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Young Dreams 13 February 2021 update: While leaving gunra to chaya s house mayank manager to save gunjan from a speeding bike and they hug. He asks gunjan to call when they will leave so he will come to pick them and leaves..

Chaya says she cant make it tonight so gunra leave to the carrom room and are disappointed that noone has come.

The gundas celebrating their success but one of them informs the other that the girls will participate in a march. They plan to take out a rally the next day and finish everything. Rachna is sacred and says noone came so let s go back. Gunjan says she wont go back without lighting a candle. Rachna is disappointed that its only two but gunjan says 1and1 make eleven.

Next morning.The girls pray and even take blessings from shayl. Chaya comes and the three leave. The gundas are also back in huge numbers in bike and cars screaming their lungs outthe college is deserted and they are happy that there is no march and are about to leave when gunjan asks them to stop and comes down in jeans and t. The gundas make fun that where is her army . Rachna walks in wearing jeans and formal shirt while from other side chaya walks inand they hold hands . Suddenly a noise is heard and shouts that bricks will be met with stones. All the girls come down in western clothes and so does the staff, the gundas are taken back at first . Gunjan speaks that they cant live an opressed life everyday. The gundas try to talk about sanskriti but rachna answers back that the medal winners wear western clothes so lets give their medals back. The goons are frustrated and pick up hockey sticks and come forward to hit the girls . One staff says we should do something but the coach says that the girls will become kaali. The girls remove cans of pepper spray and use it on the goons. The gundas rub their eyes and soon the police come and lathi charge them. The goons are finally out and all the girls celebrate and hug. Everyone lifts gunjan. .

Rachna hugs rajeev in excitement he praises the girls.The principal very happy praises gunjan who shares the success with every girl who supported her.
Akash calls and shayl picks up he asks how gunjan is. He tells that its her birthday in some days he will be giving a surprise hinting that he will come and take her with him. He says he will meet soon and hangs up. Shayl sacred that he will take gunjan away. Rachna seeing hockey practice from far tears in her eyes remembers the time she used to play. Rajeev comes near and asks why she changed to suit she says she likes wearing suits she wore jeans just to support the campaign. He is impressed with her views he asks her if she will come for practice she says she cant go against her father. He tells her that her admission might get cancelled but she is adamant that she wont play. Charu and her mom have come home. Charu makes special demand for sugarlesstea . Charu s mom has trained pandit to lie about kundali s and muhrat. The priest acc to the plan starts praising the couple

Gunra back home and the priest says that they will get married this year. The date is fixed for next month.

charu goes to feed sweets to mayank holds his hand and hugs him . Mayan keep staring at each other she then proceeds to feed gunjan and rachna
sangeeta asks charu s mom when will she develop brains.charu s mom wants to meet charu alone on pretext of washing hands so they disappear to bathroom

gunjan congratulates mayank s parents and comments that everything is fixed.she sounds heartbroken.

Charu gets scolded for her pda by her mom but she is least interested.. She reminds that 3 engagements were broken and she wont get better guy than mayank. Charu s mom leaves, Gunjan is passing by and charu asks her why dint gunjan congratulate her. Gunjan congratulates charu but she is very rude makes faces and asks her not to fake it taunts that she knows everything ie gunjan is hitting on mayank. She taunt s that there s noone for gunjan so she is trapping mayank. She taunts gunjan that as soon as the marriage date was announced gunjan s face became small. Gunjan answers back shayl comes and charu leaves.

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