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Young Dreams 13 March 2021 update: Vihaan tells this is a masked party. Gunjan and rachna in red dresses. The waiter gets a mask and vihaan gives it to gunjan. Vihaan and gunjan dancing on twist from love aaj kal.

He asks her why is she hesitating gunjan says she can dance really well actually better than him. Vihaan asks her to practice while he gets drinks and leaves.

Rachna asks some girls why did vihaan throw this party. They have no clue. Rachna asks gunjan if she confessed the truth but gunjan says only after she shows jijaji how well she can dance (jump into the ditch yourself gunjan)

vihaan gunjan rachna talking on disco deewane wearing masks. (they look adorable). Gunjan holds vihaan s hand and takes him near rachna. They les dancing mayank opens the door and enters . Gunjan s mask slips and mayank is shocked to see gunjan. Ishq wala love . Vihaan ties the mask and they continue dancing. Mayank remembers how gunjan said she had a test and leaves. Gunjan wants to talk to gunjan but he asks to increase the volume . The manager asks mayank how is the banquet hall. Mayank is still lost in gunjan s lie.

Seema and sangeeta . Seema tells sangeeta that she wants to wear her jaipur set as she only had one set and gave it to gunjan. The bell rings and its hansmukh lal the jeweller . He tells them that he has come for their daughter s work. They enquire if its pihu he denies saying someone had come with rachna He tells that they wanted to make a new necklace from an old one. Sangeeta says gunjan is not their daughter but shayl s bhangi. Seema is shocked the jeweller gives a book of design and leaves. Seema and sangeeta really happy about gunjan s decision.

Vihaan is drinking and spots rachna. He calls her his saali Rachna wants to tell vihaan everything and just then rajeev enters in black and rachna is shocked . Vihaan screams bhai .

Rachna wears the mask so that rajeev does not see her. Vihaan hugs rajeev and asks rachna to stay back and even teases her saying she is her saali. Rachna feels uncomfortable and leaves. A girl comes up to rajeev and asks him for a dance. He denies saying he twisted his leg on the hockey field. Vihaan forces him to dance but gunjan interrupts saying she wants to talk. Vihaan wants to introduce gunjan to all of his friends. Gunjan is scared vihaan teases her saying she is nervous. Vihaan asks rajeev to stay till the end and says he has an announcement to make. Mayank comes home in a foul mood seema tries to talk but he is lost in gunjan s betrayl. Seema keeps talking about her bahu in the saree and jewels mayank shouts saying he is not her secretary. Gunjan tells rachna that they have to leave before vihaan introduces gunjan as his fiancee in front of his friends. Seema asks shayl where the girls are shayl assures her they will come back.

Gunjan and rachna are near the door when vihaan orders The lights go off . Vihaan announces he wants them to meet the special girl for whom he is throwing the party. The door is locked the girls try to search for another door. He wants to introduce the girl who made him romantic as well as a poet, the crowd wants him to announce the girls name, gunjan is scared vihaan should not take her name. The neighbours come home to invite the entire family to satyanarayan puja. Gunjan and rachna are trying to weave their way vihaan says the spotlight will spot on his fiancee . It stops on some other girl who is excited but vihaan cuts her saying too late. Vihaam spots the special mask he had given gunjan and signals the spotlight. He asks the girl to remove the mask walks towards her and removes it himself . The girl is rachna both vihaan and rachna look shocked and uncomfortable.

Rachna remembers how she and gunjan exchanged masks. The entire crowd makes fun of rachna saying why make a mountain out of a molehill rachna has tears in his eyes. Vihaan holds gunjan s hand and says she is his fiancee. Gunjan denies in front of everyone saying its rachna. Rajeev and vihaan are shocked. Gunjan says it was a prank till now but the truth is that rachna had some work that day so she came. Gunjan also tells that she tried talking to him but it dint work. Then she confesses they decided to extend the prank vihaan is furious gunjan apologizes saying she never wanted to hurt him but it was just masti and they never wanted the truth to come out like this.


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