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Young Dreams 8 March 2021 update: Gunjan is upset with Mayank. He tells her that charu s dad slipped in the bathroom and he went to drop her. He also tells her the car broke down and he got a mechanic.

That s when another car comes and he asks them to drop them till charu s house and then he got an auto to come back to the temple. Gunjan is worried for charu s dad. Mayank assures her that charu called saying her dad is fine the bleeding stopped.

Mayank blindfolds gunjan takes her and a candlelight dinner is arranged. He tied a bucket so that he could pull the ordered chinese food up. gunjan keeps some food for rachna. They feed each other dinner.

Rachna lost in rajeev s harsh words while gunjan gets food. Gunjan asks her to stop crying comments that the same memories which gave her happiness earlier give her pain now. Gunjan tells her that you should not cry for men and should move on . gunjan teases her about vihaan rachna says its not easy. Gunjan feeds her.

Sangeeta calls and scolds charu for ruining their plan. Charu says gunjan s luck is really strong sangeeta tells her to make sure her luck does not help her. Charu promises that she will make a big hungama on diwali.

everyone talking about dhanteras puja . Shayl tells her they will buy gold for rachna pihu and gunjan. Dayal also announces that SD will be coming with Vihaan for dhanteras puja. Mayank offers to buy something for Vihaan. Rachna tells Gunjan that they need to tell Vihaan the truth.

Gunjan and rachna in college discussing about Vihaan. Rachna sees rajeev and gets upset. Gunjan tells her to act like nothing happened and they walk . Rajeev is happy that his strategy worked and smiles.

Vihaan comes and gives Gunjan a collection of presents as he thinks gunjan fasted for him yest. A call comes and Vihaan picks up and is talking on the phone using blue tooth. Gunjan thinks he is talking to her.
Gunjan tells vihaan that she is not the girl but its her cousin. Vihaan is shocked but he is lost in score of football match. He angrily walks away. Gunjan is upset and decides she wont tell him the truth and he should be shocked when he comes to know gunjan is his saali.

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Shayl is busy in preparations for Vihaan s arrival. Gunjan enters Rachna s room singing jinke aage ji jinke peeche ji. Rachna is scared that they will be caught and will have to explain why they went to meet vihaan without permission but Gunjan assures she has a plan but rachna needs to do something as well.

PRECAP: gunjan rachna both looking beautiful in pink. Vihaan smirking . SD tells rachna to touch her feet and rachna in a fix. (wow this one should be straight from housefull 2 )

Episode begins with Vihaan and Rajiv talking. Vihaan tells Rajiv that the girl his mom chooses is not boring but interesting. Rajiv says so you like the girl mom has chosen. Rajiv says yes, what a coincidence she goes to my college as well. Rajiv says wow, what’s her name. Vihaan is about to reply but he doesn’t tell Rajiv. Vihaan says he will have to come to see her. But Rajiv says he won’t go. Vihaan says fine, he won’t talk to him and he leaves. Back at home, Rachna and Gunjan is in their room. Gunjan says don’t you like your new hairstyle Rachna. Rachan is looking beautiful with her new makeover, but she is sad. Shayl comes and asks if Rachna is ready, she sadly says yes. Shayl tells her she is looking pretty. Shayl has an emotional talk to Rachna. Gunjan gets up and hugs her and tells her when she gets marry she will get to come back to the Garg family but in a new avatar, as daughter-in-law. Shayl says but you will still remain my daughter for me. Rachna is looking sad and Shayl asks her what happened? Gunjan says this is Rachan normal nervousness but she is here for her.

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Shayl leaves them and says come down soon. Savitri and Vihaan have arrived at the Garg’s. Vihaan is worried. They enter and Savitri introduces Vihaan to everyone but he has his hands over his mouth and is looking down. Then, Savitir this is your son-in-law and she takes his hands down and turns his face and Dayal looks at him. But before Dayal could look at him more, Vihaan starts to atke everyone blessings. (This part is hilarious) .when he finished he backs Dayal. Everyone is happy and goes. The two witches, Seema and Sangeeta are overwhelmed. All are in living room. Dayal looks at Vihaan and recalls the scene with Vihaan. Bua asks about Savitiri other son. Savitri says he is busy. Dholu and Mayank comes, they meet Vihaan. Savitri asks for “mayank sister”, Shayl says she will be right back. Upstairs, Sangeeta goes to the room and is surprised to see both Rachna and Gunjan in pink. Sangeeta asks her why she is like this. Gunjan says she wants to give a good impression. Gunjan says give her the eta let she serve them. Sangeeta says Rachna has to do this, not you. Rachan nearly makes the tea fall. Sangeeta says hurry up. She leaves. Rachan and Gunjan smile at each other. Downstairs, Dayal tells Vihaan he don’t know why but he has the feeling he has met Vihaan sometime. Vihaan says no. Dholu says he knows where. Vihaan is worried and surprised.

Dholu goes up to him and is thinking. He says I saw you in the photo. All laughs. Shayl says look your future DIL. Rachna comes with the tray of tea. Vihaan is surprised. He thinks what she is doing here. But then Gunjan joins Rachna with a tray of food. Vihaan smiles. The two witches, sad. Savitri says take my blessings. Rachana worried. Savitri is about to touch Rachna, but Gunjan walks infront of her hand and hit a spoon down. Gunjan gives a signal and both Rachna and Gunjan bows down but Rachna touches her feet while Gunjan picks the spoon up. The two wiyches and Vihaan shocked. But all smiles, after Gunjan shows the spoon. Savitri says come sit. Gunjan goes and sit. The two wiches are shocked. Gunjan then calls Rachna to sit too. Vihaan looking at Gunjan and smiling all the time. Seema goes to Mayank and says what is Gunjan doing. Mayank says she is being supportive to Rachna as her is nervous.

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Savitri says she has a gift for her bahu. She hands the bangles but Gunjan collects them and says it’s lovely. The two witches are shocked. Gunjan gives Rachna and says look at it. Savitri asks about the Karva Chauth, Gunjan does all the talking. Gunjan gives Savitri the food. She also gives Vihaan. The two witches are sad and are talking. Mayank asks what college Vihaan is going. Vihaan replies the same college as Gunjan and Rachna. All are surprised. Gunjan says they hardly see each other as they have classes. Savitri asks if her DIL is learning the chores. Bua says she knows them too well. Savitri says she wants to discuss something important, since it’s modern times, she would like the SIL and DIL to talk in private. Rachna and Gunjan are shocked.


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