Vihaan and passes a snide remark. Rachana sees Anushka putting makeup on. She then goes to Rajiv and says Anushka is not there and may have left with the preious batch. Rajiv says ok and tells her to sit in the jeep.

Part 3

Rajiv asks the girls if they have water and they say yes. He tells Rachana to be comfortable. Rajiv tells them they have little time and to do whatever shopping within the time and to come back. Rachana suggests to Gunjan to call home. Gunjan tells Rachana she’s talk first and dials the phone. Shail says its a good thing she called and asks her if she spoke to Mayank. Gunjan says no because she promised her not to. Rachana tells Gunjan to let her talk also and Gunjan signals to her to wait. Gunjan asks if everything is alright at home and Shail says no that Mayank has left the house. Gunjan is shocked and asks where to. Rachana snatches the phone from Gunjan and starts talking. Gunjan looks sad. Rachana asks Shail if everything is fine at home and Shail says yes. She asks how’s Dholu and Shail says fine. Rachana says she’s having fun here. Chaya comes and tells them to follow her. Rachana says she’ll talk later and puts the phone down. Chaya takes Gunjan to a shop and starts browsing at clothes. Gunjan is deep in thought when someone pulls her she turns and sees Mayank. Gunjan is shocked and asks him what’s happening and that she just talked to Shail and Shail is worried. Gunjan tells him how could he run away and put his family into trouble and wonder what Seema must be going through and she didn’t he could be so irresponsible. Mayank tries to say something but Gunjan cuts him off and asks if he spoke to anyone at home. Gunjan starts crying. Meanwhile Chaya is looking for Gunjan shouting her name. Rajiv says they have to reach the camp soon. Rachana asks where Gunjan is and Rajiv says she was with them wasn’t she. Rachana says yes and she and Chaya start looking for Gunjan.

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Part 4

Gunjan tells Mayank she has to go as they are looking for her. Mayank says no he won’t till he tells her what he wants to say. She says if Chaya and Rachana see him then it’ll be a problem. Rachana spots Gunjan from the back and tells Chaya. Rajiv asks them what were they doing and that they have to leave. Rachana asks for 2 minutes and he says ok to be fast. Gunjan tells Mayank to leave and he says on one condition that she meets him at the PCO behind the camp. Gunjan agrees. Rachana and Chaya walk towards Gunjan and find her crying and asks why. She says she lost her earing that was given to her by her mother and was her favorite. Rachana says not to worry they’ll get another one. She tells Gunjan they have to leave now. They leave Gunjan turns and sees Mayank standing behind a tree. They both look sad. Mayank watches all of them leae in the jeep.

Episode ends

rajiv sir and girls coming back to the camping area. Rajiv comes to camping ground and see that Vihaan is cutting wood with axe and anushka mam trying to stop him. Rajiv notices blood from vihaan’s hand and ask him to stop cutting wood,but vihaan ignores him. rajiv sir grab vihaan’s hand and say him,” to stop it” but in a more angry way. Vihaan again ignores him and start cutting wood again. RAJIV sir shouts and say to stop it , otherwise he will throw him out of camp. Vihaan stops, and see emotionally towards Rajiv sir, rajiv grabs his wrist and take him away. Anushka mam ask other students to go their respective tents. Next scene shifts to garg house, where charu is having mithai and complimenting shail about it. Charu’s mother stops her from eating mithai as she will get motti. Charu then ask seema, when will Mayank ji come. Seema, not able to give answer properly. Sangeeta manages the situation by saying that charu is really crazy abt Mayank, she further adds that mayank has gone out for work, he will come soon. Charu’s mother tell charu that she should not wait for mayank anymore as they have to go to home cuz jeweler is coming. Charu say to her mom,” how much more gold she will give to her, already 25 tola ho gya”. listening to this seema chokes and then she goes to charu and say to her that she should not stop her mom as her mother also has some wishes, let her fulfill those. Shayl listening to their conversation, thinks that seema will never erases her dreams, what will happen to gunjan, then she prays to god to show her some path. Charu’s mother tells charu that they should leave now but charu in rude way tells to her mom that she will not go without meeting mayank. She calls to mayank but mayank’s mobile comes in switch off mode. Charu ask what happened to mayank?? is there any gadbad?? charu’s mother interrupts and say to charu that she should speak shubh shubh baatein specially in marriage days. Charu further adds that it always happen in movies, shadhi se 1 din pehle bada sa tamasha and uske bad happy ending..Charu’s mother get embaress and ask her again to leave, but again charu in her non sense way say that she will not leave without meeting mayank. Sangeeta tell charu to not be stubborn. charu ask shayl to tell her where mayank has gone. shayl replies that mayank will come very late in night. charu’s mother again ask charu to leave for home. charu gets irritated and go out of house. charu’s mother say to shayl to ignore charu’s behaviour as she is kid only. she further adds that charu’s day go bad if she is not able to see mayank. shayl gets tensed.

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Scene shifts to rajiv and vihaan, where rajiv ask vihaan to sit and see vihaan’s hand and ask why he do pranks and all that, when will grow up. vihaan replies that it was a small prank, he was not knowing it that gunjan will fall like humpty-dumpty. rajiv say c’mon that small accident can be the serious one. Vihaan agrees to this and say that he is always behind him, he has become too strict now. rajiv sir says that this is wrong, he is always behind to those people who do mistakes. rajiv further adds that he should start becoming a responsible person and to be more serious. vihaan again in guruji’s mode say he will, when the time is right and he doesnt want to grow so soon, already there is one person in his life who is responsible and mature with life-long guarantee , my big brother MR RAJIV AGGARWAL, both hug to each other. VIhaan gets emotional and tell rajiv that after long time they are hugging this way. rajiv say, that its not his fault, punishment should be given to that person who has spoiled him. vihaan say, dont say like that, watever punishment he wants to give to him he can, but don’t say anything about that person who is __(not able to understand what word he used )perfect hai, rajiv blushes and they again hug. scene shifts to GRC tent, where chaya telling rachna that she is having goosebumps after watching vihaan, what passion, what style he has. chaya futher adds that she got tears in her eyes watching vihaan bleeding, OMG is this the first symptom of love?? rachna and gunjan in shock, chaya says that this thing never happened to me before and this is LOVE. rachna slaps on her shoulder and say, LIAR!!! she always skip her heart beat watching every other actor. chaya say to rachna that she is very boring and to tell her when was the last time she skipped her hert beat. rachna blushes and remebers the moment when she was in jeep with rajiv sir. chaya say to rachna that she is thinking too much, so definitely there will be no one. gunjan tell rachna and chaya that she is going outside, she thinks that mayank will be waiting for him, she should go. as she was about to go, anushka mam interrupted her and tell her to come with her, as rajiv is going to announce the games. scene shift to rajiv and vihaan, where vihaan is asking when will he come to home?? rajiv denies and say he will talk on this topic later on, not here. vihaan agree and say that wherever rajiv wants to talk he will go with him, but he wants to live with him, under same roof. Anushka comes and tell them that they should be ready for tug of war. vihaan get excited and goes out of tent. anushka tell rajiv that she is really angry with him, as he didnt take to handicraft village. Rajiv denies and think, ” it means rachna intentionally didnt call anushka “. Scene shifts to GRC tent where Rachna thinking about rajiv and smiling, chaya wakes her up from her day dreaming and ask the reason for her smile. rachna tell chaya about feelings towards rajiv sir. Chaya get really excited and happy but she tell rachna that there is one problem and that she is engaged. rachna gets sad.

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scene shift to the AGGARWAL house, where rachna’s MIL telling her husband that vihaan will not able to say no after seeing rachna, her husband adds if vihaan denies for this relationship then?? MIL say that vihaan is his son and he will never do that, rather he will say thank you mummy for choosing world’s best bride. MIL’s husband say that she should have told vihaan about this. MIL denies and tells him that she is doing with her brain only. Her husband say if that is the case then she should also marry her elder son. Mil say that her elder son doent consider her mother, what can she do?? she put photo frame of vihaan and rachna together and say that this couple is Heaven matched. her husband also agrees. Scene shifts to chaya and rachna, where chaya is telling to rachna to not to worry, if her love is true, rajiv will come to her in no time. scene shift to mayank, waiting for gunjan near PCO. gunjan is also getting tensed. rajiv instruct the rules for tug of war,it will be best of 3, 1st will be between boys. two teams were made, in one team vihaan is there, they start the game. rachna watching rajiv sir, gunjan is tensed..rajiv sir tell gunjan to cheer boys..gunjan do that, but again she start thinking to how to escape the game. she start walking backwards slowly and run from game. chaya tell rachna to not to punish her heart and tell rajiv about it. rachna tell her to stop it. chaya ask about gunjan to rachna. Rachna didnt respond and start watching the game. gunjan comes to mayank and take him to the jungle and ask him whether he has told his parents? mayank didnt respond, gunjan becomes sad, and tell him that she knew it, that he would never able to talk to his parents. mayank replies that he did talk to his parents, but they are not taking him seriously. gunjan grab mayank hands and say that what we will do now?? mayank say that there is only one option left and that is we should left home and run away. gunjan get shocked.


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