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Young Dreams 8 February 2021 update: mayank practicing to tell his mom that he does not want to marry charu seema walks in . Mayank tries to tell seema that he does not want to get married but seema does not understand as she is only thinking about how life will change with charu as her dil. She wants a new car etc. Gunjan charu rachna go to college.there are posters in college which says girls cant wear jeans only suits and sarees. Gunjan and rachna motivate all the girls and they tear the posters. Rachna shows her hockey coach to gunjan. Gunjan says he is the smartest guy in college.
gunjan sits on the bench to watch rachna s hockey practice. Rachna tries to tell the coach that she wants to play attack but he disagrees. Mayank texts gunjan that he is near the canteen. Gunjan leaves without telling rachna. Rachna sees the bench empty and messes her practice . Mayank gives gunjan flowers and they have a cute moment.

Mayan on bike very happy.gunjan holding the flowers.charu and her mom are in the car and they stop at the same traffic signal mayan are. Charu is about to spot mayan but a beggar comes near her car and blocks her view. Gunjan hears charu s voice and turns.she is shocked to see charu

Gunjan hears charu s voice while she is arguing with the beggar she gets down from the bike, when mayank asks her she tells him to turn while she walks near the signal to hide. Charu spots mayank and gets down. She says that she is going to their house to give a surprise and sits on his bike. gunjan is watching all this. Mayank makes an excuse that he is going to the garage to get his bike repaired . Charu kisses him on the cheek(This girl has no shame kissing her fiancee in the middle of the road in front of har mom!!!!! ) The crowd teases them and charu drags mayank near the place gunjan is hiding gunjan has dropped her bag. charyu spots it and says it might be a bomb. after lot of hard work mayank manages to send her off.

gunjan is upset and tells mayank that she will never meet him till all this is sorted out . Mayank asks her for 3 days saying he will set everything right.

Gunjan asks mayank to leave her at college as rachna s practice is over. Gunjan reaches and when rachna enquires she says she had gone to the library to issue a book .Chaya who was actually in the library is shocked but gunjan covers it up. chaya leaves college in jeans.
Chaya ends up meeting some goondas on the road who make a hungama as she is wearing jeans. they tell her if she dint see the posters in college. first she tries to argue but the goondas scare her and she runs from the scene.

Charu comes home and she has brought a new car as a gift for mayank

As usual seema is in seventh heaven but tries to pretend that what was the need to get one(god she loves expensive gifts!!!!) shail is not happy . gunjan and rachna come home and both are shocked.The pandit has come along with charu s mom and chana charu garam to decide the date for the wedding. shail says that dayal has not decided yet. Mayank comes and gunjan tells him about the car & the wedding date.

Charu tells mayank that she has a surprise but mayank already knows about the car!!
Mayank is told to break the coconut and he does that and he eats one piece himself without offering it to anyone tells sangeeta to make chutney and cheela . everyone is shocked and charu s mom asks ‘prashad kyun jhoota kar diya’.

Mayank says that its not prashad and refuses the car. sangeeta,seema and dholu upset while shail gunjan and rachna happy. he says he can buy all this himself.
He tells pandit ji should come after 3 days to decide the wedding date as he wants charu to stay with him for 3 days and learn all about his lifestyle.

Sangeeta and charu s mom hesitant while charu is jumping in happiness(charu does not know what she ig getting into!!!)

PRECAP: Dayal asks mayank if he refused the car and mayank says he did. dayal very happy seema tries to persuade mayank to accept the car dayal terms it as dowry


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