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Young Dreams 25 January 2021 update: Gunjan tells shayl that probably she forgot her sisters loss but she will always remember her mom. Shayl consoles her. All the ladies are planning to go shopping to get a ring for charu. The engagement is going to take place tomorrow but suddenly charu and her mom enter citing they came to take mayank s ring size.

Sangeeta asks charu to go and take mayank s finger measurement for the ring. Charu enters makes mayank sit on the bed while she has a huge bunch of ring sizes and she keeps checking. Mayank is getting uncomfortable every second. Charu even tries to hold his hand and draw patterns on is . Mayank jerks his hand from her grip. He comes out to see gunjan trying to charge her phone .

Gunjan is looking at sneha s pic she is in tears. Mayank taunts her saying that she is upset she could not get a guy like him but she does not respond in her usual way making mayank think something is wrong with her. Seema comes and taunts gunjan that who will marry her etc etc while her son has no flaws.gunjan shouts and leaves but mayank is still thinking something is wrong.

Rachna tries to sleep but gets up as she has bad dreams. She wakes gunjan but instead of confessing she asks her for the laptop. Gunjan decides to get a bottle of water while rachna again logs in to chat.
Mintu is online and sends rachna the pictures. Rachna is shocked seeing the picture where she is holding mintu s hand.mintu asks her if rachna liked the pictures and tells her to meet him at the same place. Rachna does not agree so he tells that he will send her pictures to her mom and dad. Rachna in tears deletes cute angel from her friend list.
Gunjan coming back to her room with a bottle of water sees the terrace door open.
Mayank is busy smoking and gunjan ends up seeing him .gunjan remembers the time mayank got her in trouble and seema s taunts decides to get him in trouble. Charu calls mayank and tries to talk romantic she says the moon the stars are looking at them. Charu talks cheesy stuff about how she can see mayank in the moon and even tells her to see… Mayank is busy smoking and talkin.

Gunjan goes and knocks on daya s door. She tells him that she saw the terrace door open and someone was there. Shayl and seema also run to go to the terrace.
Mayank smoking he turns to see daya and the cigarette drops. Gunjan taunts that its not a chor but mayank smoking like a chor. Daya scolds him that he is the eldest and talks about responsibities asks him from when is he smoking. Mayank asks forgiveness. Daya upset and leaves. Mayank asks shayl to forgive her and tells seema he will never do it. Shayl tells him to go and sleep.

Mayank asks gunjan if she s happy now that he is in trouble. Gunjan tells him that s moot her idea of fun and she dint do for the prestige she did it for his health. She says that smoking is injurious to health. Episode ends on mayank s shocked face.
Seema tells her husband that mayank was caught smoking. The father is happy that he might give up but seema is upset that it happened one day before his engagement dayal sees the light on in rachna s room and knocks on it. Rachna is thinking if mintu has uploaded her pics on the internet…gunjan saves rachna that she had switched on the light before going to take water.gunjan tells rachna about mayank s smoking. The gal s go to sleep. Dayal tells shayl to keep an eye on rachna and says after seeing mayank he does not trust any kid now . Everyone is busy with

Engagement preparations the food the decorations gifts etc . Sangeeta tells seema that she will get loads of gifts today seema replies that she emptied an entire cupboard today . Akash calls shayl enquiring about gunjan. Rachna is still lost in mintu s threat and takes some clothes with horrible combination. Gunjan teases her where she is lost and asks her what she wanted to say last night.

Shayl gets some indian clothes for gunjan but she refuses saying she does not like the colour and she does not want to get involved in their family functions. Rachna asks her why she wants to hurt people and that shayl would have been hurt . Charu s family sends loads of gifts . Mayank remembers Dayal s words and he is disturbed.
Gunjan sees shayl and feels sorry for her behaviour. Shayl asks her to make some mala out of flowers while Rachna is told to go out with sangeeta s husband to buy stuff for charu.
Mayank apologizes to daya who tells him to be responsible always and they hug. Rachna is told to come back home alone while her chacha has to sins some more. She is walking in a lane while some pictures fly and come near her feet. Rachna is shocked to see her pictures with mintu and she tears them. Episode ends on rachna s face

Rachna rips up the pictures of her and Mintu and sees Mintu staring from a corner at her, shes walking away with the grocery until he suddenly stops her. She drops her bags in frightment, and he picks them up for her. He grabs her hand and asks her why she is so afraid of him, after all he is her friend. He tells her that he will drop her off home. She says she can go home herself, but Mintu is just after her :S He asks her why she deleted him from her friend’s list and that if she doesn’t like him. Mintu tells Rachna that he has the pictures of them in his camera and in his hand, he tells her to come tomorrow to pick them up or else he will show her dad. Rachna starts to cry and pleads Mintu for the photos, he lets out his hand to give them to her, and draws it back

He starts talking rubbish again how he really likes Rachna, and how they should take their friendship to whole different level :S He tells Rachna they would look really good together. Mintu tells Rachna if she doesn’t believe him, then she should have a look at the photos and see for herself how good they look together. Rachna begs him again for the photos and Mintu tells her he will give them to her tomorrow when she comes to meet him. Rachna says she wont come to meet him. Mintu blackmails Rachna telling her that today it is Mayank’s engagement, and one of her family members may just get the news about these photos or find them in their purses. Mintu asks Rachna again will you come to meet me tomorrow, and in his mind he knows that she will definitely come meet him and not be able to tell anyone the truth about this at home.

Mayank is putting perfume on himself and loves how dashing he looks. Charu calls him and Mayank’s like how many times does she call me in a day She starts talking romantic again And tells Mayank how she sees him everywhere. She also tells him that she has kept a fast for him, and that he will have to break it. Mayank tells her not to keep a fast and to go eat something, but Charu says she will keep the fast and that she is no less to this Kajol girl, and tells Mayank she has found out something romantic today which is about the wedding ring going on that one finger because it reaches to your heart, and that they are about to unite and become one. She yells at Mayank how he does not answer her calls and always cuts them. Mayank tells Charu he has a lot of work to do and will call her later.

Mayank sees Gunjan working outside setting up the flowers and stuff, and has this romantic look on his face. Dolu is helping Gunjan, and Mayank walks up toward him and asks Dolu how he is looking. (Indirectly he’s wanting Gunjan’s attention Dolu tells Mayank he is looking really good. Then Mayank asks about his shoes And Dolu says they are looking even nicer. Then Mayank asks about the smell of his perfume, and Dolu sniffs telling it’s even nicer. Gunjan gets up and walks away, and Mayank gives this huge romantic smile behind her back. Dolu asks Mayank what happened, and whether he was asking him or Gunjan how he looks XD Gunjan hears this and looks back, Dolu runs away and Gunjan quietly says that she does not care how he looks.

Preparations are getting made for the engagement. Shail wonders why Rachna hasn’t come home yet. The doorbell rings and Shail assumes it’s Rachna but it’s just another guest named Pihu who is Shail’s daughter, and Pihu’s husband comes with her for the engagement, Pihu wonders wear Dayal is. Shail tells Pihu he is in his room and will come outside hearing Pihu’s voice. Pihu asks where everyone is and Shail tells her that they are getting ready for the engagement. Shail says once Rachna comes back from the market, she will start getting ready too. Pihu is shocked that Shail has given Rachna thismuch freedom when she never used to let her out alone. She asks Shail why this is, Shail tells her it’s nothing like this and that Gopal uncle has gone out with Rachna. Gunjan and Dolu are playing with each other and Pihu introduces herself to Gunjan telling her that she is Rachna’s big sister. Pihu asks Gunjan that she must be remembering Mumbai, but their Banaras is no less to it. Pihu says she has brought gifts for everyone.

Mayank is in his room and can’t decide what to wear and calls Dolu over, and asks him what colour Gunjan likes. Dolu tells Mayank that Gunjan likes what he has worn and he does too. Dolu is laughing at Mayank and asks him who he is marrying, Charu or Gunjan as he is asking on his engagement day about Gunjan’s and not Charu’s choice. Mayank says he is doing nothing for Gunjan and that he just doesn’t want her to make fun of him in front of everyone.

Gunjan also gets ready and is wearing this nice purple bluish dress. Rachna comes with grocery and is thinking about the whole conversation with Mintu in the morning. Gunjan asks her where she got left and still hasn’t even got ready yet. Gunjan asks her whether something has happened. Rachna says nothing has happened and Gunjan tells her to and get ready then. Seema and Sangeets are getting ready and Pihu comes to meet them, and has a chat with them. Seema is astonished seeing Pihu’s necklace, and Pihu tells them how expensive it is and Seema just stares wide eyed

Engagement is about to start and Charu walks in wearing this Orange lengha with a purplish border. She seeks everyone’s blessings and wonders where Mayank is. Shail tells Charu she is looking very pretty today, and Seema says that Charu and Mayank are a Ram and Sita couple, and hopes that no one gives them an evil eye. Charu’s mom says that no one ever gets an evil eye if they have their parents blessings. Rachna is getting ready in front of the mirror and is tying her hair when Gunjan tells Rachna to leave her hair open to look good on Mayank’s engagement. Rachna tells Gunjan she is fine with her hair tied. Gunjan says she will not let Rachna go outside like that and helps dress Rachna up. Gunjan says Rachna is looking perfect and tells Rachna to look at herself in the mirror. Gunjan says one thing is missing and tells Rachna to smile, and both sisters smile at the mirror.


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